Monday, April 18, 2011

Paintings and Pottery.....sip and see soon to come!!!

 A very quick glimpse for those that want to see what we just received from our artist, Emily Ozier....her fabulous paintings never stay in the shop for long!! I've learned to photograph them quickly!!!

as well as our wonderful potter....Caroline Reehl!

her latest shipment of pottery that was delivered to us on Friday.....


Watch for our Sip and See.....( Emily's 5th baby is due in the morning!!!) we will give her just a wee bit of time off..:) and then we plan to have a party!

Hope you enjoy the photographs.....the professional ( my daughter, Holly!) will put them on our website in the morning!!!

 Once on the website they will look much better!!! this is just a glimpse!!!!


  1. Beautiful...I love the paintings too, the soft muted colors are so appealing...when I move I am going to come back to go shopping!

  2. fabulous pottery! When I'm ever in Alabama, I'll be sure to stop & shop! -diane