Monday, March 17, 2014

Here Comes The Sun!

Wow! I cannot believe how long it's been since I've had the time or taken the time to sit down and write a blog post! We have lived in a "Birthday whirlwind" for the entire month of March! Literally! 
It began on March 1st and hasn't ended yet! 
You see…this was the big 5-0 for me! I've dreaded this for quite a while and now that it's here…and I survived…I think I can handle it! Jim even had tulips waiting in the house when we arrived probably to "soften the blow" of turning fifty! 

My sweet husband took me to Seaside for the entire first week of March and we had a wonderful time!

Our house was named "Here Comes The Sun" and rightfully so! Every window upstairs had a view of the beautiful ocean! It was definitely medicine for this old lady's soul!

The views were enchanting and it was so peaceful as the Spring Break crowd had not yet arrived! 
I bet it's a whole different feel right now!

We had really hoped that all of our children could come down for part of the week but only Holly and Brad were able to. Holly's Spring Break was actually that week so it worked for them.

 Just look at some of the beautiful sunsets we got watch at night…right on our own porch!

 And then it was time for the birthday…yep! 
It started off with a bang, that's for sure!
 Jim's tulips were fading fast but then my parents sent this beautiful arrangement on my real birthday! 
So sweet!

But little did I know that I had another surprise about to show up!

After finishing his test on friday, Miller made the drive from Auburn to meet us…even if just for one night! 
I was truly shocked!

(yes, those are wind guards behind us because it was still quite chilly to be out on the beach in bathing suits!)

 We had a wonderful time and really wished that Mitch, Britney and Layton could've been there!

One of my most special gifts that I received was this incredible "Memory Book" that my sweet daughter made for me. Holly is quite creative and I was truly stunned by this gift of love!

 It took me forever to truly read through this and I've only shown you the highlights…laugh if you must! 
Some of the pictures are quite funny but I can truthfully say I've never loved anything more!

 Like I said, I only showed the highlights! It would be much too much to show the whole book! And you would probably get sick of me! However…I will tell you that once we got home there was still another event to celebrate the big occasion!

 Some of my friends gave me the loveliest birthday luncheon! It was so special and I am so thankful for such sweet friends! I will only show you a few of the highlights from that party as well and then I will quit talking about myself! We've moved on to the rest of the family's March birthdays now! 

 There were so many special touches as we drove in!

 Sharon and I have been friends for at least 28 or more years…that's a long time! Our son's are best friends which is an extra added benefit! Her Victorian home is truly lovely and so warm and inviting! She and the rest of the hostesses did a wonderful job!

 I loved all of her table arrangements!

 The mimosas were such a nice touch!

 All of the food was truly delicious and I plan on getting each recipe! This asparagus was amazing as was the Chicken Salad, the Cowboy Quiche and the fried okra fingers!

And we certainly can't forget the wonderful dessert of Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfaits! That was the perfect "ending" to a wonderful 50th birthday celebration!

All in all everyone that helped me celebrate this big occasion made it seem quite painless! In fact, they all helped to make it one of the most special birthdays I've ever had! I haven't even gotten to the immediate family parties! But I will spare you! Too many pictures, too many details! All I know is I am a very blessed woman…God has blessed me with a wonderful family that I cherish and friends that I adore. 
I am thankful to be 50!


  1. Happy birthday! It looks like you've had a great few weeks!!

    1. Thank you Angela! I really have and I hope you are recovering well!

  2. Carolyn, your birthday celebrations were amazing! That beach house - oh my goodness - such a lovely place to experience the transition from one decade to the next. I am SO happy for you. You are a beautiful and caring person, and you deserve every blessing that comes your way. HBD to you, my friend!

  3. Wow! What special celebrations and thoughtful gifts! I will be hitting the other big one this year. I would be delighted with half of your celebrations!! Happy Bday Carolyn!

  4. What a fun celebration and looks like a fun trip!