Friday, April 15, 2011

Beautiful candelabra's...

Whether or not you are looking for candelabra's that date back to the 18th Century....or some that can pass for that unmistakable quality...... you will love seeing these lovely antiques in this month's issue of House Beautiful magazine.....

We were thrilled when we realized how much they looked like the ones that we carry in the shop! When we need to cater to our customer's impeccable taste....and yet have them be affordable as well..... it's very nice to have accessories such as these candelabra's that meet their expectations!
We love how they can be extremely dressy in a dining room....or made to look less informal in a family room or shown above in House Beautiful magazine...


  1. I am loving those candelabra's!!

  2. Does my comment above look like it is up to high or is my computer off? I've noticed it happenibg on several blogs.