Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday's What If Posts…What If You Got A Sneak Peak?

So, I told you all last week that we were headed to Market in Atlanta….I thought I would be on the hunt for just a sofa for my sweet mother….luckily, we solved that dilemma before we even left thanks to so many of you giving such great suggestions! That meant we were able to focus on the main reason for our trip…picking out wonderful antiques and then those few "new" pieces to give the shop an updated appeal!

Take a look at the fabulous majolica pieces we were able to find and look at how wonderfully they bring out the beautiful colors in Lauren Dunn's painting! I was thrilled with the results! Many thanks to Alison for her talent at setting up vignettes that showcase these pieces to their fullest! 

Here are some great close up shots of the beautiful antique majolica.

I found several gorgeous antique wooden trays but this was the "last man standing" before I got a chance to photograph them! A wonderful designer in town took out the others for a client.

One of my most treasured and favorite finds of the trip were these 8 antique majolica plates that at first glance resembled creamware to me! It's almost as if the two have been combined! I tried and tried to get a great picture but I am not a great photographer…the shop is difficult with the lighting and white plates are hard to photograph period! Trust me on this one…. they are spectacular! There are hints of blue throughout the basket weave pattern…it will be hard to part with these plates!

Luckily I was able to find some reasonably priced antique boxes as well. These Tunbridge boxes are fabulous and even the insides of them are pretty!

Pillows were pretty scarce this time…especially at Market! But the ones we bought are hand done by a local vendor that I buy from all of the time…her work is great and her remnants of antique Aubusson tapestries always amazes me! This first shot is a pair of Galbraith and Paul pillows….

Love the fact that this is a fabric company based in America! You can see their website HERE!

This other pair is phenomenal! I wish I had shown the pair together but they are identical…19th Century Aubusson…pure gorgeousness! Just begging to be bought!

And like I said earlier…we sure did hit the jackpot on the majolica this time! I'm loving the way these plates that we just brought in liven up this area that already had our antlers displayed! It truly is like a breath of fresh air in the shop…at least to me!

I did very well on the restraint factor once we hit the many hundreds of floors at Market. Truth be told…market so overwhelms me that I often think I might just break out in hives! It's depressing picking through the floors and floors of junk. It's a never ending mind battle trying to decide if other's will love something as much as I do! And then sweet Jim…he just carries my bags and keeps up with all of the tickets…he about gave out on me this time, though! We were both exhausted before we ever got there and then our hotel stay was quite the nightmare! I will spare you the details as you truly might spend the rest of your day just doubled over in laughter at all that happened to us this trip! It is "almost" comical even to me! But here is a sampling of the "new" goodies that we are anxiously awaiting to come in to the shop!

A wonderful 3 tiered serving piece that is so fun and very functional!
 Several gorgeous mirrored frames from Lisa Luby Ryan's collection to add something new to our already extensive variety of frames that we carry! I truly love these and debated about getting them at the last market…I'm so glad I just went with my gut feeling on these!

Then, we hit the 'Temporaries' and ran straight to my friend's booth…Lucy Smith! Her work is phenomenal and I'm so excited about the two pieces that will be arriving at the shop in just a few weeks. 
The "Linus" console above and the "Sylvia" occasional table below will add that fun edge I'm trying to incorporate and they should only enhance the antique furniture that we are known for.

The only "new" lamp we got this time was this great mercury lamp above….

As well as this beautiful iron chandelier. Super excited about these two pieces!

And last, but certainly not least….this wonderful Iron Box and Stand will serve as a great addition to our side tables or cocktail tables! What an interesting piece this would be in a room! And quite functional if you think about it! 
There truly is so much more I could show you…leather trays, Lafco candles, preserved boxwood balls, fabulous candlesticks, etc….but I just wanted to wet your appetite with a few sneak peaks into Market this January 2013! So far, our January has proven to be better than ever! I for one am very excited about this new year and all that it has to offer in the areas of design! I'm also enjoying my shop more than ever and realizing that I now have a lot more time to spend there than I used to. 
I hope and pray that is a good thing! 
I hope you all have a great start to your week! I am headed full throttle into "Birthday Palooza" weekend at our house with Miller's 19th birthday this Friday and Holly's 26th birthday on Sunday! It should make for a very special weekend! ( not to mention tiring!) But that's ok! We are blessed!
I also forgot to mention that I won another Novica give away! Wow! Two in less than a month! I'm thinking I need to try the Lottery or something! Thank you, Barbara at HAUSDESIGN for this fabulous gift certificate! I'm thinking I will just add to my last giveaway purchase of the champagne flutes! We shall see!
Much love and many thanks for reading!


  1. You made out so well. LOOOVE the basketweave cream Majolica plates...YES!!
    All of it is stunning....and the iron chandelier is fabulous as well. You have a wonderful eye and no doubt your customers are going to enjoy reaping the rewards of your labor when all this pretty arrives into your store!
    Enjoy your day....

  2. Hi Carolyn, What beautiful things you've found! The plates are gorgeous and I love the Galbraith and Paul pillows. Great lighting, too.

  3. Good morning Carolyn, I just sent this post to my SIL since she collects mojolica and will love everything you've seen. Lucky girl you are who gets to shop, shop, shop. Have a wonderful time celebrating everyones birthdays!


  4. These are SO beautiful Carolyn! Great finds!

  5. Love the Lucy Smith line....I'm going to have to check it out.... Great things Carolyn!

  6. Glad your trip was a success! I am in love with the basketweave Majolica plates and the wooden antique boxes! Everything complements and ties in with your shop so perfectly.

  7. Wow - so much to love. I am the biggest fan of antique boxes and these are beauties!!

  8. The Aubusson fabric is GORGEOUS! Love the basketweave cream Majolica plates and such a beautiful vignette. The antique tray is so unique. Lots of pretty finds Carolyn!

    Have a wonderful time with all the Birthdays this weekend!


  9. the metal tables really do it for me.
    i love them mixed with antiques...
    it's a break from all the heaviness.