Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday's What If's Post…"What If It Was Your 50th Birthday? Where Would You Go?"

So, my sweet Jim is turning 50 in March and he is finally talking about it! Much to his dismay, come March 15th he will reach that birthday that we all think isn't really going to happen! I've asked him and asked him what he wants to do to celebrate the big occasion! Of course, he has been very reluctant until recently and I for one am very glad to see his spirits lifting and see that gleam back in his eyes! His sweet parents are throwing him a big bash the weekend before his birthday which should be a lot of fun!
After that, he's decided the two of us should go somewhere! And I for one wholeheartedly agree! The problem now…is WHERE?
Do we go to our usual destination of choice which has always been St. John. We celebrated his 40th birthday, our 20th Anniversary, my 40th birthday and then our 25th Anniversary in St. John and loved every minute of it! In fact, we've even taken our kids a few years ago. 

There really is no comparison to anywhere in my book…it's that beautiful! And yet, I wonder…do I like it because it's so familiar? We know how to drive around the island, we know the restaurants and it's comfortable and relaxing! 

We always love the view from our room…love the service and love the relaxed Island feel! However, we've stayed in some other pretty wonderful places as well.

Like the Riviera Maya in Mexico! That was loads of fun and we went with several wonderful friends! It was a great time!

Then, there is the White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine if we wanted to do something really different than the island scene! We sure had a great time there! We've been with both sets of our parents and each time it was truly spectacular! 

The setting is fabulous!

And the restaurant is to die for! If we wanted to stay state side this is a top choice in my opinion!

But then, there is the beautiful Broadmore Hotel in Colorado Springs! What a glorious place to stay! We've stayed there many times for business way back when…I always enjoyed it!

Or, we could finally go see the wine country! We've never been! Even though I spent several of my growing up years in California, I was way too young to even remember a lot of it, let alone enjoy Napa! I sure would love to visit one day! Hmmm…I may have to put this bug in Jim's ear!

It's just too beautiful to not get to experience! I know we would love it!

Or, we could always return to Paris and make a business trip out of it as well! Who say's you can't shop for antiques on your husband's 50th birthday? ( well, that would probably be the husband!) No matter, he loved it there as well! Our stay was fabulous! We enjoyed each and every place we stayed….

The Villa Gallici in  Aix-En-Provence….their rooms and the hotel as a whole is phenomenal!

The service was the best ever…just as the service in Paris was!

What better view than from your window at The Lancaster Hotel in Paris?

And we loved the wonderful bed and breakfast 'The Bastide Rose' as we drove down to Aix!  It was all fabulous!

Including Normandy! ( which was actually the first part of the trip!) What a way to start!

But I think he's dreaming of somewhere we haven't been…somewhere to get away..for us to explore and learn someplace new…Is it Greece?

Santorini maybe? Oh, how I wish!

The Greek Isles would be so lovely…Jim's parents just returned from a fabulous cruise there…What a way to celebrate your 75th birthday!

Italy is also on the top of our dream places to visit!

Northern Italy looks like a dream to me!

And we could always go back to Maui. We actually thought about this for Miller's graduation trip but then he chose to stay close to home…bless him! 

There is truly nothing like good old Hilton Head Island, South Carolina! I knew I raised that boy right! What a fun trip we had!

 I would certainly be in heaven in The British Virgin Islands if that is where Jim chose to go! Just look at The Baths! How fun!

We've never been to Jamaica together though…he went with his family when we were just dating…many moons ago!

They would certainly change their brochure to have our picture as the advertisement once we'd been there!
 ( somehow, I just don't think so! )

Our daughter and her husband went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for their honeymoon and loved it! That might be fun! 
There are truly so many choices…places we've already been to and loved and they all sound wonderful and familiar. I'm someone who likes that! This time however, Jim is wanting something different. 
I think that is part of turning 50! I guess I will know this feeling very soon…as I am next! Not for another year though! 

He has his sights set on something tropical from what I can tell. He talked to our travel agent today about St. Lucia. 
What do you think? Have any of you been there? I would love your input! I've always wanted to go to Cabo San Lucas and then Holly suggested Turks and Caicos…I've also always wanted to go to the Cayman Islands ever since I read John Grisham's book, 'The Firm'! I know I'm silly for basing it on that! No matter, St. Lucia looks beautiful! I just want it to be wonderful! And memorable! And fun! And it will be…as long as we are together! That is truly all that matters! I want this to be the most special birthday ever!
Thank you all so very much for your extra sweet and extremely caring and thoughtful comments on my last post! I truly treasure each and every one of your friendships! As for those lunch offers, I would go in a heartbeat! 
Have a wonderful rest of your week! Can't wait to hear your fabulous suggestions on a dream trip for Jim's 50th!
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Much love and many thanks for your encouragement lately!


