Monday, November 5, 2012

Are You Known By The Company You Keep?

If I heard my mother tell me once while I was growing up I heard it 1000 times! "You are known by the company you keep, Carolyn!" And you know what? She was always right! 100 percent of the time! 
( that doesn't mean I always made her proud…but hey, that was a long time ago…)

Therefore, I feel pretty good about showing you yet another one of my friend's/customer's homes that is also featured in a popular magazine….this time it is the home of D.A. Tynes…
She is someone I've admired for a long time and someone whose taste I would love to emulate! 
Take a look at her elegant but understated designs when it comes to Christmas decorating!
This is truly spectacular!

From the time you ring D.A.'s doorbell until the you leave her home you are surrounded by gorgeous antiques and a welcoming environment!

The fresh greenery, natural colors and textures all help to make this a dreamy Christmas!

Talk about pure gorgeousness! I mean, really!
I wish I could blink my eyes, twitch my nose, cross my arms, nod my head and make it happen!!
( I guess you have to be my age to get that one, don't you?)

No matter…
Hope you all have a wonderful week! I for one am using this beautiful magazine to help in my Christmas party planning! The Christmas cards are almost finished….the party list is made…even the menu is decided on! Guess there really are perks to being an "Empty Nester!" I get to have time to focus on things like this! Not much time…but some time! That's good enough for me!!
And, just so you know, I keep some pretty good company these days…
I would hate for you to worry about me!
All of that to say, we are in GREAT company this month with Birmingham Home and Garden Magazine!

They are Gallery Hopping! 
We are considered an art gallery of sorts now and I for one am so excited about it I can hardly stand it! Take a 'look see' on our next post, please!! Thanks so much for your loyal support! I truly appreciate it…
Now more than ever!!
If you get a chance, please check out this issue of Victoria Magazine as well as, Country French! You will not be disappointed! I am forever grateful for your sweet support of Mulberry Heights Antiques as well as Vintage Mulberry…the blog! You cannot imagine how much it means to me!


  1. Well, I was thinking about Christmas decorations before but this has put me in overdrive. That wreath is absolutely gorgeous! I like to use natural elements as well and these photos are very inspiring. Looking forward to the next post!

  2. This year I am staying with a lot of neural, with some cranberry. The wreath so simple yet gorgeous!! The mantle!!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  3. I saw my first Christmas ad on tv and I must admit...I'm kind of getting in the mood! Thanks for the boost!

  4. Gorgeous home. Thank you for sharing, Carolyn. I need to get a copy of Victoria! Congrats on your shop being listed! That is fabulous, Carolyn!
    Happy Monday.

  5. Makes me so happy just seeing the holiday images! Thank you for kickstarting my mojo, I am an empty-nester, too, but oh so not at all where you are with all your planning, so inspiring!

  6. Hi, Carolyn - I've been saying that for the last two months, right??? You are an art gallery :) In addition to all the antiques and great home furnishings, of course. Congrats to you and D.A. Fantastic news and features!!

    1. After reading your comment again I got tickled…YES….you are right!! two months! So wish I could hire you, Loi! You would be the best advice giver ever! I would listen to anything you told me!!

  7. Thanks for sharing Carolyn...gorgeous images and wonderful holiday decorating inspiration...gotta take a second look...will be pinning.

  8. Hi Carolyn.....your friends home is stunning and I love her wreath! I've been working like a mad woman trying to get things done for clients for the holidays and don't have a lot of time to devote to ours. So any and all ideas are gladly welcomed.


  9. This is just what i needed Carolyn, to get me into the EARLY decorating spirit for the Holidays.. I love the garland on the mantles - lush green with fruits. I'ts perfect! You know you are making the rest of us look bad with your to-do list half checked off in early November. I bet this has little to do with being an empy nester, and more to do with you being really organized:) I am going to try and tackle Christmas cards this week... Best, Vie

  10. I need a dose of spirit and energy to get in the mood for the holidays.....I love her wreath on her front door.

  11. What a dose of inspiration this morning...just thinking about Christmas!! Gorgeous images and I adore the mantle...

  12. I'll say you ARE in good company! I love the rooms in her home, but that wreath is to die for!! And I am afraid that I am old enough to get the Bewitched and Jeannie references.