Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Great American House…Meets The Great American Pool House!

So, it's about to be Memorial Day weekend and it just doesn't get much more "American" than that now does it? When I had a few minutes to myself today I finally sat down to read Gil Shafer's book, The Great American House. I truly thought I'd already done a blog post on the book when we first started carrying it at my shop but I don't think I did! I guess it was a "great American thought" so to speak! Seems to be happening to me more and more these days!

No matter, I sat down and began reading and one thing lead to another! His fabulous architectural skills and dashing good looks make for a great Memorial Day post!
 ( a little early!)

I do know that I posted this beautiful book cover on our Facebook page!
 (You can see us on Facebook HERE!)
Of that, I am certain! I was so glad to finally have some time to read it!
 I loved reading the story behind the story and learning what makes Gil tick!

What made ME "tick" were the breathtaking photos from just a mere sampling of his work.

There isn't anything about any of these rooms that I truly don't love!

And just when I thought I had "ewwed and awed" enough….I came across a startling discovery….feeling a day late and a dollar short, I do vaguely remember seeing this gem in Architectural Digest magazine….

(no, not the beautiful bathroom with bamboo accent pieces! be still my heart!)

and not even these fabulous Adirondack chairs….


I mean, really….HAVE YOU EVER? It's simply gorgeous!

And then it hit me…it's simply gorgeous…because it's simple! I don't mean that lightly! I mean that Gil Schafer sought out to make this pool house (aka guest house or retreat)…simple and beautiful and elegantly understated!

 You can see it from every angle, every perspective…every floorboard! It's pure and it's genuine!
It isn't meant to be "showy" even thought it's more glamorous and grand in scale than any pool house I could ever imagine…It still is simply beautiful!

It almost makes me think of the country song lyrics, " From My Front Porch Looking In!" No matter what view you get from this property…you know in your heart that what is on the inside is what counts and matters most!

Needless to say…these stunning pool houses that I've been pinning on Pinterest sort of take a back seat now! Once I saw this one…my heart was stolen! But it never hurts to look and see what's out there! There are always things to challenge our imagination when it comes to building and remodeling! I learned that from my son many years ago!

All of these images pinned from Pinterest sparked my interest and lead me to begin planning our own pool house and even re doing the surface of our pool.

There are endless options out there and thanks to these fabulous designers, architects, builders, etc…they can all become the reality of our dreams!

Now that summer is finally here…(and yes, it arrived in Alabama with a huge bang!) 
We can all begin to enjoy our beaches, pools, water toys, etc….

And hopefully, we can have the perfect place to "house" them all! As well as to celebrate these wonderful American Holidays! Of course that would be in…..The Great American Pool House!

I hope you all enjoy a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. I am spending it with my family at our beach home. I am blessed to be able to do so. My heart is heavy for the families of the Oklahoma tornado victims. It reminds me to never take a single moment of life for granted.
All my love,


  1. I love all the neutrals with the greens...lovely!

  2. AMAZING post. How can I not have this book??? I am going to Amazon NOW to order it. Wow..these pictures are sublime. What a talent, love that many of the rooms are new but feel old and lived in but are all super elegant. That pool house? I have died and gone to pool house heaven, WOW! I would want to LIVE there...thanks!

  3. What a great book...I have been collecting books slowly...this is one I'm going to add to my list!

  4. These homes are magnificent Carolyn... I think I must treat myself to a copy of this book... Fantastic... xv

  5. Good morning Carolyn!

    My goodness, not only are the pool houses out of this world, but the architect DOES HAVE dashing good looks! :))))

    How lovely to stroll over to your blog this morning for a walk in the rolling green hills to sit at poolside. Have a super day! Anita

  6. Wow stunning. I would love to be in ANY of these pool houses this Memorial Day weekend!

  7. Carolyn the interior of that pool house is stunning and so unique!
    Would love that book!

    Please do join my latest giveaway and feature.
    Art by Karena

  8. His work is brilliant! I love the pool houses. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! xo

  9. Carolyn

    You have convinced me I must have this book! It is wonderful! I am ordering it this minute...such a lovely post

  10. So gorgeous! I could live in any one of those spaces! I have seen some of those photos somewhere before and loved seeing them again! Thanks for sharing!

  11. That last photo with the reflection in the water is stunning! Thanks for sharing these photos Carolyn .. gorgeous, all of them and I want the book! xxleslie