Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Monday And Market Day Is Over!!! It's Over!!!!

What a fabulous Market Day! 
But I'm very glad it's Over!!!! Which is why I'm beginning with an old, old, very old favorite song! 
It's Over… Boz Scaggs

We are very blessed to have such a wonderful community that works hard at making our Village a welcoming place for customers and merchants alike! As well as promoting small businesses!

As hard as Market Day is for the merchants…It's a shopper's paradise!

Just look at all of the fabulous markdowns!! (And isn't Ellen's sign the cutest thing ever?!?)
Eager shoppers come as early as 7 am even though it officially begins at 8 am! Just like we would if we were really at a European Street Fair!
I guess I would too if I could get such wonderful bargains! When I saw our ad from last summer's Market Day I knew we had to at least meet it if not beat it!
So we did! And it was a huge success!! Now I'm the one fretting over what we will put in everything's place that sold on Saturday! While Ellen is frolicking in Spain….Pattie and I will be re-stocking the shelves!!
While my husband and my son, Miller begin all of their deliveries! ( oh wait, I haven't told them that yet!)
Well, maybe we will just anxiously await our next shipment of nothing but antiques! And more antiques!
I'm glad we had some refreshments…even though most of the day was really cloudy…it was still hot! People seemed to love the Lemonade Iced Tea!

It's always nice to have something to offer your customers!

Even if it's just a lot of welcoming, smiling faces!
The picture above is all of us together except for sweet Arrington…but at least she made it in the other picture with Ellen and Pattie. I was thrilled to have my niece, Kathryn as well as my dear friend, Olivia to help out this year! I do hate that my precious Holly couldn't be here for the first time ever to help out! She had a very important trip with her "Diva" friends! ( trust me, the name fits them! )They don't miss that annual trip for anything!! And I'm so very glad for that! What a special group of friends she has!

Last year we had not only the regular crew but several of Holly's "Diva" friends as well as my precious nieces, daughter in law, sister and my mother!! Not to mention Angela all the way from Italy!

Of course, my sweet mother stopped by again this year! I just wish I'd snapped a picture of my wonderful mother in law! She was there as well!
But I have to be honest….I'm living for Monday…for quiet! For normal! Whatever that is!
To see my quaint Village back to normal business…to have life calm down a little! As successful as Market Day always is…I long to think of normal again!
On Monday…( today )  just two days later…I will once again be in my shop. But it will be an entirely different scene! It will be me…and hopefully Holly!  She is stranded on the side of the interstate with all of those "Diva's" trying to make it back to Birmingham! Hopefully she will make it home, but if not I will be putting away all of the merchandise that we dragged outside for days….and trying to make the shop look pretty with what we have left! Pattie and I will also be vacuuming, dusting, you name it for the next few days while Ellen is headed to Spain! I can't wait to hear all about it! And then I just may hop on over to my favorite spot in the whole world as you see right here on one of most favorite blogs!!
The Enchanted Home! Thank you Tina for sharing my dreams of the perfect summer day! I sure could use it after Market Day!
Happy Monday! 


  1. What fun and congratulations on a successful day. I had to laugh about your husband not knowing what you had planned for him - sounds like my house!

    Have a great week,

  2. Looks like an amazing sale. Glad it was a great success!

  3. You do such a good job of giving credit where credit is due! No wonder you have so many friends who show up to help. You are the nicest person, Carolyn.

  4. I'm so glad you had such a successful day! It's a ton of work I know (from friends who do it!)

  5. OMG wish I lived closer..I would so be there happy to be in the thick of things...any excuse for a fun shopping spree...and when you throw in gorgeous things and great prices...its a sure success!
    What a pretty group of helpers you have too...looks like you all had a ball!
    I will see you over at my place tomorrow:)

  6. Congratulations, Carolyn! I am so impressed by your huge network of supporters, including friends, family and associates. You all looked fabulous. Wish I was there to catch some of those fabulous sale items. Congrats again on another successful market day.
    Cheers from DC,

  7. Carolyn,

    So happy to hear this was a success! What an amazing array of antiques.. I wish I could pop over right now!

    Looks like some wonderful mark downs! A true shoppers paradise :)

    Enjoy the start to your week.


  8. So happy that it was a success, Carolyn! Everything looked beautiful, and yes, the sign was adorable! I love the red chairs, and the chandelier.
    I know that you will be glad to see Holly.
    Happy Monday.

  9. I wish I could have been one of those happy shoppers. The whole scene looked very European! x Sharon

  10. What a bunch of happy faces it looks like a great time. Love all the ictures some really great stuff in them


  11. Market day look like so much fun. Now that it's over I hope you have some time to relax!! xo

  12. That looks like my idea of the perfect day out. But speaking of perfect days I loved your description of your perfect Summer day on Tina's blog - as I commented on her blog: I wouldn't change a thing about it! Well done! :)

  13. Enjoyed your summer day post at Enchanted home and really happy to discover your blog, it looks beautiful!

  14. what fun...congratulations on the successful day! xv

  15. Really liked your guest post. Loved your outfit, the bedroom, all the foods and of course it taking place on St. Johns, a beautiful island that we have been to a few times. Happy to discover your wonderful blog and am your new follower.


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  17. It looks like a wonderful success and so wish I was a little closer to pick up a few of those bargains!! Now you can R&R a little...

  18. Carolyn, looks like a huge success. So nice to see your feature on Tina's blog! You work so hard, girl!

  19. I had tried to leave a comment last night but it kept boucing off. Nice to discover your blog, am your new follower. Your store looks so beautiful. Enjoyed your post very much at EH and love your ideas for summer.