Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mulberry's First Sennod Jewelry Trunk Show!

If for no other reason than selfishness…I sure hope this was just the beginning of our Sennod Trunk Shows! We had so much fun and I fell in love with all of the jewelry and especially with the very talented Michele McKeon!

We did our "usual thing" with our chalkboard outside, invitations in the mail, emails sent to those customers that signed up for them and Alison outdid herself again on her floral decorations for this special occasion!

People are still talking about the "Antler Bouquet" on the front door!

This was my personal favorite of all of the arrangements! But they were all spectacular!

The white tulips were truly breathtaking! They lasted forever!

And best of all, my sweet Holly was in town to help! I truly couldn't have done any of this without her! I came home from St. Lucia quite sick and it lingered….and lingered….so it was hard to muster up the energy to pull this off! But she was my lifeline as usual! She didn't miss a beat! And although she and Michele live only minutes from each other in New Orleans, they had never met in person. This was fun for them to connect for sure!

Michele arrived on Wednesday afternoon and we helped her set up all of her fabulous pieces! We were like kids in a candy store…trust me!

I've tried to give you a visual and a good sampling of everything Michele has to offer. It was even hard for us to take it all in! Every time that I started "making the rounds" again I would spy another beautiful piece!

There wasn't much that I didn't just drool over and as you can see…the crowd arrived early and some even returned for a second look that afternoon.

Don't ask my why I didn't purchase these earrings above for myself but I didn't. I did get two other pairs though, as well as an incredible bracelet!

When I say there is something for everyone here I am not exaggerating in the least! There were earrings galore, bracelets to die for, layering chains like the ones shown above and so many vignettes it would make your head spin as you can see below. Some are vintage, one of a kind pieces and others are semi precious stones or antique coins, etc...

I was so glad my sister got to get away from her work to be able to come! And, she will be pleasantly surprised on Mother's Day thanks to me and Holly giving her husband a mild hint! ( I hope she doesn't read this!)

This year we opted for a white wine spritzer as well as our water bottles with our own logo on them for the beverage choice. I thought the raspberries added a nice touch!

We had the yummy Brie with warm pear preserves and gingersnaps.

Of course there were the divine Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt!

Another new addition was the Chicken Salad in Phyllo cups and and they were delicious!

And, a party at Mulberry would not be complete without our infamous Couscous with Roasted Vegetables! I could eat that stuff every day and never get tired of it!

My sweet mother offered to make a new Pimento Cheese recipe that had Rotel tomatoes in it and you put it in the bread bowl and serve with wheat thins. I now have a new favorite when it comes to pimento cheese! It was incredible! People were raving over it!

It's always fun when you have all of your special friends and family at one of these events!

Here is my sweet sister, my precious mother and my adorable Holly!

As well as my long time friend, Robin! She left with two of the most beautiful bracelets there!

My sweet mother in law was able to stop by for just a minute as she is taking care of my father in law from a surgery he had a few weeks ago so it was a nice break for her.

And then my day was made when this angel baby stopped by! She oohed and awed over the jewelry and said her mommy loves jewelry!

As you can tell whenever we have a show even the men in my life show up! It's simply for the food…trust me! They hate to miss out on a good party!

Layton is a natural, huh?

With Britney's 30th birthday arriving tomorrow we got her to try on several different things in hopes that she could pick out something for the occasion!

All in all it was a very successful show and a fun event all the way around! I was so glad that my sweet, life long friend Sharon brought her daughter back that afternoon. Sharon is my friend that started Old Clutch! Make sure and check out her stuff if you can!

When all was said and done and it was time to close the store I was finally able to pick out a few pieces to keep at the shop! They sure do look pretty on the mirrored table up front and we've had a lot of interest in them. I am already looking forward to the next time Michele is able to come to Birmingham!

I hope this Wednesday finds you well and that your week has been a pleasant one so far. Feel free to call us if you see something you just can't live without! We would love to help! 


  1. How fun! Everything is so gorgeous and you hosted such an elegant party..the jewelry is stunning, those turquoise pieces are beautiful! All of you look gorgeous and from the jewelry to your shop to you to the food....its sheer perfection, only wish I was closer so I could have joined in the fun!

  2. wow! whar a spectacular evening--gorgeous flowers, pimento spread and a stunning assortment of jewelry--wish I was there!
    Best, Barbara

  3. Wow- every detail is perfection!! I love all the flowers! What is your recipe for the wine spritzer?


  4. Great jewelry, Carolyn, and the food would be worth driving for miles. Everything looked fabulous! You ladies know how to throw a party.
    Happy Thursday.

  5. OH my gosh that jewelry is beautiful! Looks like you had a fabulous time...wish I was have some great things in your store!

  6. Carolyn. THAT looks amazing. What a ton of work!! But the results are truly beautiful. I want to eat all of that food and wear all of that jewelry and steal that antler bouquet right off the wall!

  7. Fabulous jewelry! Everything looked great. Would love to have the recipe for the pimento dip Ü just in case u want to email it to me *smiles*.

  8. I am droolin over that first picture...I will take all three necklaces please!!!

  9. First of all, may I congratulate the individuals behind this project. It was really a success. The jewelries were really gorgeous and stunning in all angles. Even the flowers and designs were remarkable. Too bad, I wasn’t able to witness such enjoyable event. Again kudos to you! Enjoy and good luck!