Monday, January 28, 2013

A Test Run….It's Monday And I'm Miserable!

I've never done this before and don't really want to do this again…I'm really torn between having one blog or two…would love to know all of your honest thoughts…as long as they aren't really too mean! LOL! Surely, not! Anyway, love you all so dearly…cannot imagine life without you simply because I've gotten to know you over the past year and a half. I love you, I love our friendships, I love your advice and I most definitely love hearing about your lives! Please give me advice…read this objectively if you're already my friend….I trust you!

Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Monday And I'm Miserable!

I feel like I should put out a warning like my sweet friend Tina from the The Enchanted Home does…this is going to be a long post! 
I always know that when she says that, she means it! And yet, it is always worth the time it takes to read what she wants to share with us! So, for beginners…I'm pretty miserable! Why, you ask? Because Holly and I took our first Pure Barre class yesterday and every muscle in my body hurts like there is no tomorrow!

 I may as well have been in the car wreck of all car wrecks! This morning, as I lay in bed until almost 8:00, Jim comes over to say good-bye…he looks over at me in the dark room and says, "Are you sore?" "YES", I shouted! "Why do you think I'm not moving?" Of course he sweetly told me that Holly said the same thing about herself and then he left for work.

(it was much later in the morning when we realized we'd been captured on film there…I'm so glad we went though!)

As usual, I was left to tell Holly and Brad good-bye as they've been here for the weekend. That's always a tear jerker for me…I just don't usually talk about it. But yes, I watch them put on their seat belts…I see when their car gives way to each of them sitting down on their seats. I see it when they make the wide circle turn in our driveway and yet can't quite make it and have to back up. I watch it when they reach our mailbox and then I always run to the living room windows and watch them round the corner to the next street. 
And then I remind myself…God is in control…and then I also hear Brad telling me, "pray harder", each time I express my desire to have them back home. So, moving right along…..
What a great time Holly and I had together this weekend just us girls as the boys all hunted together at my dad's farm…only regret is that I didn't get to enjoy my boys! So, that made me cry even more today! Did I cry because I was so sore? Did I cry because I was so sad to see Holly leave? Or did I cry because I don't have little boys anymore! It's all of the above! I'm a wreck right now…that is why…this post is called It's Monday and I'm Miserable!

Just a little while ago I pulled myself into my clothes instead of pj's and headed to Publix. It was truly painful to even drive to Publix and especially painful to push the buggy! This whole Pure Barre thing has made me realize exactly how old I am! But I'm determined to win! 
(On my way there I needed to drop off something at Mitch's office…of course the song playing on the radio was Gary Allans' song, "Tough Little Boys"….I was toast after that!)

Especially as I rounded the fruits and vegetable section and I saw something that almost made me make a silly fool out of myself! I saw the cutest little boy…probably 6 six years old after getting his free balloon as Publix does this for children…he would throw it up the air and watch it come down (they put those weights on them, thankfully!) and then he would punch it…literally…until it barely floated up again. All the while an elderly lady was simply watching out for her safety as the child punched and ran along side her! The sweet young mom was oblivious…and me….I was trailing behind and wistfully wishing for my children to be young again! I was wishing that I had been as sweet to my children as this young mom was to hers. When she finally became aware of the situation…and saw that her beautiful, curly headed young son was simply having fun with his balloon but making "Grandma" nervous…she looked at her son and sweetly said, "Why don't you hold on to that balloon until we are finished in here." I wanted to hug her neck and tell her she got an A plus on sweetly encouraging her son to behave and that she also didn't get frustrated with the elderly lady who did not have any patience at all. I was pretty impressed! I know in my heart I would've been aggravated at someone not having patience with my child…and I would've been in the wrong! Just like I was to my reaction to an unkind email last night about a recent blog post…it made me glad that I've always (or at least almost always) heeded my mother's profound words…." I've often regretted my words, but I've NEVER regretted my silence!" I really do try to remember that when someone "steps on my toes!"
It doesn't always work and then I have to remember why I really care…I care because I am a Christian and I want to truly love other's the way Christ loved us…I absolutely do not want to be a bad witness…and I know we are all human…but at times…when someone accuses you of doing something deliberately wrong..and you didn't…it's truly aggravating and many other adjectives! 
Moving along…I'm also really tired of having two different blogs! Would love to know your thoughts on this! When I first started blogging it was always for the purpose of keeping up with my daughter as she moved around from city to city. Then I quickly realized that it was my way of venting and that she and her sweet husband would see it as well. I sure didn't want to add to their frustration of having to move so often so I felt guilty and didn't post what I really felt anymore! 
Therefore, I haven't given much time to my personal blog, It Doesn't Fall From The Tree. I cringe at the thought of giving it up…but truly don't know how to keep both going. 
Now, I just love being connected with my blogging friends that I've made through my blog, Vintage Mulberry. They are truly amazing! And I really want to only have one blog site that I can  be myself with! I feel like you've all accepted me for who I am and what I am and vice versa…so…with that being said…tonight I'm treading on thin ice…I want to know your thoughts…I want to know that those that even care to read my personal blog will certainly read the shop's blog! It's much better! I can assure you of that! 
And, I can also assure my sweet cleaning lady used to say about her husband, 
"It Ain't All That!"
And that my friends, is why it's called 
A Southern Sunday Post!

