Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This Wednesday's Wonderful Designer Is Birmingham's Own Richard Tubb!

I was so glad to have run across some fabulous pictures of Richard's own lake house that in 2008 won the coveted AIG Award when I first though of doing this post.You can see for yourself just how fabulous it is from these next few images.

I would think I had died and gone to "Lake Heaven" if this were my lake house! And I don't even like lakes! I'm a beach kind of girl but this certainly could make me a believer!

It is truly stunning as it should be! Richard enlisted the help of architect Jeff Dungan ...

And the rest was history, as they say! Look at these beautiful pictures of the outside!

It's the windows that drew me in!

It was an amazing transformation from the old lake house below to the magnificent lake retreat of today!

This next home was featured in Birmingham Home And Garden magazine several years ago and Richard was chosen as the designer to help with it as well. I was lucky enough to get to attend a lovely party there. It is as beautiful in person as it is from these pictures!

The couple built their dream home on one of Birmingham's most coveted streets because of the sweeping views of the city. Caroline and I went to school together way back when and although I've been inside it before it's been fun to get glimpses of her home from Facebook pictures to magazine articles.

I remember this incredible stairwell being one of my favorite things in the house! And trust me, there were many favorites!

You can see Richard's incredible style all throughout the house. Caroline has exceptional taste as well…I'm guessing that's why she chose Richard to be the designer!

The images below are taken from Richard Tubb's website. Just a good sampling of his work!

And in the end, I ran across something I had forgotten about! I'm beginning to worry about myself! This article was just in Birmingham Home and Garden magazine and I also blogged about it and yet it didn't pop into my head like one would think! How worried should I be about myself?? Hmmm…Oh well! It was exciting nonetheless to be researching Richard Tubb and run across something my own son worked on with him as well! It reminded me again that I am a very proud mama!

If you'd like to see more of the work Mitch did as well as what Richard did you can see that post HERE!

Hope you enjoyed these great images of the work of Richard Tubb Interiors. Enjoy the rest of your week and have a great Wednesday!


  1. just seeing that man in his kitchen in his bare feet makes me so happy

  2. Wow, I could go from being a beach person to a lake person if I had that house! Gorgeous! And you must be very proud of your son! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. I love his bare feet!!!
    This is an amazing post,Carolyn, so much loveliness,and I think I'm in love with his work.

  4. Wow..what a home!! Absolutely gorgeous...I love a well done lake house, hard to beat. He is super talented and I love seeing him in his bare feet enjoying the fruits of his labor!

  5. Oh wow the lake house with those windows, doors and light, adore!

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  6. I could be very happy in either home but that lake house...WOW! I've always wanted to live on water. What a proud Mom you must be knowing your son worked with such talent!


  7. I am with you on the windows, Carolyn! Stunning view.
    I am in love with the daybed and the bath is fabulous. I will take the kitchen too, please!
    Such a talented designer. Thank you for sharing his work.

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  9. Those first two photos have me gasping for air - GORGEOUS!!!!! xo

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  13. The photos from the bed all draped in white fabric to the upholstered screen behind the bathtub are from the Richard Tubb Interiors website. But they are actually the work of Richard's fellow designers Sean Beam and David Walker.