Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Entertaining Spaces" And Yes... That Is Us On The Cover!

How many times have I shared with all of you how much I love and appreciate the fact that we are blessed with so many magazines originating in Birmingham? 
Well, just in case  you don't remember…I will tell you one more time! I love it!

As the opening paragraph of the article says, this home was designed with guests in mind! I love that! And I especially needed to read that tonight! I'm having a birthday party for my best friend tomorrow. There will be a couple of decorators here and many friends that I know and love. 
And yes,  I desire their approval.
 But guess what? It's not about me at all! 
It's all about the guests and how they feel about this birthday party!
They will only remember the way they were made to feel! And that was my favorite sentence in the article! It is oh, so, very, very true!
(and that is what I'm praying for!)

Once I saw this magazine and especially the cover…I knew in my heart that I wanted what I've always wanted…for people to feel more than welcome in my home! 

I love all of the pictures that were shared from the Horton's home and I'm so glad we got to atleast have a little part in this beautiful magazine shoot!

It seems that every room in this beautiful home had one objective in mind…make the guest feel welcomed!

When you are dealing with a fabulous designer like Richard Tubb you know you will never be let down…not for one minute! And please take a look at the post I did on Richard last June! It was one of my best I must say! You can see it HERE! 
It truly makes me want to start my "What If Wednesday Posts" all over again!

I was thrilled to see that this arrangement in our antique water jug made the cover of the magazine!

But even more than that…the fact that the home owner's collection of Mackenzie Child's was displayed on this fabulous island made my heart truly skip a beat!
 Sometimes I wonder if I was crazy to collect as much of this as I have and then my heart and mind were put at ease!
 If Richard Tubb can embrace it that's all I need to know! And when I use it along with my McCarty Pottery tomorrow for Sharon's party I will definitely think of this lovely home!

He truly has such a way of bringing everything into a perfect balance!
And I've always known that about him…I guess my biggest find this time was realizing that he desires the same things that I desire…making and inspiring a beautiful home as well as relaxing spaces for the homeowner..but even more than that, he desires to help you welcome your guests into your home without any reservations.

When you are relaxed in your own home and you desire to make others feel welcome…well,  it just shows. And you want people to leave with that feeling of being welcomed in. Almost like family! This home is living proof that it can be done and Richard Tubb was the designer that made it happen!

With windows that show the entire city's skyline…and materials like pecky cypress to evoke the warm feelings of a home well loved…

There just really isn't much more to say…

 "Come On In"!

"Let's sit awhile"!

"Just look at that view, would you?"

But in the end…don't you want your guests to feel like they are welcomed back? 
Any time, day or night?
 Or, as my husband always says, "Don't let the door knob hit you in the rear end!" 
Ok…I couldn't resist that one!


  1. Hi Carolyn!!
    How exciting to see your handiwork in the magazine! The home is so gracious and so beautiful, but yes, I can so see myself relaxing there, chatting with the host. That is the sign of a wonderful home…making your guests feel welcome and wanting to stay a while.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. this home is timeless, casual , elegant in a Tuscan masculine way.
    i love it.

  3. I'm so excited for you! I don't think you are crazy at all for collecting so much - if it makes you happy, I say do it! Big congrats on the cover :)

  4. This is great, Carolyn!! Have never seen so many gorgeous rooms in one place!
    Thank you for sharing. There is no doubt that your guests feel at home.

  5. Hi Carolyn! So nice to hear from you! Wow, I need to pick this magazine up:) Your home is beautiful and welcoming .. congrats on the magazine piece! I do agree.. friends remember the experience and are not there to judge you or edit your design skills;) xxleslie

    1. Yes, this is a fabulous magazine but it isn't my house! I wish I could take credit for it! They just borrow items for photo shoots and this one made the cover. It truly is a fabulous house though!

  6. Congrats on the cover!! You must be so excited! And what a welcoming home that is!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I'm so excited for looks amazing!

  8. That is so exciting, Carolyn and I'm am THRILLED for you that you made the cover!! What a warm and inviting home and yes, that is just what you want…love it!!

  9. Carolyn there is such inspiration look at YOU!!!!

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