Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wednesday's What If Posts…"What If I Showed You A Few Of My Hometown Favorites?"

It seems that lately blog posts and words do not come as freely to me as they used to! I tend to have to really re-search and "think" about what I want to tell you! Used to it just seemed to flow freely. I'm not sure what that is a sign of…old age? boredom? not enough time in a day? No matter…it hit me like a ton of bricks after my last post on how much Steve Holmes impacted me with his visit. It helped me to realize that Birmingham is extremely privileged and blessed with a plethora of very talented designers! So, why not share some of them with you! There are many that come to mind that are my favorites…they are people I've known for quite a while ( like Steve ) and they are also people that frequent my shop, Mulberry Heights Antiques. So, I thought I'd begin with a an extremely talented and very published designer that happens to live just a block away from the shop! Dana Wolter! You will love seeing these pictures of her own home…and although some of it is decorated for Christmas the pictures are incredible! In fact, I think I've seen this first one on Pinterest for quite a while! Enjoy her lovely home and talents and then I will give you a peak at a home she decorated for a friend/client that is very pretty as well!

Dana's home is truly beautiful! I walk by it often on the weekends when my husband and I go to walk the trail that is nearby. I always admire it from the outside and have even had a peak on the inside once when I took Layton trick or treating there! I'm sure that Dana would graciously let any of us in to steal a glimpse at her signature style! 

And this…well this just goes to show you what a wonderful woman she is! Her daughters are radiant and seem to carry the same qualities of grace and style!

I truly love Arthur Price's art! Especially since he was my 6th grade boy friend! I bet he doesn't even remember that!

I love Dana's careful placement of EVERYTHING! It's like that old saying…"A place for everything and everything in it's place!" If only my home was like this! It is far from it! I feel like it is chaotic and I think that is one of the reason's I'm so into the designer's homes that I know and love!

I love her placement of transoms and use of incredible wood…even on the ceilings! One of my all time favorite things about design! My son has used fabulous wood ceilings in his own home as well as those that he builds. I promise….I will have him add this to my home before I die!

Even the outside of Dana's home reflects her inner beauty! I wish you could see this gorgeous flowering vine in full bloom right now! It is spectacular!

One of Dana's many signature styles is her love of banquettes and she often places them in the homes she designs. I love the look of them as well as the practicability factor! We used to have one in our very first home and I so didn't appreciate it at the time! I sure wish I had a spot for one now!

Her kitchens often evoke the feeling of "less cluttered and let's get down to business" to me! Again, I wish I had this element in my own kitchen! It seems so much more soothing and "workable" to me! 

And speaking of "workable", this table wasn't used much in her former home but has now been put to great use, even with an extra leaf in it thanks to this 16 foot custom designed banquette! Again, I wish I had a spot for one!!! My mind is racing with the possibilities!

The last two things that stuck out in my mind about Dana's own home were the details placed in a powder bath and the fabulous iron console in a hallway. Hmmm…why couldn't I have thought of this! 

Take a look at the details she helped her friend with as well. Dana used her magic to make it just right for this family, too!

This family has to be tickled pink with the results of Dana's "magic" and design integrity. I know I would be! Friend or not! 

There is so much more I could show you with Dana Wolter's incredible design works! I will be working on another post! For now, I hope you enjoyed this first of a Birmingham series! I can't wait to share many more wonderful designers that are friends as well as loyal customers! I love getting to know them through their work and their clients but mostly from the individuals that they are! If you would like to check out Dana's fabulous website then you can see it HERE!

I hope you enjoy a wonderful rest of your week! 
I am gearing up for a nice trip with all of our kids in Hilton Head Island next week. We did this last summer and I decided this was what I wanted for our 30th Anniversary…especially since it's basically where Jim and I fell in love…and the rest was history, as they say! 
Much love,

*more to come on Steve's work…I'm just waiting for pictures!


  1. Love Hilton Head..enjoy! Dana is super talented I am familiar with her work and think she has an absolutely gorgeous aesthetic.
    Love every single room!

    Enjoy your day and when it comes to blogging.....quality over quantity and you always deliver!!

  2. She has such beautiful style! Have a wonderful time in Hilton Head! We are celebrating our 15th anniversary this week! We are only going out to dinner though! Enjoy!

  3. no doubt there is awesome talent where you live!
    i haven't found any great designers up here yet.
    but i am searching!!!


  4. I get writers block sometimes, too. You clearly tackled it though....ths is a beautiful post!

  5. Beautiful design here, Carolyn, and ahave a great week in Hilton Head.

  6. Thank you for this post on Dana Wolter, Carolyn! The rooms are tailored, classy and beautiful! I am her newest fan. And I'm looking forward to your new Birmingham series. Have a wonderful time in Hilton Head Island. I'll be checking out your Instagram pics :)

  7. Wow...I love every detail of this home. A very talented designer. Sorry that I have been so MIA from blogging. Life has been fast and furious. I also, apologize for not getting my home cooked recipes to you...I'll try to email you today. Hope all is well with you. XO, Mona

  8. Carolyn I love Dana's design aesthetic! Her details and furnishings could not be more fabulous!

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  9. Hello sweet Carolyn! I am enjoying all of the photos here and there is nothing more exciting these summer days than to hunt for décor inspiration and actually start to do it! WIshing you a wonderful day! Anita

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    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.