Sunday, February 23, 2014

All It Takes Is A Little Creativity!

You say you want a Garden Party? Well, you've got one!
 Instant set up….

I love it when these magazines come to the shop and borrow our "ordinary" things and turn them into something  extraordinary! I really don't think I would have used my indoor altersticks or candlesticks for an outdoor event but you can bet I will the next time I entertain!

I mean really….

Leave it to Victoria Magazine to use antiques in the garden so to speak! 
And truthfully, isn't that what they do?

They used one of  my most favorite pieces from my shop to display scones for afternoon Tea! Imagine that! We have used it for a variety of displays and we have done something similar to  this before but seeing it here in this beautiful magazine makes me love it all the more!
 Just look at the detail on it! As well as the rose and the ribbon!

And then, on another page you see the fabulous use of our antique, very unique candlesticks which were brought in from Belgium mixed in with our reproduction mushrooms and nests. 
It all works beautifully together! 

And while I know the picture below isn't the best quality of getting two on one scan…I wanted you to see it as a whole before I showed the individual pictures!

It all works so well together…and then, when you break it down you see the beauty in each piece as it stands alone!

This is actually a set of 3 antique tins from China…used to hold tea. So, as it was fitting for Victoria Magazine to work it into their issue on serving tea it gave me an entirely new perspective! And they were so sweet to let us enjoy the floral arrangements at the shop once they finished the photo shoot! That's another perk of letting them borrow things from the shop!

They chose to display our pages from old books in one of my favorite ironstone bowls….

And they actually wrapped vintage pages around our linen napkins…( now I know why they are a bit stained! ) No matter…they are now half price! Hmmm….
But my favorite part of this picture above is the gorgeous antique majolica plate that resembles creamware! This is actually a set of 8 plates that I hope never sells! 

And just like the antique ironstone pitcher above filled with gorgeous flowers that sits on our tray, I hope the simple things in my life can be used as something beautiful and creative!
You see, it really does take just an ounce of creativity to turn something ordinary into extraordinary! 
It doesn't hurt to start with beautiful things from the beginning either! Now we can all entertain this spring and bring something outside that really was meant for inside! We can use that treasured piece of china for a simple lunch or afternoon tea. After all, what good is something if it's not enjoyed every once in a while?


  1. Oh my gosh! This is just beautiful! Great inspiration and you're right. Sometimes all it takes is a little ingenuity!

  2. What beautiful photos! I agree, we really should enjoy our treasured pieces more often. I have been trying to do that myself! Have a great week!

  3. Perfection! I love the altarsticks Carolyn!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. This is such a beautiful post, Carolyn! I love how they have used your pieces. It really is important to just imagine all that can be done with a little creativity!
    Love Victoria magazine.

  5. the garden? so near!

  6. All of these pictures are so full of delight and great ideas. It's wonderful what creative people can do.

  7. Everything looks beautiful! I love all of the ideas.

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