Thursday, April 4, 2013

How DID Stella Get Her Groove Back?

Did she finally think of something worthwhile to write about or did she finally find the "perfect" bench? Truthfully, I think a little birdie named Alison whispered in her ear, "Write about finding the perfect bench! "Hello! Why didn't I think of that"? 
I think I've had so much on my plate and on my mind that I just couldn't reach into those dark recesses of my brain and remember what is was that inspired me to write about things in the first place! I forgot that it was easy! I forgot that it was obvious! I forgot that it was literally always in front of me! It's like forgetting your first love! You often wonder, how did this happen?

Since the company we have always bought our "English Bench" from quit making it we have felt lost! Especially now that the weather is good and we occasionally have the time and the desire to sit outside! Our bench was home to many shoppers! And especially a quiet reprieve to many a husband while their wives looked around in our shop!

It was similar to the one above, but much prettier! We truly couldn't keep them in!

I decided to search Pinterest and Google and these are some of the fabulous pictures of garden benches that I found. I would love any and all input and advice on where to find another perfect garden bench!

I could definitely do WITHOUT the butterfly bench above… as well as the leaf/vine bench below!

A swinging bench would be fun!

This lovely one above is identical to the pair we have at our beach home… we've always loved them and I always wonder if I should just bring them home to Birmingham. There is even a "stepping stone" to match.

And I LOVE this red bench! So much personality!

And this little guy is such a charmer!

This bench just reminds me of formal pool areas and "older" homes…am I wrong? It's very pretty!

But nothing is prettier in my opinion than the perfect garden bench that is "tucked away"! 

It's simply glorious!

So, what if we could find that "perfect bench"? What if looking through this window in this beautiful garden lead us to the perfect bench as well as THE thing that let me get my groove back? Would it be worth it? Let's just see….

Is she "warning" me or pointing me in the right direction? I think it's the later of the two!

There are many paths and doorways that lead us to our thoughts, our dreams and our desires…but what makes us tick is another thing! It's that inner self, the one that tells you to remember this moment, to write it down, to express it to others so they can feel it too! 

It's seeing the open door and taking it! It's the courage to walk down a path that might be a little tougher than what you were wanting…it's being willing to be lead down a path that you wouldn't have chosen and enjoying it!

It's seeing beauty in things that aren't really beautiful! But in your heart, you know they are!

It's like seeing beauty in old, rusty, iron gates!

It's like seeing beautiful roses draped over a bench…

Or seeing Wisteria making it's grand appearance every spring in the South!

Or seeing flowers poke their heads up around a stone fountain!

They are always going to make their entrance…they will always be there.

 Just like seeing chickens come to the place where their food is...

Even if it's a lovely place, you are still seeing the cycle of life!

There is always a gate to open, whether it be in good times or bad…

And thankfully for me, there is always a HOME to come back to! So, no matter if I'm in a dry spell…no matter if we can't find the PERFECT bench for the shop…there is always tomorrow! And there is always a path that is right! It leads us right back to what we first started loving! It makes us remember who we are and why we started loving it in the first place!
 Just watch the movie Hope Floats!
You'll see what I'm talking about!

 "And when Stella saw that perfect bench…she went running straight to it!"
Which is exactly what I plan on doing with life! And yes, if the perfect bench turns up…I will scoop it up faster than you can imagine! Love you all dearly! Hope you have been doing well and I can't wait to catch up on your wonderful blogs!
Please stay in touch!


  1. Carolyn-
    Your bench is so beautiful, and this selection is full of beauties. I fell head over heels for the red bench! Stunning.
    Happy Thursday.

  2. Hi Carolyn!

    I've been away for a while and have missed stopping by! Wonderful line up of benches and I agree.. there is always tomorrow and always a path to follow:) Our weather here in Seattle is been fairly mild this spring (usually we miss spring and have to wait for June before the sun comes out..) so I'm considering heading over to the nursery to do a little shopping next week. We have lots of forest everywhere and benches and Adirondacks are fun to display.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  3. Beautiful collection of benches....I was so touched by your story you left at Debbie's blog...Your father is a very sweet and wise man and a great dad!

  4. Hi Carolyn! I sooo enjoyed your sweet email, you are a doll! We must meet, totally agree. I love a beautiful garden bench, especially one tucked into a luscious garden (where you could go, escape and hide lol)! Just the one outside your shop. Our posts could be brother and sister today, they work beautifully together. Hope you are well and wishing you a fabulous day!

  5. oh my gosh I do love love this post!!! I will be saving lots of these photos to look at during the night on my ipad!

  6. Your shop is so charming with the perfect bench in front - would love to see it in person! What a wonderful collection of benches. I'm so partial to wooden Lutyens benches tucked in a backyard garden, but I love so many styles. In the process of trying to find one for the beach house so this was perfect timing. Hope you're having a great week!!

  7. What a beautiful post Carolyn and as for your bench when you find the right one you'll know it. Stop trying and it will find you. Actually now that I think about it I need a bench in my secret garden...why didn't I think of that before? It'll be a focal point! Now I need the perfect bench! We're glad to see you back!


  8. What a sweet post, Carolyn!! Sometimes we get so focused on one particular thing that we don't see all the other options around us - metaphorically speaking.

    I'm glad you're back...I missed you!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  9. This is like the perfect Springtime eye candy. Did the soul some good. The snow is melted but it's still a bit chilly and nothing is green or in bloom yet. Can't wait!! xo

  10. well
    if i could have a day of spring....
    i would be the first to be sitting on a lovely bench-
    dreaming of a lovely garden.
    happily i would jump into any one of your images.
    it is still raining snow up here in maine.

    big hug
    happy easter

  11. The picture of the store front shows 2 lovely stripped tables in the window. If they are for sale could you tell me their price? Gratefully, Ann