So, after shopping, watching movies, and finally going to Pure Barre…I made a delicious Beef Stew that you definitely need to try! Yep…after a class like that, you need a hearty beef stew to…make you want to go to another class! I can't wait to go to the next class and I can't wait to share this Beef Stew Recipe with you!
Part of it is from my idol, Giada…part of it is from another blogger that I found…no matter…the two recipes combined are divine!

Beef Stew Over Garlic Mashed Potatoes

1.5 lbs beef stew meat, chopped into 1″ pieces
1 tbsp canola oil
1 bag baby carrots, rinsed
1 yellow onion, chopped
1 tsp minced garlic
1 2.5 lb butternut squash, peeled and chopped
3 C beef broth
1 C Marsala Wine
2 bay leaves
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp black pepper
pinch of cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp paprika
1/2 cup flour
1/2 C red wine
Place the flour in a shallow dish with the chopped beef. Toss well to coat. Heat the canola oil over medium high heat. Add the onion and saute for about five minutes until soft. Add the beef and garlic to the pan and continue sauteing until the beef has browned.
Place the beef, onions and garlic at the bottom of your Crock Pot. Next, add the bay leaf, butternut squash and baby carrots. Mix the beef broth, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, sugar and paprika— if you are using a 5 qt Crock Pot like me, it will almost overflow but don’t worry, it won’t! Also, it won’t look like there is enough liquid in the pot — there is. When stew is done and garlic mashed potatoes are ready….mix the 1/2 C Wondra Cake Flour with the 1/2 C red wine in a jar…shake well until completely blended. Add to the crock pot and stir in slowly. Let cook until sauce thickens. Serve over the garlic mashed potatoes.This stew freezes wonderfully and is a very comforting meal on cold rainy nights.
I hope you are all having a wonderful week and that my Monday Musings didn't make you too Miserable!
Much, Much love,


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  2. Hi Carolyn..I loved this. Someone wrote something mean to you? YOU? I cannot imagine you are so sweet!I could sooooo relate about you with the little boy in the market, oh how i miss my kids when they were young...its pathetic how much I miss it. I feel like such a grandma myself when i am out in public and see a cute toddler or baby,I go over and start talking to them or just admire them:) Then I I realize...OMG I have become THAT old lady who used to do that with my kids!!!!!!!! LOL.....obviously we both enjoyed being mothers and that's a beautiful thing.
    Have done bar method...and the pain, well lets just say I feel your pain...VERY intense but it is a phenomenal workout, one I should really start up again.
    Two blogs? I am impressed... I am sure if you consolidate, everyone will be more than happy to follow you along on your one (and totally understand). Your post was long but so worth the read, and not once did I look at my watch:)
    Have a super day and may your miserable Monday turn into a terrific Tuesday!

