Sunday, January 11, 2015

Why Should You Go To Market?

I know what you're thinking!
A vintage car full of glorious flowers?

That is not the reason to go to market!
Oh…but it is! To get inspired!

Especially when you and your husband have "debated" about it for weeks and finally he has the "vision" that you've always had. That the two of you really should go! Just go!
Even if it's just for the sake of "seeing what's out there!"
(of course I had been telling him that for weeks!)

There is so much to see!
some not so good….

 Some of it is a "step out" in my realm but I think this coral is truly beautiful! 
Can't you just see it in a gorgeous beach home? 
I certainly can! 
 And trust me…it is all the rage!

And some of it is definitely hard to part with! Like this gorgeous 19th Century French mirror for example! There are numerous places I have carried it around to in my own home already.
 But…it will be at the shop waiting on just the right buyer!

As will these antique Italian Olive Jars! I just love them!

Who could resist these antique carved wooden panels? 
I would give anything to have a shop full of them right now!

Like I said earlier…inspiration surrounded us! Even as we glanced out the window coming down the escalator! Who would've "thunk"! A ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta?

And Kalalou's showroom is always fun to see! 
It's a bit outlandish…but I guess that's why they are always packed to the brim with buyers! 
They know how to inspire!

Color attracts people just as all an all neutral pallete does. 
I've never understood how two such polar opposites could make me love them? But they do!
 I tend to gravitate toward the neutrals but the color in design sure does make me "feel" happy!

We basically just took our time and strolled ( actually, we ran! ) through market this time. It was just the right amount of time…gave me a chance to see it again and feel connected to the places and "things" that make my world go round so to speak in the design and retail field. 
It also gave us a brief chance to get away and have fun…and discuss life!

Market never ceases to amaze me with it's enormity! 
I can't wait to try out the Dallas market next year...

As you know, everything is bigger in Texas! 
I intend to explore it and enjoy it!

I was so glad that the High Design floor didn't disappoint!
 As usual, it is always the highlight of my trip!

They always have it decorated so well…and the flowers are always spectacular! 
It is such a fun place to meet new vendors as well as discover new sources.

I'm so excited about the new items they have replicated from the antiques. And I can assure you my sweet friend Tina from The Enchanted Home would've just loved this booth! 
Just look at that blue and white that she loves so much!
I can't wait to get our order in!

No detail was left unturned...

All of the High Design booths were just lovely!

I could've ordered one or two of everything if Jim would've let me!

All in all, it was a wonderful trip to Market! Short…very short…but very sweet, indeed! A quick stay at the Ritz, dinner out and time spent together is always worth the trip! Oh…and we watched a really good movie! I only had to nudge Jim to stay awake about 10 times! ( he was tired! ) 

No matter…I enjoyed it…and cried! That's always a good sign, isn't it? Anyway, thanks for looking at our speed trip through Market 2015! I barely remember it but made lots of notes!
Until next time…let us know what you are looking for these days in terms of design? Do you like color or neutral? Do you like antiques or modern? Or, are you like me and you like the simple mix of both. It's really not a complicated decision. My advice has always been to buy what you love and design according to your own lifestyle…after all…it's you that will be living in it!


  1. Oh I wish I was there! Looks fabulous next year for sure!

  2. I so need to go! You are absolutely right...need to put it on the schedule!!

  3. Carolyn, thank you for showing us so much beauty from your Market trip! What better way to see the latest and greatest in art and design. Oh and I must see that movie!!

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