Monday, April 11, 2011

Groupings and Collections

Collections are something that have always been a big part of my antiques shop! It grew from a love of collecting antique transferware!
I'm not sold on just one color like I started out being...used to I would only collect the black and white transferware or the Mulberry...little by little my collections grew to include brown and white, red and white and eventually creamware! 

mainly because if we broke a piece at the shop...I would just repair it and take it home!!!

The older I get I'm finding that I want my life simplified! Which is now why I think I love creamware so much! The clean simple lines and yet the intricacy of the patterns and weaves really appeal to me now.
I will forever love my collections and love to use them in groupings or pairs or even alone.

At the shop we have some wonderful, fun groupings of sand dollars and sea things to use when sprucing up a beach house or even a bathroom at home!

Groupings don't have to be as "formal" as collections tend to be and we can use them pretty much anywhere! Take these mushrooms for example! Look how great they look just sitting on a tray....they work well on top of old books....just use your imagination!

Check out these fun, colorful votives that would be great on any table for a dinner party in your yard this  spring or summer!

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