Friday, September 9, 2011

Adventures in Picking: Antique Wine Jugs

So last week, Mrs. Pattie and I were out picking from one of our favorite secret places.  We were up in their crates that had just come through customs, when these beautiful French green wine jugs caught my attention.

The place had short ones, tall ones, fat ones, skinny ones, dark ones, light ones... so many jugs were crying out "pick me! pick me!"

  The necks had beautiful original corks with burlap insets, and wonderful swirl stains could be seen when the jugs were held up to the light.  But what made these special were the labels of French wines still in tacked on each one.

Needless to say we bought several! They look stunning on our tresle table, and in our window several sit at the feet of a beautiful hunt board.

I first fell in love with them in this Tammy Connor dining area.  I just adore how she has tucked a collection up on the ledge adding such interest to an otherwise unassuming piece of millwork.

But the more I think about them, the more I just love a grouping up on a side table- which is exactly where the ones I picked for myself sit in my home!


  1. Thanks for stopping by today. We are so glad to have found you. We adore these jars! Hope you have a great weekend.
    Angela and Renee

  2. Love these jars. I love them grouped together to.

  3. How much are they worth? I have one with cork still in it green with round bottom. Would like to know what it's worth.