Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday's What If's? "What If You Could Have All Of Your Christmas Shopping And Decorating Done?"

 For that matter, "What if all of your Christmas dreams you've ever had could come true? "Oh, wait…that's another post"! But wouldn't it be great? Who knows? Maybe so, maybe not!
But what if you could walk in your door the day after Thanksgiving and everything look like some of the pictures I've been drooling over in this month's Traditional Home Magazine! How relaxing it would be!
Just dream along with me for a moment….

Wouldn't it feel so good to know you had your decorations bought and ready to put out as well as your gifts wrapped and ready to place under the tree after Thanksgiving? 
It sure would feel great to me!
 Here is just a small sampling of how easily that could be handled if you were to make a quick stop by Mulberry Heights Antiques!

You will find plenty of Mercury Trees, Candlesticks and Votives…
( Sorry, our Hurricane's sold out today!)

As well as beautiful mercury ornaments in different shapes and sizes!

And if it's gifts you're still looking for, look no further than HERE! Melissa Payne Baker has made that quite easy on all of us! What with all of her gorgeous paintings, beautiful notecards, ornaments and hand painted wine glasses you are sure to find something for everyone! You can see Melissa's own website HERE!

One of my favorite things that Melissa has brought us for Christmas are these fabulous "Itty Bitty" paintings! What a fabulous gift! Just $45.00 and you can give a wonderful piece of art! They would be fabulous just laying on a stack of antique books! A real show stopper!

Our cute spreaders always make that perfect, last minute gift for the person you may have forgotten! (Oh wait, did I really say that?) We all know I didn't really mean it!

And look at this! Pattie and Ellen have made it even easier for you by already wrapping up our wonderful white trays that we literally cannot keep in stock already WITH a spreader! 
Even better!

 Looks like a lot of thought was put into that last minute gift!

Also, our gorgeous homemade Chelsea House Soaps that are lovingly created right here in our own town by my daughter's "Grandmother in Law" have been fabulous sellers for gifts this year! So unique and truly a taste of Birmingham! Just look at the Oyster shell box that some of them are packaged in! The box is a gift in itself!

And I think our Holiday Lafco candles and soaps might do better than our regular scents! We can never keep them in! If you want some then truly, you'd better run…not walk... to get them!

And then we are back to decorating as well as gift giving! What better gift to give than a Nativity that one can use for their own Holiday Decor! I sure would love to get something like this that was special and would always be a reminder of that special someone that gave it to me! I'm pretty sure these are just $32.00!

We even have the handmade Nativities in copper…we truly have been re-ordering these like crazy!

We also have the copper angels…they are stunning!

And they look quite lovely with greenery as well as these fabulous matte finished balls in muted colors…there are so many things you can do with this arrangement! Middle of a table, on top of a sideboard…grouped on a mantel…the list goes on and on!

Balls are $10.00 each

And if you are down to the REALLY special people on your list..let's say…your wife, your husband, significant other, your college age child…your parent! Then you will have to check out our remaining Clutch's and watch for the new batch to be coming in! You can see their original post HERE! As well as our incredible new selections of Sennod jewelry!

Here are some of our newest arrivals!
People are already on waiting lists for a few of the pieces!
I loved looking back at our introduction to Sennod in our store! You can see that HERE! And it was almost a year ago today!

I would not be doing my shop justice if I didn't mention that there is also the fact that you can give a gift that isn't just "Christmacy"! We have plenty of antique treasures to make even the most discriminating person on your list happy! Just take a look!

Antique transferware and Ironstone in all shapes, sizes, forms, price ranges…You name it!

Stunning boxes and coffee table books make wonderful gifts!

As well as Staffordshire!

Some of my personal favorites include antique Creamware that I cannot get enough of!

As well as Majolica!

And beautiful Olive Jars from France!

For that special guy, how about an antique Decanter?
( a little secret, they make great mouth wash dispensers as well! and no one has to know!)

And last, but certainly not least!

Everyone needs that perfect, gorgeous, antique chandelier to be the finishing touch on their home for the Holiday Season! I for one will be cleaning mine in just a few days! 

Don't you want your home to be "just so"? It doesn't have to be perfect by any stretch of the imagination…but to have that "finished" feel…that lived in and loved feel!

And that extra special touch that only you can give!

That's my favorite part about Christmas and about "home"! 
The special touches that come from the individual home owner!
Traditional Home did a great job in this last issue showing us a wide variety of homes decorated for Christmas! I've got a lot of them ready to post very soon so I hope you will enjoy it!

Hope your Wednesday is extra special today!


  1. Hi Carolyn, The shop looks fabulous! I love the mercury glass decorated tree - perfection. Enjoy yourself!

  2. I am coming back to pour over these images, Carolyn! Your shop is just beautiful. I love the art, and youhave so many beautiful gifts here.
    Happy Wednesday.

  3. How beautiful! So much to look at! I would love to have all my shopping and decorating done! We are so behind with everything around here in NJ after losing power for 12 days. I feel like I am finally getting my house in order and now I have to host Thanksgiving! The work is never done!

  4. WOW if I was lucky enough to live near your better believe I would be there all the time, you have everything..and such a wonderful elegant eye! Love the soaps, Staffordshire, the gorgeous transferware...its all so stunning. I am starting to feel just a bit overwhelmed by Thanksgiving being next week and then Christmas only a month or so away...SCARY!!!!! I really need to get myself together...all my "grand plans" seem to be getting further away from me...have fun with all the prep!

  5. Well...I never thought of it that way because my dream coming true is dragging out all my stuff, blazing fire..lots of family and doing it together over a long Thanksgiving weekend. But if I lived near would certainly become a great inspiration...however your blog is kind of doing that for me. So...thanks!

  6. Your store is magnificent. This year we are off to spend Christmas with my husbands brother and family in their new home. I am actually looking forward to not having any pressure on the meal, decorations,etc, s much fun as the holidays are, they do bring a lot of pressure too. I love mercury glass.

  7. Carolyn, your store is AWESOME. It is SO gorgeous. I could spend my days there :) I'm going to look at Melissa's art talented!

  8. So many beautiful things. Love those itty bitty paintings and the jewelry!

  9. I actually love to decorate for Christmas. I put the Christmas music on and make a day of it. I always start the day after Thanksgiving but with a part-time job in retail, I will be fighting the masses off during black friday. I'm a bit scared about it. It's gonna be chaos. If I were closer I would come work for you and your lovely store! I LOVE the soaps - gorgeous. Not surprised they are a big seller. So pretty for a powder room. That first square necklace looks so much like a Tory Burch logo, super cool! xo

  10. Hi, Carolyn - Love all your ironstone and creamware china!! I like displaying and using them....especially during the holidays. My friend Frank Randolph decorated that house in Traditional Home.

  11. I can't even imagine having my house decorated - i HAVE to do it this year because I am hosting a big party, but literally don't know when I am gong to have the time. I wish a fairy would come do it for me!

  12. Lots of beautiful items! Those clutches were amazing, I need to check out that original post on those, I missed that. Definitely could get a lot of shopping done at Mulberry!