Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Husband Is Amazing! I Guess You Could Say He Can "Crash My Party Anytime"!

When the tickets ran out…Jim stepped in and got some…I don't ask questions but I sure do love going to see my favorites! Luke Bryan definitely takes the cake! I am head over heals in love….with his music! And I love getting to have fun and enjoy these concerts with my precious husband of almost 30 years!
 I don't feel one bit guilty declaring this! 
I am not naive though and I am well aware that I am married to a "one in a million" man! 
I mean, really!! I am WAY to old to go to a Luke Bryan/Florida Georgia Line/Thompson Square concert and then head off to market in Atlanta at 6:00 a.m. the very next morning!!!
(but he thinks I'm still young enough to handle it!)
Who cares that we didn't really leave our driveway until 8:30! 
We had such great intentions!
Anyhoo….you get my drift! We sure made the trip worthwhile and suffered through being tired to make market a wonderful experience as well! I am super excited about the things we have coming in for Fall and Christmas! Not to mention our everyday lamps, pillows, frames, etc….

Florida Georgia Line

But first things first….Just look at how close our seats were! It was amazing! Luke is probably the most fun, energetic entertainer I've ever seen! Not to mention just so darn cute! I've been told my youngest son resembles him in looks! I think he likes knowing that! As long as it's just in looks I think we are fine! However, I've been doing some "research" and I have yet to find anything horrible on Luke…I'm thrilled to know that his precious wife is in his latest video "Crash My Party."
That speaks volumes!

And you can see the brand new video HERE!

 Sorry for so many pics from the concert but it was AMAZING!!!!!

And my favorite part of Luke's concerts…the fact that he sits down with his musicians and he plays the piano…this is when I remind Miller that he should've stuck with piano lessons!

But hey…this post is really supposed to be about the Atlanta Market and what we found! We found some wonderful things….I just had a million Luke Bryan songs playing in the background of my thoughts as we shopped! Nothing wrong with that, right? 

One of our most favorite showrooms at market is Go Home. We have known the owners for years and always enjoy swapping restaurant information, etc…I was super excited to see these vintage Vespa scooters there! I could only think of my dear friend, Jeanne from Collage of Life. If you haven't ever read her blog you definitely are missing out! She has made even me fall in love with the Vespa! ( and I am a HUGE chicken!) There were several more in the showroom but so many people were admiring them that I couldn't get a good photo!

Then, as if the Vespa wasn't enough…be still my heart! 
Look at all the "Louis" stacked up and ready to go! For a mere $12, 500.00 we could be the proud owners of these beauties! 
( Jim didn't fall for it for one second!)

Oh, and here is the trunk that took my breath away!! 
It was only $13,000.00! Just pocket change, right?

From there we walked around to get our bearings and what did I see but an entire display of gorgeous blue and white that once again had me thinking of Tina and her blog, The Enchanted Home.

That night we ate at the restaurant at the Ritz so we wouldn't have to get out…we were truly tired! But truth be told…this is my all time fave! My "go to" place…and it's not like we are sacrificing…their food is amazing! We shared everything!
The appetizer of Lobster Salad over Fried Green Tomatoes, The Atlanta Grill Salad which is my favorite salad in the whole world…the Braised Short Ribs and the Filet Oscar..Oh my! We were stuffed! And we shared! We even got the "half portions"! You tend to snack your way through market anyway…so it's not like we were depriving ourselves at all! Don't EVER think that!
I can truly say that I've never, ever, ever been so glad that a day was over with! I was THAT tired from the concert and going to Atlanta! I was thrilled to wake up and know it was a new day!

And a new day it was! I was even in the mood to take some "daring" pics!
I had to be "that " person and get a view of the Apparel Mart! It always overwhelms me and I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to weed throughout these showrooms just for samples…it's truly NOT worth it! Before I had my own shop I would've felt differently…trust me!

We didn't buy one stinking thing except some personal Christmas gifts on Friday so Saturday had me ready to go! The first thing we found was our very needed and extremely searched for bench! Since the company we've always bought our benches from closed I've searched high and low…and in the middle…you name it…I've looked there! When I found this booth I was more than happy! I ordered so much stuff…just to avoid having to pick it up ourselves! We changed the size and the color of this bench but I couldn't be any more thrilled with it than I am! This cushion is just for "looks", thankfully! And we ordered ours in black…I cannot wait for it to arrive!

After purchasing our very needed and sought after bench…I began to seek food and drink! I always love seeing the presentations at Market! It's usually so fun…and this didn't disappoint! Loved these dispensers!

