Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesdays What If's Post…What If You Could Meet Birmingham Designer Lisa Flake And Her Mother Who Started It All?

Well, you can! Meet Lisa Flake and her mom Mary Ruth Caldwell. Together they make up the team known around Birmingham as Caldwell-Flake Interiors. When I first began this Birmingham Designer Series they immediately popped into my head! How could they not?

They are both extremely talented as well as being extremely beautiful and kind. We love seeing them when they come in the shop. However, you have to look fast! And I mean REAL fast! Lisa moves faster than anyone I've ever known! And I love that about her! She knows what she likes and what she wants. No time is wasted and her time is precious to her and very well spent!

Thankfully, Mary Ruth encouraged her daughter to pursue her design abilities and Lisa listened! Her mom has been in the design field for awhile and she knew talent when she saw it. 

Aren't they adorable?  I ran across an old edition of Birmingham Home and Garden magazine and from there I knew I wanted you all to get to see their beautiful work!
 ( and by the way, Lisa and Mary Ruth are two of the best dressed women in town!)
Take a look at this beautiful home that Lisa decorated in her amazing style!

Not only is Lisa wearing cute boots….

She allowed a pool table to be the focus of the room!
 In a quote from Lisa, "It's the first pool table I've ever called gorgeous!" In my opinion, if Lisa Flake can pull this off…it must have worked! She has incredible taste…knows what she likes…and yet she caters to the home owner. And rightfully so! They are the ones who have to live in their homes on a day to day basis and enjoy it! Ultimately, they are the ones that need to be happy and satisfied with Lisa's work!

The pictures above and below are from the same home. Truly spectacular!

Even this fabulous "retreat" of a bathroom for the daughter!

I do think this picture of the family room is one of my favorites! Simply because of the symmetry and the painting! I love it!

From here just sit back and enjoy the view! 
These pictures are taken from Caldwell-Flake Interiors website and are just a small glimpse at what Lisa and Mary Ruth can do!

(this bathroom has given me all sorts of ideas for my own home! Isn't it stunning?)

I do hope you've enjoyed seeing yet another fabulous Birmingham designer! In fact, you saw two of them! They are both so very talented and I know for a fact I've only shown you a mere glimpse of their work! Like I've said before, Birmingham is blessed with so many fabulous decorators, designers, architects, builders, etc…it could take a year to feature each and every one! I am only hitting the ones that I know and the ones that frequent Mulberry Heights Antiques. Hopefully, I can branch out and get to know many more! It would benefit me greatly just to see the talent that is all around me! 
Have a wonderful rest of your week! It's good to be home from our family trip to Hilton Head and it's good to be back in the saddle so to speak! 
I've missed out on a lot and look forward to catching up on many a blog post!



  1. LOVE their work! It is seldom that love everything a designer does, but I do love everything here. Lost track of my favorite rooms, but I would love the child's bathroom for my own, please.
    Thank you for sharing, Carolyn.
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. Carolyn, Every room has something very special of interest in it!
    Adore the whimsy that is done so nicely and the elegance that is not at all pretentious!

    Art by Karena
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  3. Hi there!! So missed being in blogland and happy to be doing the rounds and catching up! Hope your summer is off to a great start. What a talented duo...some of these rooms I recognize. Their work is beautiful, traditional but still feels fresh and current. I will tell you lots of talent comes out of Alabama! Wishing you a fabulous weekend!!

  4. How cool are these photos?! Yes, I'm loving her boots too and the guts it took to let the pool table be the center of the room - gutsy and it works! xo

  5. I know of her work from that first intaglio picture, I have always loved those. I see she has a few images where she uses them too!

  6. Love their work...i would love to be able to work with my daughter....that would be fun!

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