Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday's What If Post…"What If I Told You I Want To Downsize?"

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this in the past but often times I really do think about the possibility of us "downsizing". If I was to truly take this on….the first house that comes to mind is a gorgeous home just around the corner from my shop. It belongs to a wonderful couple, Bob and Alice Schleusner that I've had the pleasure of knowing for many years. You see, I not only envy her beautiful home but I've often thought of her as an icon when it comes to running a successful shop in the heart of Mountain Brook Village. (which is where my shop is located!) 
Her rug shop, King's House Orientals was THE place to buy rugs when I was growing up and then married, etc….I will never forget when she decided to pass the hat on to someone else. In fact, if you want to see the new owner and the new website you can see it HERE! Christin has done a fabulous job!
 I was sad to see Alice get out of the business but now we also have a fabulous rug shop just around the corner from us! You can see that rug shop HERE!

But back to real reason for this Wednesday What If Post! What If I could downsize? Really, Carolyn? This is what you consider to be downsizing? I only refer to this as Bob and Alice were thinking and planning to downsize when this lovely vacation home they had visualized became a reality in the making…except that it became their "main" home! It is truly glorious!
And here is Alice's beautiful home as featured in a past issue of Birmingham Home and Garden Magazine.

I remember distinctly going on a home tour event here in Birmingham when her home was on it and falling head over heels in love with everything about it!

Little did I know that I would one day be wanting to copy this design to fit our needs as empty nester's as well!

Their kitchen and their family room or "den" caught my eye immediately!

And this beautiful guest room over the carriage house…wow!! I have no other words for it! Except maybe, spectacular!

I mean, seriously…can you blame me?

And then there is that entrance that you think is going to be taking you to the back of the house when you first turn in the driveway..and yet you are dramatically taken aback to realize the driveway is just a meager tool to get you to the gorgeous front entrance! So subtle and yet so not! I truly loved it!

Pure gorgeousness no matter which way you look at it! And I love that Marjorie Johnston was also behind this wonderful creation! Between Alice and Marjorie and both of their fabulous tastes…how can one go wrong? And now, Marjorie has a wonderful shop around the OTHER corner from me!
You can see Marjorie's website HERE! I am definitely surrounded by a lot of incredibly talented women…trust me! Mountain Brook Village might as well be known as the Mecca For Modern Designing Women! ( I think I just thought of the title of my next "What If Wednesday's Posts!") 

The entire home tour was a treat…but the icing on the cake was to see Alice's collection of breathtaking rugs…they were truly works of art just as the article states! She has taught me well and the rugs I've collected from her as well as from Christin and Paige will never let me down! I treasure them as I treasure these women and the legacies they have left us to learn from and try to live up to!

Please take some time to check out the beautiful home owned by the Schleusner's as well as both of these amazing rug shops! Also, if you are looking for a designer with wonderful taste then Marjorie is the one for you!
Take care, and hopefully you are enjoying a wonderful week this mid to end January!
Lots of love,


  1. Well.. I will be heading right on over to her website! Gorgeous and that kitchen in just perfect. I like those built in (cook)book shelves. The colors and textures are so warm and welcoming. I can see why you fell in love with all this Carolyn.

    Hope your week is going well!


  2. Carolyn, how wonderful to have a village as this to live and shop in! I will go to look at the rugs!
    Beautiful images!

    2013 Artists Series

  3. happy to see you back! You were missed...second this is a gorgeous home, you aren't kidding! Love the style, the interiors, all the special touches that give it obviously a strong character. i can see why you were drawn to it....gorgeous! Looks like there are A LOT of talented women in them hills (you at the top of the heap). When I take my southern road trip,I must include it, would love to swing by:)

  4. Her home is gorgeous - it's so warm and cozy. I love the kitchen and the living room w/ the loft full of bookcases. They have a lot of that style in Nantucket and call it a upside down home! xo

  5. Her home is beautiful....I would love to live in this home....her style and all the little details make it charming...

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Sometimes I'm ok with the idea of downsizing, too, especially when paying the heat bill :)

  7. I can see why you love this home so much it's stunning! But downsizing, probably never for us since it's already an oversized farmhouse with only two people living in it so why change? About the only reason I could see is when we can't maintain it ourselves. I'm off to check out Paige's website.

    Enjoy your week Carolyn!

  8. my granddaughter asked B last night why our house was so big and he said "for all my granddaughters"...made her think about that. I want our big old house to be full of people we love!

  9. C,
    this is an extraordinarily great option for one downsizing!!
    may i come live over the garage??


  10. Hi Carolyn, It is a beautiful house; I understand why you love it. Although we have already been through one downsizing, I am ready for another. I have gone through an interesting transition in the last few months, nothing I thought out or planned - it's happened very naturally on it's own - but I am going in a new direction and rolling with it - and a smaller abode is possibly in the picture. Mr. H says we have to wait a year, but I am already starting to think about our next landing pad.

  11. What a beautiful home! I think about downsizing all the time, but then can't imagine where we would go and where all our stuff would go! Still, it's something that will eventually have to happen...~Delores

  12. So beautiful! Love the rugs and if this is downsizing....sign me up!