Friday, July 27, 2012

Ok, It's Friday…Let's Have Fun!!!

Yes,  it is Friday and I'm extremely thankful!! For some reason that I will probably never know I came across this old post I did on botanicals and thought I would share it with you…for a second time around!
 Does anybody else love this song, The Second Time Around like I do? Seems like ions ago when I first heard it, but that's ok!
I think it was the first song I ever heard at a college fraternity party…and yes, I'm digressing I realize that! However…it's been a long, long, long week…and a long two years!!! So, I looked back at some of my old posts and saw this and thought…"This might just be better the second time!!" 
Happy Friday and Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you all for your support and your friendship!

Antique Prints
Collecting antique botanical prints can be one of the most enjoyable hobbies one could acquire a taste for! Especially if you already love growing your own roses, day lillies, petunias, etc…

In fact, collecting antique prints of any kind is extremely rewarding when it is something you have a passion for.When I begin my search for antique prints I always start with what I love the can be wonderful antique rose prints, prints of animals, sea shells, birds, renderings of old name it! There is an endless supply of antique prints to keep you occupied for hours at any given antique show or shop…just take a look at these wonderful botanicals as well as the architectural prints, animals, sea life and so much more!

We try very hard to have something for everyone when it comes to collecting!

After all....that's what an antique shop does well isn't it? We help you collect whatever you love!
Flower Magazine had these marvelous antique botanicals of ours in one of their issues awhile back. It is a wonderful magazine and one that you should certainly look into!

We had these particular botanicals framed in such a way that they would fit right in anyone's space. They were the perfect thing for that one of a kind piece to finish a collection.

With spring already behind us…. and summer well underway….I've been studying my climbing antique roses and wishing so badly that I could have preserved them….wishing they could have lasted forever! With botanical prints you get to see those flowers that you love and treasure all of the time!
But one of my greatest loves has always been collecting prints of birds, nests, eggs, fish, shells, etc...Especially when you grow up with a dad that is a huge hunter as well as a fisherman and then have two sons that also share a love for the outdoors!

When we bought our first beach home I began collecting shells thanks to the movie "Something's Gotta Give"! I have yet to find that one black shell to sit on top of my collection. We have a beautiful vase filled with small white shells…we are just still searching for the one that will be " On top of the heap!"

 I also began collecting shell prints!

Among other "shell" things! My "Seaweed" transferware collection evolved like nothing I've ever been in love with! And that led to finding fabrics from Brunschwig and Fils with that same Seaweed motif! There's just nothing better to me!! Love what you collect and collect what you love!

My dog's seem to love that seaweed fabric as well! ( well, my dog and my "granddog that is!")
 And I have certainly loved putting antique prints in my father's study as well as in my boy's bedrooms!
It adds a certain personal touch…it lets the world in on a little bit of your private life, so to speak!
 Which is exactly why you will find antique botanicals in my home...
as well as fabrics that replicate that same feel in our beach home like I shared earlier.
What is your passion? Do you love to collect any one particular thing? For me it started out with antique transferware and grew into so much more! I'm so very thankful for that! Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to express my love for all things old, all things beautiful or all things dear to my heart…your first love is your passion, it defines who you are…in more ways than one!
You never lose sight of your first loves! Otherwise, you lose sight of yourself and why you started collecting in the first place!
If you haven't started your collection then come take a peak at some of the things we have in the shop! We would love to help you begin a collection and find that piece that can be "On top of the heap!" 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Carolyn, I love antique prints and have collected different ones over the years - botanicals, birds, costume prints of French princesses when my girls were little. Right now I am into architectural engravings. There really is something for everyone - or for every passing fancy as the case may be!

    Have a great weekend,

  2. Wow so much beauty all in one post. I love anything with brids, botanicals and florals too, if they are antique prints...even better. We have some that we bought at auction that now hang in our living room which I love! And when not if :) I get MY beach house, there will be shells everywhere, love them and think they are the perfect design motif for a chic beach house! Your climbing roses are GORGEOUS!!!!!! Somethings Gotta Give is one of my all time faves, I bought the DVD and have honestly probably seen it 8 times...never ever gets old and that beach house is my dream beach house just like the bakery/cafe in Its Complicated is my dream bakery......ahh that Nancy Meyers knows what shes doing!
    Have a great weekend.....

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    I was just shopping at my local French-inspired home decor store and they had a series of botanical prints that I am considering. These a lovely, as is your home :) Your climbing roses are so pretty and I agree, so sad when they loose their blooms.

    Enjoy your weekend! Wonderful posts and I'll add you to my blogroll!


  4. Love, love botanicals...these are all lovely collectibles...Have a great weekend. Mona

  5. I LOVE the shell prints - what a great idea for a collection. They are my favorites!

  6. Carolyn, Your prints are just beautiful! I am looking for a tortoise print for a guest room. Your bathroom is so well appointed!
    I am a new follower