Tuesday, April 14, 2015

'Dear Carolina', A Love Story Of Sorts...

Ok…I know that I've been very unfaithful when it comes to blogging in the last few months. 
I have to admit, I get bored easily…and if life isn't exciting…then in my mind…it isn't worth telling! 
Not necessarily always true!  
Recently, I had the joy and pleasure of being one of the people that got an advance copy of 'Dear Carolina' by fellow blogger, Kristy Harvey. To say that I was tickled pink is putting it lightly! 

When I received Kristy's email explaining the entire premise of the book…I knew! 
I knew in my heart I wouldn't be able to put it down! I mean really…not only does it have my favorite version of my name in the title…it takes place in my favorite region of the South…and more importantly it speaks to my heart because of the subject matter. 
Give me a needy soul, a willing and able rescuer and good design and I am hooked! 
Both Jodi and Khaki were such believable characters…there was nothing but honesty and love flowing throughout the entire book.
 I wonder…when this book was written was anyone in the forefront of the author's mind? 
I highly doubt I was! 
I couldn't have written a better fiction version of this story if my life had depended on it! And I bet Kristy never thought that one of her fellow bloggers would so relate to this book that they couldn't put it down..wouldn't put it down! 
When I say that I hung on every word that Kristy wrote..I am not lying! I'm thankful! I'm so very thankful for a book that spoke volumes to making wise decisions…to making a decision that chose life…even if it meant going the extra mile and thinking beyond yourself. It meant making a decision that was best for the child. This book takes us into the lives of both the birth mom and the adoptive mom. But the best part of the book…the part that makes me the proudest as a mom faced with similar issues... is that she chose life! And even though there were the obvious other options…she was unselfish and unwavering. 
I have never looked back. Obviously, I didn't face the same financial situations and was brought up by an incredible family and was blessed beyond measure with supportive friends and a husband that loved me more than I could ever have dreamed of or hoped for. 
And still does. 
My point being, there is hope in even the most hopeless of situations. I have learned that as I have grown older and I see now that all that we went through only helped to grow us stronger…together as a couple but also as individuals. It has served us well…I truly wouldn't trade it for anything!
Thank you, Kristy for writing something so heartfelt that it made me go back and re-live my own struggles. And it made me happy and sad all at the same time. Not really sure if that makes perfect sense to anyone but me but that's ok! The book was perfect!
And if you will take the time to go to Kristy's blog HERE you can see it for yourself!

Much love,


  1. Oh, Carolyn! That is just perfect. So beautiful and heartfelt. I feel so blessed and proud that my book touched you in such a way. And so happy to get to know such a special part of you. Much love to you, my friend!! xo Kristy

  2. Thanks for sharing that touching story and the lovely words about Kristy's book. It means so much to both of us! Happy weekend!!

  3. Now I must read this Carolyn! !I have been so behind on my stack of books, I know I will love it though!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. Im going to be posting on it soon..its a wonderful book!

  5. very sweet...I think I would like to spend a little time reading this!

  6. Carolyn I wanted to come back and let you know it is the last day to enter my giveaway! I hope you will stop by!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

  7. "What was best for the child.." Lovely! Your story touched my heart and now I am most assuredly buying the book. Thank you for sharing your sweet story! xx Rié