  1. oh my goodness...your choices are perfect! How can you possibly go wrong? I have been to many of the places you named and in my traveling plans I always want to go somewhere travel the world and the US too! If I had not been to Greece, that would be the place I would choose...Santorini is remarkable..but I am seriously considering hauling my sweet man to the Broadmore...I've never been with him. Check out the Hotel Del Coronado too! Where ever you and Jim Dear will be right!!! So excited for you!

  2. Carolyn, You would not regret any of these. Since I have not been Paris is at the top of my list.
    You would be thrilled with the Greek Isles! With Snow here, the warm beaches and isles sound good!
    Oh and yes, San Diego is a go to always, and the Del Coronado is perfect!

    2013 Artists Series

  3. Hands down it would be Provence for me! Wow you have so many wonderful choices though! You did your homework!!

  4. Wow so many amazing choices, there is no wrong choice here!! The Dominican is amazing, we have been three times....had a fabulous time. But Paris, and anywhere in France always gets my vote although Napa Valley would be a nice choice too...we had a ball there two years ago. All of these are wonderful Carolyn....look forward to hear where you are headed!

  5. I always tend to choose the warm/tropical places. We just recently booked another trip to Grand Cayman. This will be our 5th time. You really can't beat those beaches, although Turks and Caicos and Anguilla have some amazing beaches too! I have never been to St. Lucia but heard it is beautiful. I can't wait to hear what you choose!

  6. It is so great to go back to familiar places, but also amazing to visit new places. I don't see how you can go wrong!

  7. Paris was sounding good...but I'm a beach girl at heart too...that's where you can really let your hair down, relax and just have a good time. I think I've already told you, that we have a time share in Cabo and love it...hope to get back there in February. Whatever you choose, it will just be great to get away. XO, Mona

  8. Hi, Carolyn - So many wonderful options! It's always great to go somewhere familiar. I love revisiting my favorite cities: Paris, London, Copenhagen, New York, etc. Since it's March, somewhere warm would be divine. Might be too cold in Maine. I've been really busy, and have not been blogging. Will catch up on your posts. xo, Loi

  9. PS - I do not have a facebook account :(

  10. Wow Carolyn...very tough choices, they are all beautiful! We spent our honeymoon and 20th wedding anniversary in the South Pacific on Bora Bora. It changed a lot in 20 years but there are many lovely islands to just might be the ticket. Curious to know what your travel agent thinks. xx

  11. PS... I may have missed it, I was looking for a subscribe by email widget. When you add one in, could you let me know? I like to follow blogs by favourites.. :)

  12. all looks fabulous! I think I would write them all down and put them in a hat...close your eyes and just pick cant go wrong with that line up!

  13. Where do you stay in St. John's...that is on my list.

    1. Cannel Bay resort is our first choice. Otherwise, we love to rent a house.

  14. Such beautiful places, Carolyn. I must say that view from the arched doors is my fave. Just turning 50? Youngsters!

  15. Oh, Carolyn, so many wonderful choices and they all look like they would be fabulous! You would love Italy - so much beauty and you could combine Rome and Capri so you could tour and relax...can't wait to hear what you decide...

  16. I'm thinking tropical sounds ideal this time of year. I have not been to St Lucia personally, but have heard wonderful things about it. What a special way to ring in his 50th! xo

  17. HI Carolyn!

    What a fun thing to ponder!!! Every one of those sound amazing...I haven't been to St Lucia, but hear great things about Turks & Caicos from friends. Grant and I are planning on celebrating our 15th anniversary this year in Cabo at Las Ventanas, which we last visited on our 5th anniversary. So, I understand the allure of the familiar. Other places on my wish list are Blackberry Farm in TN and Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur.

    Let us know where you decide to go...and an early Happy Birthday to Jim!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    ps: Yes...the Circa in Birmingham is related to the one in Charlotte. :)

  18. Oh, you have really got me wishing for a getaway right now!! Anywhere would do - it's cold and damp here, and I just want a change of scene. xoxo, P