Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Forget Less is More...

More is More!

No disrespect to Frank Lloyd Wright, but when it comes to collecting, especially creamware, we believe that more is more!

Yes, my momma's transferware collection is coveted by all her girlfriends, and yes, I dreamed of a day where I too could shame my friends with giant brown & white platers.  

But that all changed the day I met creamware.

There is nothing more warm and comforting than rows and rows of this pottery lining a soft colored cabinet.

Creamware brings such rich layers and textures to each wall.  It just seems to be an extension of this well dressed table. What a wonderful accent to this dinning room!

So maybe white on white isn't for you and your furniture is mostly woods and painted woods, creamware still appeals to the simplicity of a room while adding depth.

Because of its English roots, creamware complements bead board, toile, and country chairs so well as it pulls from its old world charm.

There is no denying the beauty of a formal cabinet with beautiful platers, but a part of my heart will always be reserved for the hap hazard stacks and piles of creamware in the kitchen cabinets!

Maybe you're like me, and your collection isn't large enough to fill up an entire wall or that large corner cabinet you've been dreaming of.  A few pieces grouped around your favorite piece of art is a wonderful way to fill up a wall, without letting your collection get lost.

Now, I bet your wondering where can I find this new addiction! Well, the great thing about creamware is that it is rare and that you know that not all of your girlfriends will be able to easily copy you- so let us help! 

Mulberry Heights has stacks of large platers, unique plates, and rare bowls, and the best part is... we ship anywhere!  So now the only question is, what size platter can we ship to you?


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Am a big fan also of creamware and have to see it where it doesn't look amazingly good! Love all the samples you showed here!!

  2. Gorgeous, ladies! I love creamware, and these images are perfect. I especially love the last two images.
    Have a great week.

  3. thanks, Teresa....glad you loved those the most!!! you are always such an encouragement!!! And...enchanted home...please come see us!!! We are dying to see the finished product of your gorgeous home!!! Absolutely love your blog!!!!!

  4. I had to smile when I saw this because I remember writing my very first blog post, and saying "I'm a more is more type of girl.". I'm totally with you on that, and loves these collections shown...

  5. I just found your blog from Cote de Texas. So glad I did. I am going to put you on my blog roll. I love cream-ware. I have a collection of cream dishes. There in my dish cupboard and on my walls. If you have a chance stop over at my blog.

  6. We definitely will stop by your blog!! Thanks so much for looking at ours and we hope you will continue!!!