  3. I am so smiling Carolyn about your sore muscles you do know the worse thing you can do for them is lie still right? Get up and move, do some stretches and you’ll feel better. Your sore muscles have nothing to do with age either it’s lack of use my friend so keep at your Pure Barr you’ll do and feel better.

    As for two blogs, you have time for two? I barely have time for one so I’m jealous. Why don’t you do what Tina suggested and combine them that would make it easier on those of us who follow along too. Besides I would love to hear more about your business. And I can’t imagine anyone saying anything mean to youif so we’ll blast them!

    Do some stetches my friend and then take a long soak in the tub and feel better.

    Much love right back at you my friend!

  4. Carolyn, my dear friend, I did not even know you had two blogs! How did I miss this? I'm sorry. Ok, here are two things: I know that feeling of soreness after an exercise class - I am runner, but don't often do strength training, and when I was with my little sister in London last week she took me to a class at her new gym and I was VERY sore for the next 24 hours - but it does wear off, you just have to keep moving to make it happen.
    Here is the other thing: For the last three days I was in London I was taking care of my sister's children (her son age 6 and her utterly precious daughter age 2 1/2) while she and her husband were on a hunting trip. I truly loved every minute of it - having them run to me when I picked them up from school, sharing an adventurous outing in London with them, bathing and reading to them at the end of the day, and just snuggling her little girl who is an angel - her brother nearing 7 not so into snuggles anymore. I was also exhausted and grateful to God that I am where I am right now - that I survived my own children's youth and was able to provide them with such a good one, that we have come this far so successfully and that we still love to be together as much as possible, and also for all I still have to look forward to as they go out into the world and one day have their own families. Don't look back, look forward - they still need you now and are only going to need you more as the years continue on. This is just a transition period. Wish I could come down and take you out to lunch.
    Sending lots of love,

  5. Carolyn, I feel your pain...physically and emotionally. Just keep moving...and use ice. It does get better and if its unbearable use Advil! I have been very lucky that my children live close by...It would be very difficult if they didn't. You have such a sweet sensitive heart...I'll be praying for you...hang in there. If I lived close by I would take you to lunch also and give ya a big hug!

  6. Hi Carolyn!

    First, your beef stew sounds wonderful:) I've never added squash to my recipe so I will look forward to trying this.

    Such a wonderful post and I want to say right off the bat that you aren't alone out there. I am 53 with kids in their early 20's and know my days are limited in terms of time spent with them. My daughter has become a friend.. and we go to the gym, hike, and watch movies together. I am blessed to have her home at the moment as she finishes her final year at the university. My husband was traveling through the weekend on business and we had a fun-filled girls weekend! I love and cherish every second with her. My son is not as much of a pal but I am close to him too. When I see a young mom I feel almost a twinge of jealousy as I come to realize my next opportunity to MOTHER will be in the capacity as a grand..mother. You have so much to look forward to Carolyn. I think we have to be positive and continue to set goals for ourselves. We are so fortunate to have family and our health.

    Speaking of health.. you know what I've said in my blog posts!!.. use what you have, get outside! I am familiar with this class and love it. Take it easy and don't push so hard that you hurt yourself and/or never want to go back! It's what you do most..not all of the time that matters so just try to make changes gradually and keep smiling.

    I can hardly get one post out a week (and visit other blog posts!) so I can't couldn't add another blog. If there's time in your schedule.. go for it!


  7. One blog is so much easier... and you can always have separate pages for different topics... Readers can feel at home when they visit because one blog becomes so familiar..:) Just my feelings about the subject...
    Well done for having sore muscles... that means progress... and muscle fatigue is one thing I am not suffering from!! I am too lazy right now... and reading your post is making me think I better join the 'sore' gang... xv

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  9. I don't know how to manage two blogs. It's hard enough to manage one!!!

  10. Carolyn,

    Catching up here. I definitely say one blog. I thought about doing two blogs: one for interiors and another for gardening. Ultimately decided on one because I wanted my blog to feature a variety of topics: travels, gardening, design, antiques, etc.

    Thanks for sharing your beef stew recipe. I love hearty stews and of my favorite comfort food.

    I'm sure you are feeling better now :) I need to kick up my own exercise program!

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