Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who's Ready for Fall?

I know I am! I've been busy browsing some fall parties we hosted last year and it's making me long for cooler weather, fall colors because they make me happy and some pumpkins and mums to cheer up my withered looking yard after this summer's relentless heat!

Look at how easy these hanging votives are to use. No more hours of "arranging" flowers! Just hang them and you've got a stunning centerpiece!

One of my favorite fall flowers is just doesn't get much better for that vibrant splash of fall color!

When my children were young they would always be so excited when carpool dropped them off and I had just put out the pots of mums with the pumpkins. It is certainly easy for anyone to do and it gives that "Home Sweet Home" feel quickly to the out side of your house.

Of course, this table was done at the shop for selling purposes but it still gives the idea of how to begin your fall decorating schemes.

 A little glitter of light with the votive candles is such a nice touch...especially for an evening get together!

All of these fall colored flowers and fruits easily transition from the fall tablescapes to the Christmas table and you don't have to throw anything out if you can keep it "freshened up" by spritzing with water and changing out one or two flowers if they start to look "sad". 

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to the fall colors, the cooler weather and of course entertaining with friends and family!


  1. Beautiful, Carolyn! I am SOOOO ready for fall and winter!
    Have a great day.

  2. These pictures are breathtaking and so inspirational!!!! Love each and every one. Makes me admittedly a little excited about fall and this, coming from a summer gal!