Friday, May 31, 2013

My Personal Best

I don't know what made me come up with this title other than the fact that I have successfully completed the "May Challenge" at our local Pure Barre ( even with missing an entire week while at the beach!) and that got me to thinking….about why I don't have time to sit and read blogs anymore! Let alone WRITE blogs posts anymore or just peruse the internet for great recipes, design ideas, etc… Was I really spending THAT much time on here before I took up Pure Barre? I'm beginning to think the answer is a resounding "YES"! And even though I know that my personal best isn't just met with a successful 20 days in attendance at Pure Barre for the month of May…or the fact that I now get a big discount on my next purchase of classes in Pure Barre.
It sure does help!
(see if you can spot me in these pics! horrifying as it is!)

My personal best lies in a lot of different areas in my life…as it does in yours. It is made up of every day choices, time spent with family and friends…helping those less fortunate than us and even taking the time to call your parents and grandparents. It's the little things in our every day lives that make up our personal best. All of that to say, if I can complete the 20 day May Challenge in Pure Barre then certainly I can accomplish a lot of the goals that I've been wanting to set. 

There are several that come to mind but I won't bore you with all of them! The one I will talk about is that lately I've been quite discouraged with my shop and trying to decide if it's worth keeping open. I feel like I am completely out of ideas to make it what it should be…to keep up with the times so to speak! Then, I had a visit from a dear friend who is also an extremely talented designer here in town. He told me so many stories and we laughed and talked…and then he said something that really stuck with me. He was telling me that the trend he is seeing is that design is headed back towards the traditional and not the trendy…color over neutral…etc, and that of course it's still fun to add that "extra" pop of color with fun lamps or add a piece of what he calls, "mid century modern" furniture. Basically, he was saying that his style is what it is and he decided he wasn't straying from it. That is exactly what I've been wanting to say because in the end, if something doesn't sell I am ultimately stuck with it so I had better LOVE it! I also think I've frustrated myself with trying to be something that I'm not! Does this make any since to you? I sure hope so! Although I am a traditional girl I happen to love a lot of different styles and my home shows it. My mother in law said many years ago when she came over and was in our den, "Hmmm…somehow this all works together!"
I didn't take it as anything but a compliment! What she meant was that I had many different patterns going on and yet it still looked good to her! It is still that way today and I've never tired of it! I guess the point of this personal best post is this…I want to set goals and attain them. I want to get a clear picture in my mind of what I want my shop to be and stick with it and quit trying to please the young designers who aren't quite into traditional yet! Even more so... I want to understand them so that I CAN have a clear picture in my head on where design is headed…not that I want to compromise my love for traditional…I want to grow it! I want to grow my traditional, personal best!

Thank you, Steve Holmes for shedding some light on how to attain these goals…even when you thought you were just entertaining me with your fascinating design world! ( and you WERE! trust me!)
I hope to be able to do a post on Steve's fabulous work if he will let me! We shall see! Until then, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and that you attempt to reach your personal best goals!


  1. Carolyn, there is not one creative person alive who believes he ever reaches his personal "best" as our minds & hearts are always stretching. I know what you mean but understand the saying the "agony & the ecstasy." Congrats for doing Pure Barre, there is one only a couple of minutes from me and I certain I will never have nerve to walk in.

  2. Hi, there, gorgeous lady :) You look amazing, Carolyn!!!

    As we enter our slower months (the summer), Tom and I frequently ask each other: do you think we'll sell anything this week? Should we expand and broaden our inventory? Each time we try something different, it just doesn't feel right. So, we are happy to stick with what we love and know!

    Have a great weekend ~

  3. oh my geeez....
    i am very impressed with this 'pure bar' thingie.

    looking forward to the post on mr.steve.

    have a lovely weekend

  4. Bravo to your friend for dispensing excellent advice. I have always believed you cannot be all things to all people..just have to be true to yourself how refreshing to hear traditional is coming back! Woo hoo...for me it never "left" and I would not be able to sell anything that I truly don't love, so think his advice was spot on. Good luck in going forward.

    So impressed with you and your look fabulous! It is paying off......good girl. i am exercising too, not to that degree but vigorous walks 4-6 days a week and being a good girl with my weight. Most important thing is that we are happy, doing what we love and being our personal best!
    Enjoy your Sunday:)

  5. Carolyn, I applaud you to the nth! Huge accomplishment!
    I think we all question our motives, passions, time we spend and on what.
    You look great and confident! I say keep it up and just be true to yourself!

    Art by Karena

  6. Carolyn,
    I hear you!! Striving for personal best takes time and dedication but can result in YOU feeling really good about yourself and how you spend your life. I think you will always be happy when you are true to who you are. In your values, in how you spend your time and in regards to the look and feel of your store. I think it's always good to take time out to evaluate and re-evaulate what's working, what's not, what's important and what's not. that you've been doing Pure Barre. I do the version up here called Go Figure. I've been mixing things up with spin (Soul Cycle), weigh training, yoga and walking. But, this week, I'm definitely doing the barre class. Love how long and lean it helps you look!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  7. Impressive...but the thing I loved the most about this post? How much it has made me think about MY PERSONAL BEST...what a great great and lofty thing to consider! and that is can lie in a lot of different areas~! loved this!!!

  8. Wow, Carolyn, now that's a goal - pure barre I hear is great but really hard!! Wonderful and sound advice from your friend - so important to stick with what you love and then everything else just seems to fall into place...Happy Monday ~

  9. That looks like a really great class. I wonder if there is one around here. I bet it would help me with my posture! xo

  10. Carolyn.....Sounds like your friend has given you great advise and so many wonderful comments.....Exercising keeps me go girl!