Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday's What If's…What If I Ran Into Victoria Hagan?

I hate to have to explain myself…but I started this Wednesday 'What If's' part of my blog because of a funny thing my sweet sister still does to this day…when she says, "What If?  you had better watch out and get ready! It's usually something that leads us to extreme laughter and not always at the most appropriate time!
However, if Andrea said to me, "What if you ran into Victoria Hagan, what would you do?"
I would say to her "Just look at that smile! I like her already!" 
 Once again, I've had my head buried in the sand….well maybe not in the sand…that would be a dream come true as you saw yesterday on Tina's incredible blog The Enchanted Home! But it's definitely been buried in the busyness of our daily lives…a busy that is driving me crazy! A busy that needs to end so I can once again enjoy life and at least read my magazines!! I picked Victoria for my Wednesday's post because I love, love, love her work! But I truly had no idea she was in the August issue of AD!
Just look at her taste in houses she has chosen to re-do or build….only the best for Victoria! 
Whether they are "ivy clad"
Or Shaker style….

Victoria Hagan's taste in houses/homes resembles everything I've ever desired…
Just take a look at this kitchen!
And this fabulous patio!
I wish I'd seen AD before I ever began this post…but I'm so very glad that at least I finally got on the bandwagon! I'm hoping to slow down my life very, very soon….but it's not looking good!
There is really nothing I would change in any of these fabulous pictures of Victoria's work...
 I think her first home is a dream… it's the one she raised her twin sons in! What more could you ask for? The memories they made here had to have been priceless!
And just look at these unbelievable Bobbin chairs! I don't think I've ever seen any this pretty or this detailed!
Sometimes it's the simple things that mean the most to us and then other times it's the intricate details that jump out and capture our hearts! 

Her simple and yet always soulful style will reel me in every time I see a picture of her work!
It reminds me of the way my best friend Sharon decorates her own home. It always makes me feel welcome and it always leaves me wanting to re-create it!  We started out many years ago decorating together until life got too "busy"! Go figure! Then I opened a shop and she started helping people decorate their homes again once her youngest child was old enough for her to do so!
I am also loving the beautiful pictures in Victoria's book and I am really hoping it will be the next one that we decide to sell at my shop….I can't think of a better one, that's for sure!
I just love her "sassy" style! You would think she was from the South!
North, South, East or West…her designs make boundaries non existent….her style is timeless and seemingly effortless…all while melding the home owner's tastes with what her signature style reflects.
If I'm being really honest here…what I really love is the fact that she seems to blend American antiques with every style….I've seen Traditional, Modern, Conservative, etc…in her portfolio and I love that! I really, really love the way she blends American Traditional with all of today's eclectic styles. That has been a true favorite of mine since I began decorating 23 years ago! Nothing makes my heart happier than the beautiful pieces I fall in love with at American Antique Fairs and the moment I see them…my heart melts…and I know that I love them… I truly love them! 
I truly think I find the most interesting pieces at American Antique shows. Sure, give me that "quirky" bench or that unusual chair any day! Throw it into the mix of gorgeous "expected" pieces and then you've got yourself a real winner!
Just look at these incredible rooms all designed by Victoria Hagan and enjoy each and every one of them!

You can't tell me that a girl with this much style, savvy and extremely good taste isn't one of the best!I just wish I truly knew her! I would hope that we would be friends and I would love to learn a lot of her design secrets….especially her secret at making beautiful pieces of furniture and incredible fabrics all work together in today's busy lifestyle! I know that has to be a key factor in creating good design today. A well balanced diet so to speak!

I hope you enjoyed this Wednesday's What If post on Victoria Hagan…I know I sure enjoyed studying her incredible and very tasteful interior design skills!
Have a wonderful Wednesday

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  1. So many great rooms here. At first I was getting worried because I like white, but not so much it looks sterile. Then it started warming up and by the staircase and bench I was loving them. Great inspirational images.

  2. She's sassy...I love all her stuff!

  3. I JUST read my AD last night and was dying over her house. One of the best spreads (or at least my favorite) in a long time. I almost even wrote to AD to tell them that, and I totally don't have time for that :) Thanks for featuring where I can pin away!!

  4. Awesome post.....thanks for your shout out, it was MY pleasure to have you on my blog yesterday, and everyone LOVES you! No surprise there...Victoria is so talented, every one of her rooms feels so inviting and homey but still very sophistciated, love each of them and she is a huge talent. Loving that blue and white patio....perfection!

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    I am also a fan. She has great style and her rooms are never predictable. Thanks for a great collection of photos of her work.

    All best,

  6. Victoria truly creates interiors that are timeless, beautiful and inviting. While being "done"...she knows exactly where to stop, so nothing is "overdone". I haven't seen the August now I know I'm in for a treat.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  7. Agreed! I LOVE Victoria Hagan! Her work is so classic and iconic.


  8. She's one of my favorite designers. I love the cool crispness of her style and her penchant for navy! Have a great rest of the week, Caroline!

  9. So many beautiful rooms. I am amazed at the talent of some people! Beautiful style.

  10. Always something calming and beautiful in here rooms.. So tranquil.
    Thank you for sharing, Carolyn.
    Happy Thursday.

  11. Great post! Her work is so classic and beautiful. I could live in any of her spaces. And I like her sassy style too. XO, Mona

  12. She has such great style. I especially love that eating area with the bobbin chairs. And I also love her all black outfit, but I guess that has nothing to do with design (but it does say something about her great taste! :))...

  13. Victoria Hagan is one of my favorite designers! Her neutral interiors are always warm and inviting. Her mixture of antiques and contemporary pieces is very well done. And I love her book. It's one of my favorite design books.

  14. GOOD MORNING DEAREST! Well, these are fabulous homes and I had to "PIN" the shot of the two white benches flanking the open goodness is that sublime!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit with a great comment. Don't let too many pages from your story fly off in the wind of time....reread your story and keep it close to your heart my dear....Anita