Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday's 'What If's' Post…."What If I Just Showed You The Fabulous New Things That Arrived At Mulberry Today?"

Well, for lack of time and energy this Wednesday…that is exactly what I'm going to do!
Nothing is more exciting than when our artists and "artisans" come and swap out their work and refresh my shop with their beautiful pieces of art! Whether it be paintings from Melissa Payne Baker or fabulous leather goods from my best friend at Old Clutch…it makes for an exciting time!
 So, I thought I'd share it with you!
Melissa showed up yesterday with enough art to fill the Smithsonian! I am so blessed to have her work in my shop! Today, Pattie and I finally got everything tagged and placed…here is just a sampling of what she brought us! Soon, it will all be on the website along with Sharon and Leigh Ann's fabulous clutches. The painting above might just be my favorite one that Melissa brought to us! Hence the reason it's at the "top of the heap" so to speak! You can see her website HERE!

Truth be told, there weren't any that I didn't love or want or wish were mine! Her work is like a breath of fresh air! And I could tell the customers today were thrilled with it! Even on this extremely rainy Tuesday!

So take a peak at what we they brought us…you can always call the shop for specifics!

I'm loving this small painting of the angels…we've only had the large one before.

Melissa's landscapes always reel me in! 
Hook, line and sinker as they say!

You can't go wrong with Angels or Butterflies in my opinion!

And we always love getting more of Melissa's "Itty Bitty" paintings! Perfect for that hostess gift or special little something you want to pick up to embellish a bottle of wine, etc...

My heart stopped at the bird painting above! I am loving it! As well as the pair of abstracts below!

Here is just an example of how a small painting tucked away on a side table can really enhance a room!
It doesn't take much to make a statement! Especially if that statement is a great piece of art!

These small landscapes are truly spectacular…they would make excellent gifts or fabulous additions to any bookcase or grouping that you may want to be adding to!

Unfortunately, I fell in love with this large painting of butterflies only to find out that it is leaving us again on Thursday! For some reason, it truly spoke to me…I think it spoke to someone else as well! I'm glad it's going to a great home!

As the day progressed, and we had tagged and placed all of Melissa's paintings... it was time for lunch. My sweet friend Sharon showed up bring a delicious lunch and lots of laughter! It was so much fun to just talk and laugh and discuss our son's and their lives…you see, they have been best friends since birth and now they are roommates in college. They have signed the lease on a 1925 era house in Auburn, AL for next year with two other guys as well. I think we have our work cut out for us!

But thankfully, this is what Sharon and I love doing…just like she loves making her incredible clutches! 
Like she said today when asked about this new venture, "It makes me happy and my Samford University sewing days are coming in handy!"

Well, it's pretty obvious that sewing class paid off! 
Her designs are phenomenal, eye catching, cutting edge and yet vintage all at the same time! 
I'm so loving their newest designs for Spring…the wonderful new leathers they are working with along with the latest addition to detail have resulted in perfection with these latest pieces.

Something tells me these won't be hanging around for long! They are unique beyond words and something everyone will be clamoring for!

Just look at the "Auburn" lap top case! It's to die for! You do remember that all of their one of a kind items are named after small Southern towns…I love that! It makes each piece have an identity as well as being unique and one of a kind!

Here is just a sampling of the other pieces we were privileged to get in today! Just look at the extra added detail to the strap with the "diamond" stud.

This one above is particularly interesting for the man in your life! What a great gift for Valentine's Day or Father's Day if you have a hunter in your life! You see, this wonderful vintage embellishment is a bullet! Hmmm….don't think I will go there right now! However, I would give this to any one of the men in my family! And they would love it!

And this fabulous Cross Body Bag is embellished with an arrow! Shoot me in the heart now, Cupid! I'm in love!

So, I leave you this Wednesday to ponder all of the beautiful paintings we received from Melissa as well as the fabulous and one of kind additions to our Old Clutch line. I am headed out of town for one of my favorite Antique Shows that I haven't attended in years…if nothing else, I just want to "people watch" and be lazy in a fabulous hotel! Cheers to everyone and I hope the rest of your week is spectacular! I for one am living for just a rain free day! I will say that I am so grateful that it's only been rain and not the amount of snow that many of you have been living with! Hoping for lots of sunshine soon and being able to get back in the swing of things with being able to read all of your fabulous blogs that I love so much! You are all truly dear and I certainly appreciate all of your sweet friendships!

Please check out the websites of both of my friends when you get the chance!
Melissa Payne Baker
and then the clutches as well
Old Clutch
You will thank me in the end…I promise!


  1. Your shop sounds like its the place to be for a good time! So much happening, all beautiful new things for your store. The paintings are beautiful additions.....enjoy your trip to the antique store and your "lazy hotel days"..sounds good to me!

  2. What I wouldn't give to grab a coffee and linger in your store taking in all of these treasures! xo

  3. Super cool items. I love that butterfly art! Well, I always love the art you find!

  4. what interesting things! loved looking!!!

  5. My favorite kind of painting is abstract and these have really caught my attention. I'm going to email you because I want one! The clutches are truly a work of art all their own! Happy Valentine's Day Carolyn here's hoping it's rain free!


  6. Hi, Carolyn -
    Happy Valentine's Day :) Thanks for the preview of the new items. Love Melissa's landscape paintings. The small ones would be divine placed inside bookcases / built-ins. Or anywhere!
    Enjoy the antique show, and let us know what you find ~

  7. Wow, Carolyn, you do have some great new stuff!! I love the paintings and the clutches. Go Samford!
    Happy Weekend.

  8. Carolyn...I wish I lived have some wonderful things in.. The purses are amazing and love the art work!

  9. what interesting things! loved looking..tanks for sharing.Hotel Design

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