Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Tables

How will you be celebrating Thanksgiving? Do you have to travel or divide your time between two different families to keep it "fare?" We do! We alternate each year between my parent's house and Jim's  parent's house. On the "off" year of it being at my parent's house my mom insists on us coming over for leftovers that night! (Luckily, both sides of our family are in town.) Trust me, we love it but we sure are full! This year I guess we will have to endure being full because we are having Thanksgiving at Jim's parents house. She sure can set a mean table…and I mean that in the best way possible…make sure you scroll to the bottom just so you can get a feel for it! 

One of these years I want to host Thanksgiving! I want my children to wake up to those glorious smells that I remember as a child!

I want to set a "mean" table and have fun with the decorations! I've loved pinning so many of these and have so many great ideas in my head!

These are actually the plates that I have and my mother and my mother in law have them as well!

I guess I'm taking after my mother and wanting to have all of my children over so I'm actually making a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Monday just because I want to! Miller is home for 9 glorious days and Holly and Brad will arrive tomorrow night. And I can always lure Mitch, Britney and Layton over for a good meal! 

There are so many different ways to set  your table for Thanksgiving. Some like it casual,

Others, a little bit of drama!

 Some keep it simple...

And some a bit more elaborate!

Some like it even a little rustic! This is so charming!

I love the details that are not hard to do but make all the difference in the setting! Simple oak leaves,

or acorns,

 or small pumpkins!

I'm crazy about this wheat tied up with a beautiful ribbon on the back of the chairs!

And I love the use of amber colored plates! I use a lot of amber all year long.

No matter how you like your Thanksgiving Table set, the important thing is to be together with family and maybe even friends and enjoy being thankful for all that we are blessed with!
 This is how we will celebrate this year…two beautifully decorated tables definitely on the more elegant side at my wonderful "In laws" house! 

I hope it never changes!
 I love the traditions we share with each of our families and I'm very thankful for that!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week during this Thanksgiving Holiday season! Just think…right after that we can dive head first into Christmas!


  1. I can't believe it is almost Christmas! Seriously, where did the year go?
    Gorgeous images, Carolyn. Your family tables are gorgeous too.
    Happy Saturday.

  2. We are not going to be home for the first time in years, but I am going to save this post for next year's decorating. I dress up the table even if it is just the four of us. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful week! Enjoy yourself and your family!!

  3. Looks like you are in for a wonderful elegant decadent treat!! We are headed to my sisters beach house this year.....on one hand it will be nice to sit back and enjoy being a guest, on the other I do love hosting this particular inspirational (and delicious)!! I love all this gorgeous inspiration, will need plenty for my Christmas dinner:) Gobble gobble....

  4. What a lovely selection. Hard to choose a favourite. x Sharon

  5. Thankfully Thanksgiving is always at our home since I love doing all the cooking. I'm definitely using that simple idea of pillar candles with nuts, love it. I hope you enjo the holiday and all that it offers Carolyn.

    Enjoy your Sunday and Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I'm so grateful for this post - it gave me the perfect idea for my table. I have my whole family for the first time ever this year, but we lost my father in law this month. So, I am going to copy the black and white photos as the centerpiece. It will honor him, and all of my family that I am so grateful for. Thank you!!

  7. Carolyn, so many wonderful ideas....I had to pin a few.

  8. so lovely to see your Thanksgiving's truly my favorite behind July 4th...I'm afraid as a society we're going to move right past it someday!

  9. So many gorgeous tables - love the simple ones, but somehow I always manage to do a very formal table. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you for all of your comments this year!!

  10. Beautiful images. I love the one with the black and white family photos! We go to my in-laws house for Thanksgiving and my mom comes along as well. Nothing will top last year's Thanksgiving...being in NYC and seeing the parade :)

  11. Oh these tables and Thanksgiving ideas are fabulous! Lots of inspiration here!!!

  12. Any chance you can share credits for the photos in the future so we can go to those blogs and check out other images. Just a gentle suggestion. Carol

  13. Carolyn, you're lucky that both families are close and you get to see them both! Lovely images here - I saw the second one on Pinterest last week and did something similar on my tab;e. What would we do without Pinterest - I can't even imagine!1 Happy thanksgiving :)