Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby Love!

 I guess you could most definitely say that the new "Royal Baby" was born with a silver spoon in his mouth!

And this has most definitely given the world something new and exciting and uplifting to talk about! The news is reporting it constantly…we are recording the Barbara Walter's special as I type this….but all I've been doing is reflecting on my own children's nurseries and the things I've been "storing" away for my future grandchildren! Can you blame me? Once I heard that The Duchess of Cambridge was rummaging through antique shops and high end baby stores to outfit her new born child's nursery with…of course my mind took off! It reminded me of the fun that I had with my own children and also of the many antique silver pieces we have in the shop for that "Oh, so, special baby!"

Nurseries have come a VERY long way since the birth of my first child many moons ago! While I thought it was cute and loved every bit of it I can't say that it would make the cover of any major publication today! My first attempt at adding antique accessories to my child's nursery didn't happen until my last child was born….mainly because I had begun a decorating/antique career by that point and of course….we had a little more money than we did when we first were married! 
Two very important factors when decorating a nursery!

I began to see things like "changing tables" being made from antique pine dressers….custom fabrics that were vintage in feel…and even accessories began to be added to my friend's nurseries as well as mine that were highly collectible items…and even fun and unexpected items just like these metal storage bins from above that I saw on Pinterest. 

I framed vintage prints for my son's room and yes….I even brought back this British soldier from my first "buying" trip to Europe for my shop! All of this is literally still on my 19 year olds chest in his room today. I think he is so used to it that it doesn't bother him! ( And truthfully, I think his mounted pheasant above it is covering it up so it doesn't bother him!) Hmmmm

This vintage rocking horse as well as this VERY old antique sheep pictured above have both made their rounds from child to child and have even served as a centerpiece for many a baby shower! I wish I could show you some of their silver cups, rattles, spoons, etc…but I can't find them! They've been hidden thanks to a string of robberies in our neighborhood and are put up for safe keeping.
But you get my drift!

 The Royal family is having fun with their new precious bundle of joy and I for one was thrilled to hear that antiques would indeed make the cut for his first room…his Royal Nursery! Sure wish they could make a special trip to Mulberry Heights Antiques!

Just look at this fabulous painted armoire above that is indeed fit for a nursery for a King!

As well as this nursery above from Pottery Barn that evokes that wonderful vintage feel!

All of these vintage silver pieces tell a story of a family from long ago…these types of items are passed down from generation to generation…I treasure the few items I have in my own collection but I also had a lot of fun searching for some of these identical items for my own shop. They don't sell quickly…it definitely takes the right buyer but when they do sell it always brings me joy!

Just as finding old vintage prints, books and especially children's transferware plates. The collection I've started for my own grandchildren is quite small and I've actually given Layton a few pieces already. The others are put away…in fact, for awhile I had forgotten I had them and then found them again quite by accident! I was more than thrilled!

I like keeping my collection in the neutral colors…just as Kate has decorated her own nursery with! 
(Or so they say!)
I can't wait to see the "for real" pictures of the Royal nursery but until then, we can still dream! We do have pictures of another "Royal family" of sorts and they are quite stunning if you ask me!

 Beautiful pictures of another famous family in the spotlight with their newborn baby. I am sure they long for privacy…and from what I can tell William and Kate seem to be handling this new found fame pretty well so far. I guess only time will tell but I am wishing them the best! They are so joyous in this wedding picture….

And are truly radiant in this one…
Congratulations on His Royal Highness…Prince of Cambridge!
Maybe soon we will know his name and we can all get back to normal! Until then…


  1. Carolyn what beautiful nurseries you posted! Makes me long for a baby of my own but it wasn't meant to be so it's fun to live through others. Cherish the moments since they go by to fast.


  2. Gorgeous especially love that first nursery....a perfect blend of tradition and modern day convenience. I soooo miss having a little one, so this makes me nostalgic:)

  3. Hi, Carolyn - Wonderful post! Most of my nieces and nephews are grown, but I remember helping my sisters and brothers with the nurseries. So fun and personal. Love the British soldier from your first buying trip - wow! Must bring back great memories. What is Layton doing this summer? Hope you all are well, my friend.
    x Loi
    PS - If they come visit Mulberry Heights Antiques, will you send them to Tone on Tone afterwards? :)

  4. Such a beautiful post, Carolyn. I am so excited about the royal birth! Nothing better than a little pomp and circumstance! Beautiful nurseries here. I love seeing old piece being used by the next generation. I will certainly be bringing mine out soon.

  5. Love all of this Carolyn - great post! And welcome to the world, George Alexander Louis!

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