Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Pam! And By The Way, Thanks For Sharing Your Beautiful Home With Us!

To say I was more than thrilled when one of my wholesalers gave me this wonderful issue of Country French Magazine is putting it lightly! My first thought…as I'm sure you would've thought yourself was, "Wow, just think of the blogs I can do from just this one issue alone!"

Little did I know when my friend gave it to me that I would open it up and find the home of someone that I respect dearly…has her antiques in the shop next door to mine, is a wonderful design resource and was once a frequent customer of mine!

In fact, that skirted table above was purchased from my shop many years ago and it thrilled me beyond belief to see it in her beautiful home in this magazine! How fun!!

Just enjoy seeing Pam's beautiful home and reading her wonderful tips for incorporating design on a real level!

I, for one, will be subscribing to this wonderful magazine! I always buy it on the stand anyway…so why not get it early?

Every piece of advice that Pam gave is something I want to follow! Every fabric and paint color she used is something I would love to copy! But hey…even I know not to do that! 
I will at least get advice from her and would hire her in a second to help me spruce up my own home!
Hope you enjoyed this beautiful home of my friend!
I have another one already set to go for you…it's a wonderful home with fabulous Christmas design tips! 

Take care and let me know your thoughts! I sure am thinking about my blogging friends that obviously don't have power! I truly feel for you as we've endured hurricanes before…luckily, we've never experienced the snow on top of that! I truly cannot imagine it! My heart is very burdened for those that don't have power and are cold…..


  1. All so beautiful, and the twin beds have me drooling! So much beautiful here. Thank you for sharing, Carolyn. Lucky you to have gotten your hands on this magazine.

  2. What a truly gorgeous home! Happy weekend. x Sharon

  3. CAROLYN MY DEAR! I have at least 5 issues of this wonderful magazine but I do NOT have this one! The French country feel is so fabulous combined with the BELGIAN countryside décor as well. AND I LOVED your comments to me about hanging from the chandelier! HECK YEAH, I would do all of what you set out to do to, the trouble is, I am not AFRAID TO TRY IT!!!! teeheee.....have fun my dear and enjoy all the gifts that November has in store. Anita

  4. Hi Carolyn, thanks so much for taking the time to scan and share these pictures. What gorgeous interiors - I love Pam's style - and think the cover text, 'Live In Comfortable Elegance,' sums it up perfectly. I am going to look for the magazine up here.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. So many beautiful rooms. Have to go look for that at our local bookshop.

    1. Hi Carolyn, This is an absolutely gorgeous home!!

      All of her antique pieces and yet her home looks so fresh and completely current.

      I am praying that those in the midst of the disaster get power, water, heat and much help soon...

      Art by Karena
      2012 Artists Series

  6. Carolyn

    I love her gravel & minimal plants...her house is wonderful as well. I wish your shop were near me!!

  7. Thanks, Cindy! Sweet Pam just wrote me and reminded me that she also got her dining room mirror from my shop as well as the set of herbariums that are in the lovely bath room! Wow! How did I forget that? She is a wonderful person with fabulous taste! What a treat to see her home!

  8. Carolyn, I am actually in France right now! I loved this charming post! Can't wait to get home tomorrow and catch up on all the posts I've missed this past week. I will revisit this one for sure..

  9. Carolyn, Lovely home....I wish I lived near your shop, love her dinning room. The mirror is gorgeous!

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