Friday, July 26, 2013

How Many Shades Of Gray Are There? ( is gray the new black?)

A sweet friend needed a great paint color of the perfect grey….my first thought was this old post….a very old post, indeed! It's always interesting to go back re-read something you wrote more than a year ago! However…my thoughts on this one haven't changed much! Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing!

Grey is the combination of black and white and is the most neutral of all the shades. It is a conservative color and good for use as a background color.

Grey (also will take on qualities of its colored undertone) Neutral, Non-committal, cold sophisticated.

Grey can also signify psychologically gloominess, sadness, ghosts, ashes, cobwebs, and the dust of a haunted house and other scary things.

People who like Grey tend to be neutral about life. They like to protect themselves from the hectic world in a blanket of non-commitment preferring a secure, safe, balanced existence. They work hard and are the "middle of the road" type of individual.

They have often made compromises in their lifestyles. They are practical and calm and do not like to attract attention.

To dislike Grey is to dislike neutrality. These individuals look for a richer, happier and fuller lifestyle. This may lead them to get into one involvement, hobby, or interest after another in the pursuit of happiness.

Hopefully you realized early on that this was the google definition of Grey!

The first thing I ever learned in Design 101 was that Grey was the color of indecision! In fact, I've never forgotten that and therefore I've had a tendency to steer away from "Grey"! 

Hmmmm...wonder if they still teach it that way now or if they say...".Grey is the color of new decisions!"

Especially in fashion! It's my favorite color and always has been!

And of course it is 100% understood now that Grey is the "color of choice"! It may not be your choice and it isn't mine in every area....

But in kitchens, dens, dining and living rooms....It just doesn't get much better!!!

Don't you just love all of these pictures!! Thanks to Pinterest we can have them at the touch of our fingertips!!

What a dream this cooktop, backsplash and hood are!

Even the antique silver tells you that Grey is the color of choice!! It may be silver to some....

But somewhere in between black and white....there is grey in that 
 silver! Take a look at this fabulous range for your dream kitchen!

The finish on these walls is incredible!!

A long time ago a precious designer I once knew and relied on for my own home told me that every room should have a touch of black in it!! And I suppose she knew what she was talking about! Black is absolute! And absolute is good!

I love all of the black detailing they put into this house!

I still believe what Mrs Neil told me to be true but I also know that if she were alive today she would also say "Add a touch of Grey"! and then, " Can we stop and get an ice cream cone?" She was just that way!! Even in her 90's!!!

A touch of grey is a balm on the soul...even the soul of a house!

For when you are undecided...when life seems nothing but grey....just look between the lines!! You will see clearly and everything will be....

just ask Celerie Kemble!!

It will all become clear to you once again....

When in doubt....

Choose the door that leads to Grey!!


  1. OMG, that living room has my heart!
    I love gray, which I also call silver, as long as it's luscious, shimmery, glossy and sleek. The prettiest home I've ever had was painted a high gloss gray and all the furniture was a beautiful shiny silver, with tons of beautiful, fluffy pillows. Ummmmmmmm

  2. Dear Carolyn,
    I love so many shades of gray. I love it in my wardrobe, not so much in my home (right now that is) I may change some of that in the near future!

    2013 Designer Series

  3. I love it - on the walls, furniture and in my closet!

  4. What a spectacular post....I got very busy pinning away. LOVE gray, especially a light chalky/dusty gray and a really rich deep charcoal. SO many beautiful examples of how spectacular of a color it is both in the home an in clothing/accessories. Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

  5. Carolyn-
    This is such a beautiful post! You know that I love gray, and there are some fabulous images here.
    Happy Saturday.

  6. Carolyn...great many beautiful images...hope things are fab with you!

  7. Great post! I love gray in some areas but haven't added much (actually any) to my home yet. I loved reading your thoughts on the color and the meanings behind the color choice.
    Hope all is well with you! Have a great week!