Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday's 'What If's' Post. "What If I Told You I Chose Alexa Hampton Because I Loved Her Hair?"

Well, what if? I hope you wouldn't think any less of me for being honest! I was flipping through this issue of House Beautiful below and naturally her pretty picture caught me eye! ( Plus, I'd had my hair lighted today so I guess it was already on my mind!)

Of course, one thing led to another and I was busy researching Alexa Hampton and it struck me…I really like this girl's taste in design! We share a lot of the same beliefs when it comes to not skimping on quality as opposed to thinking that quantity is better. About making sure you put quality, well made curtains in each room when you can afford to do so. And if not, use bamboo blinds…things like that! Then, as I researched a bit more I fell in love with a house by the sea that in my opinion has my name written all over it! You've probably all seen it before…you have to remember, I don't get out much!
It was featured here in Architectural Digest many moons ago!

So yes, originally I was drawn to Alexa's pretty hair style and color…then, I quickly fell in love with her design inspiration in the homes she has helped to make more beautiful.

Just look at the examples I ran across while on my search! They are truly to die for!


I sure am wanting a copy of her book right about now! We may even start carrying it in my shop after all of this!

I got a little carried away as usual while re-searching all that Alexa does. I stumbled on a few examples of her light fixtures….

As well as some beautiful examples of her fabrics that she produces through Kravet. Here are several that caught my eye.

(this trim needs to come to my house!)

And then there is also her wonderful line of furniture! Is there anything she can't do?

So you see,  Alexa does indeed have great hair…

But she also has great genes as well! What a wonderful heritage to grow up as the daughter of an American legend…what a history to live up to and a privilege to take over her father's firm and continue to run it with such success!

 (Martha Stewart Home Design
I loved everything in this article that you can see here and as stated by Kevin Sharkey, "Mark Hampton began his career working for some of the greatest interior designers of all time. Mrs. Henry Parrish II, David Hicks, and McMillen, Inc. He later went on to design for such clients as Brooke Astor, Estee Lauder, Jacqueline Onassis, and The Henry Kissingers, in addition to his work on the White House, Camp David, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art, and the American Academy of Rome."

And then, just when you thought it couldn't get any better….she is named the 'Design Icon'! The first woman to ever receive this prestigious award! Way to go Alexa!!

Wow, that's quite a bio I would say! No wonder Alexa is able to carry on the tradition of excellence in all that she does! She was taught by the best of the best!
I hope you all are having a fabulous week so far! Would love to know your thoughts and any other info I've left out! 
I was recently told that I have had my blog hacked into and that someone is deliberately copying it word for word, picture for picture ( even of my family). I am hoping this can be resolved soon and that my friend that discovered this has been able to stop this same invasion into her life as well. There are several of my favorite blogs and bloggers out there that have been plagiarised. If you are concerned that you may be one of them or have any wonderful suggestions on how to stop this I would love to hear from you! Until then, take care!
Much love,


  1. Great post Carolyn! She did some of my very favorite rooms, but I didn't know it until I read this! And she DOES have lovely hair :)

  2. There is a lot of hacking going on and its very scary. It happened to me twice (that I know of) and freaked me out. I hope you have reported it. It pays to be vigilant but its still really unnerving.

    Moving onto great things.....this post! It is fabulous! I love Alexa's work, she is super talented and obviously totally inherited the design gene from her father. I love and enjoy her book and in fact you have inspired me to take it off the shelf and go through it today..thanks!
    Enjoy your day.

  3. Shoot Carolyn....that is terrible! I would report it....
    I do love her work....and her hair!

  4. I think your hair looks a lot like her hair and I love it! Her talent is incredible..thanks for all the photos to help me make it through the night!

  5. Dear Carolyn -

    I'm sorry to hear about your blog being hacked. This happened to Phyllis, too. I hope you can get it resolved fast. Now I'm wondering if mine is vulnerable....and how to protect it. Please share any advice you can.

    Thanks for this post on one of my favorite designers: Alexa Hampton. Icon, indeed! Her interiors are always beautiful, timeless and classy. Just like her!! Wonderful post.


  6. Wow, Carolyn, I had no idea that blogs were being plagiarized like that. Hope it's resovled soon, and I would love to know how to protect my own blog, though I can't imagine anyone trying to copy my little Adirondack Baker! Your blog is so beautiful and such a lovely escape! Congrats on such a great blog and thank you for reminding me of just how pretty the world can be!

  7. Alexa is a beautiful young woman inside and out from what I've read about her. She does amazing work and would love to have one of her ceiling fixtures. I'm so sorry your blog has been kidnapped and sorry no idea how to stop it. Not sure why anyone would even want to use someone else's blog in the first place. Good luck with getting it fixed and please share how you did it too.


  8. I really love her style too...and her hair! Sorry your blog was copied. Best of luck getting everything back in order!

  9. I am in love with Alexa Hampton too...Her father's design book (Mark Hampton) was actually the first design book I ever purchased, years ago. Have you heard her interview on The Skirted Roundtable? You would enjoy it. XO, Mona

  10. I'm obsessed with all things Alexa Hampton and her Long Island home is one of my absolute favorites - I could move right in!! Happy weekend, Carolyn ~

  11. I love her too, Carolyn. She's got such classic, timeless style...and yes, beautiful hair indeed!!! I'm jealous. Have a happy weekend.

  12. OMG.. what is with all this hacking? Hopefully this will be just a passing thing and more will be done to keep those anonymous folks out.

    Carolyn, This is a great post. She does have great hair :) but also love her design aesthetic. I do not have her book and I'm thinking I need to order it. Lots of pretty inspiration today. Thank you so much. Hope you are enjoying your weekend:)


  13. Hi Carolyn, She does have great hair! And her style is pretty fabulous as well. I had the pleasure of meeting her and briefly speaking with her at a Boston Design Center event years ago and can say she is also a nice person. Hope you are well! xoxo, Phyllis

  14. I adore her work. Wow, you have put together one beautiful post, Carolyn. The lighting is a favorite on mine too.
    Have a great week, sweet friend.
    Happy Monday.

  15. what if i told you that this is an amazing post?

    love it all

    xx rf

    1. I would say that means the world to me, Renee! Thank you!

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