Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Love Lucy!

"Look what just strolled in" was the text I got from Pattie while we were driving home from our Spring Break/Fiftieth Birthday celebration-vacation this past Thursday!
I was so excited! I know I've told you about Lucy Smith and her wonderful creations that are made right here in Alabama after our last Market trip in January, but to actually know we were finally going to have them in the shop and available for sale was truly exciting! You can see that post HERE!
 Lucy and I grew up together in Birmingham and have been family friends since as long as I can remember. Now, Lucy lives in Anniston, Alabama and has taken her husband's steel business to a different level!

This is the 'Linus' console table that we ordered…we are loving it!

And this is the 'Sylvia' accent table…she is just beautiful! I love the finish on this one because it's just contemporary enough to suit even the die hard traditionalist!

Here, you can see Lucy in her beautiful home as featured in Birmingham Home and Garden magazine in the 2011 January-February issue.

I love the pieces she has put in her own home. I would most definitely put them in mine!

Isn't this cute little occasional table great? It would be perfect in so many places!

Her eye for detail is incredible! The finishes on her pieces truly stand out to me as top quality craftsmanship and each one has a timeless appeal.

Although I'm not happy with the quality of this scanned photo I wanted you to also see the fireplace screen she designed. 
I've also featured several of my favorites from her entire line. You can view all of her pieces on her website which you can see HERE!

So, what do you think about these gorgeous works of art? They are pieces that were born out of a need to create and an endless supply of metal that was begging for a life of it's own! What a fabulous idea! Yes, I love Lucy and I love Lucy Smith Designs! I can't wait to have several more pieces in the shop this spring!


  1. Hi Carolyn....I love Lucy and her Sylvia table but they're all beautiful pieces. They would go in any interior as well. Lucky you to have such a talented friend!


  2. Her home is gorgeous and I love them all - Can't pick a fave it's impossible!!! Hope you are having an awesome weekend!! xo

  3. her designs! I'm glad you have them at your shop....your clients will love them.

  4. Absolutely stunning! I love every single piece, Carolyn.
    Now that Angela is graduating, I can't afford to shop again, lol!
    You have them showcased beautifully.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Wow! I agree-Lucy's tables are perfection. Love the style! How
    fun that you have a connection from years ago.
    Cheers, Heather

  6. She is beyond talented!!! I love the furniture!

  7. Wow Carolyn! These are wonderful pieces...and I love the story behind Lucy. She has a creative Southern gals are remarkable!
    Thanks so much for your comment...always lovely to hear from you Carolyn!
    Jeanne xx

  8. They are definitely pieces of art. I just love all of her tables and the coffee table with the quatrefoil design around the top is stunning!!

  9. I agree...pieces of art...I just love hearing the story behind the line. There are so many creative people out there. Blogging has brought us all together and opened up so many doors...Happy Easter!