This sign seemed to catch everyone's eye! I wish I'd taken a pic of the hoards of people leaving the escalators to try out this gummy bear concoction! It was quite funny! Even the owner got tickled when I asked to take his picture!

And then finally, it was the end of Saturday and we had wonderful dinner reservations! However….we had sampled Fox Brother's B-B-Q from Atlanta at 4:30 after a demonstration they did at Market and we were more than stuffed! 
Then, we got back to the Club Lounge at the Ritz and lo and behold….

There was the Potato Bar!
 Oh…My….I think Jim went back 4 times! Ok…maybe two of those times were for me..but who's counting! I mean potatoes topped with caramelized onions and braised short ribs? Really, Kevin? Who can't resist that!!!! And yes, THAT IS A RHETORICAL QUESTION!
We quickly cancelled our dinner reservations because I was one very full and exhausted cookie! I also have horrible feet issues going on here…I will NOT show you pics but just imagine water blisters on every toe thanks to a lot of walking in New Orleans and then standing ( ok…dancing ) all night at the concert and then walking at Market for two days….wow…I just wanted to lay in my bed and cry…but…I didn't cry, we rented the best movie I've seen in YEARS!!! Yes, you heard me! YEARS!!!

Safe Haven!
 Watch it! It was incredible!
And it was the best medicine anyone could've prescribed for me!
After that, I felt somewhat rested!
Sunday morning we met with some people at their wharehouses and I was able to bring a few things home with me. That's always better than having everything shipped! Here is a glimpse at what we saw and what came back with us! 

We saw fabulous arrangements that I loved and especially loved the "barrel" type container it was in!

Loved these vintage trunks but not sure how well they would do in my shop!

I thought this container was so pretty above that I ordered it just for myself! Love the nails and the iron work on the leather!

And the best is always saved for the last! Just look at these fabulous "Chapti" plates and 17th Century Altar Sticks! Love the iron buckets and FABULOUS antique Aubsson and Needlepoint pillows! This is definitely where my heart lies! Right here in antique heaven! I love seeing "vintage" and "modern" just as much as the other person…but when it gets down to the wire…I own an antique shop for one reason…I sell and I love antiques! And I truly appreciate the history behind each piece! But it sure is fun to wander through and pick and choose from the other…from those things that intrigue us and make us wonder if perhaps we should change to become like everyone else. I need to quit doubting myself! In so many areas!

Can't wait for Market Day this Saturday but I REALLY can't wait for it to be over so I can put out all of these fabulous finds from the July Market!

Hope to talk soon! Sure do love all of you and look forward to reading your blogs since I've been MIA lately! Wow….who would've thought having Miller home for his first summer in college would be this busy! Even HIS schedule is killing me! 
He's working at my dad's hospital from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. everyday…so…that means that when I get home from work he is here and he is hungry!
I am SO NOT complaining, though!
 In less than a month he will be back at Auburn and I will be crying and wishing he was still here! 
Till Then!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Luke! I didn't even know it was today until my husband told me!


  1. Carolyn,
    First of all - I am so excited for you for seeing Luke Bryan! I love that guy! What an amazing concert that must have been with all those bands and being that close! We are seeing Zac Brown this coming Sunday...can't wait! I love the photos of all those wonderful treasures! What a whirlwind of a couple days you must have had! And I really have to rent that movie if it's that good. Last month we were just in Southport, NC where they filmed that movie. Such a pretty place! Glad to hear all is well! Enjoy your week!

  2. What fun!!! I must be living under a rock (in my wet yard) because I don't know Luke Bryan...he looks amazing!

  3. It looked like a fun market - just love the bench and amazing antiques you got!!

  4. Wow what a great post chock full of a bit of everything....a fantastic concert, a wonderful trip, a great husband,awesome food, shopping and a touch of blue and white....I think all that equals the perfect getaway! Concert looked great...your husband sounds like a doll. Love all that blue and white..the restaurant looked so great too...what fun!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Talk about amazing seats!! You all were front and center. It's been so long since we attended a concert. Gosh, we're old :) And those Louis Vuitton cases.....if I could only!! Have a fabulous weekend ahead, Carolyn. Pretty darn hot in DC.

  6. So happy that you were able to go to see Luke Bryan.
    Fun market trip. Can't wait to see what you bought!

  7. You lucky fun...sounds like a wonderful date night!

  8. Carolyn

    What a great post...sadly I don't even know who Luke Bryan is but love it that your hubby bought the tickets and your market coverage!!!