Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday's What If Post…"What If You Were Choosing A New Sofa?"

What would you choose? 
What would be the key factor on that very important decision for a new sofa? What is that key element that makes us all desire beauty and comfort all at the same time.

Would it be the fact that it was a fabulous heirloom or an antique?

Or, would you care about comfort when you are sitting on it day in and day out? That is what I'm helping my mother with….years ago she and I went to a wonderful 'Open House' event here in Birmingham at a fabulous fabric source for designers…along with that, they also carry a wonderful line of furniture. 
She bought a sofa...
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I bought a pair of chairs!

And we've loved them! They are from Wesley Hall and you can view their products HERE!
 However, I knew then that when she bought it her mind was thinking how pretty it was and I knew that my dad would think, "This isn't comfortable!" I have to agree with
The very old and tired designer side of me is trying to come up with the best solution for her as well as something truly beautiful and timeless!
 Just like these gorgeous examples from Bunny Williams, David Easton and yes, even Albert Hadley! How can you go wrong with that line up? I saw many of these on Danielle Boudrot's blog "A Thoughtful Eye" which you can see HERE!

So, let the games begin! I am headed to Market in a few days and I must say I am LIVING for it! I'm so tired of not being inspired anymore by what's out there in our part of the world and am so longing to feel that yearning for creativity again!

How could one not be inspired by these design icons?

I'm truly hoping that there will be something new and exciting at Market and that as we head "full throttle" into this new year  it will be the start of a new side of me! Not that my old side was bad! It is just tired and needs a re-booting! Sort of like our old computer at the shop! Just "re-boot" me, will you? PLEASE!!! And add a couple of shots of Botox while your'e at it!

In the meantime…let me concentrate on sofas!

So, are you traditional and comfy? Love to lounge and watch t.v. like my family?

Or do you lean towards the more contemporary side? 

Just like we see here with Christian Liaigre's fabulous french line of sofa's (which you can see HERE!) that in all honesty take me back to the late 60's to mid 70's…just like my grandparents have and I never liked them before! Now…I can see it working and am even hoping they might be mine one day!

 And then there is the wonderful line from Formations…which you can see HERE!

I could so see this being in my home!

And then there is the ever faithful Verellen line of sofas! It is a great one to choose as well and you can see their website HERE!…I have a sofa or two of theirs but I just can't seem to picture my parent's with it! My best friend has their pieces all throughout her home but my parents seem more tailored….Sure would love to know your thoughts and ideas…and especially any suggestions you might have!

Cushy and comfy…tailored and well dressed…straight back…camel arms…one cushion, two cushions

Slip covered, nail heads, overstuffed,

Pleats or no pleats?

Lots of pillows or just a few? Who knows? I sure don't! I love them all…I just need to pinpoint exactly where my mother is headed with her sofa search! Let us know your thoughts!
 We would greatly appreciate them!
I'm loving this quote from someone I truly admire!
"People are nature's number one creatures of habit….we tend to get comfortable, stuck in our ways and fear change. We like to hold on to old things, in order to hold on to old memories. When usually, they keep us from making new ones. Bite the bullet and make a clean break from the past to start a fresh beginning."
This can definitely apply to someone being willing to give up their sofa or anything they've been living with for a while to venture out and get something new and better!
I hope to have some new and inspiring ideas after our trip to Market. Until then, I will continue the search! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week!


  1. We went with Mitchell Gold for sofas eighteen years ago and are comfy. They're down stuffed and slip covered and look as good today as the day we bought them. Look for a good frame first and then how it's wrapped and work out to style and you can never go wrong. Love this post Carolyn!


  2. Wow so many beauties. I favor a tailored traditional sofa with English arms, with at least partial down. My favorite sofa EVER is from TRS. I truly think they make the best sofas in the world.....SOOOOO comfortable around the holidays, everyone fights on who gets to sleep on it. Its like a fine mattress, I kid you not! And my 15 year old sofa from them literally looks almost like the day i got it but the fabric has faded a little over time. So now that we are sofa shopping again I am going with 2 from TRS and one from Ralph Lauren.

    PS Think that "rebooting" you need is likely due to the winter doldrums, after the holidays...gets me too every year around this time. The show will energize you, have fun!

  3. One of these days I want to replace the sofa in the sitting area of our kitchen - I am driven crazy daily by the fact that the three seat cushions always slide partly off the front edge. That is mostly caused by the girls lounging there, but even when I delicately sit on it they won't stay in place - and it is only about 2 years old. I want one with a single seat cushion, heavy and immovable. At this point I am not sure I care about comfort as long as the thing doesn't budge. Have a great day!!

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    Funny you should be talking sofas today. We are about to recover a Barbara Barry sofa that we bought nearly 11 years ago....and it goes to show how quality matters. The shape is great...but the fabric we used to get through the "peanut butter and jelly years" is ready for an update! I like comfy, but not smooshy.

    Just being at High Point and around all that design inspiration will have you refreshed in no time!!! Can't wait to hear what you find!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. Carolyn, I loved looking at these. We bought one recently in Oklahoma City (fun place to shop) and it's white with nail heads...l shaped..could not be happier

  6. You are going to have so much fun!! I can't wait to see what you get. I'm partial to the high arm tufted one :)

  7. The most comfortable and long lasting sofa I have had was Hickory Chair. It is now at the beach, and I plan on buying another one soon.
    I love your choices here. Nothing like a beautiful and comfortable sofa.
    Have fun at market! Wish I was headed that way.
    Happy Wednesday.

  8. I'm very partial to an English arm, but I do love a Chesterfield. The more contemporary ones are calling to me though....good luck and have fun!

  9. Carolyn...I'm also partial to an English arm. I have one in my own home and it is very comfortable but has a tad of formality. I hope you find the creativity your looking for at the market....Ive been board too with whats out there.....Hopefully you will get me inspired with what you find....

  10. We just purchased a caramel leather chesterfield with squared out nailhead design on arms. I love Formations!!! We have a Hancock and Moore sofa that we have had for 10 years and it still looks fantastic! I agree too that Wesley Hall makes good And very comfortable sofas as well! Great post!!
    XO Karolyn-The Relished Roost

  11. The Formations line is wonderful. I do love comfy,cozy with unique details such as nail-head trim, fringing, etc. I am ready for a new sofa or upholstery; however medical issues are coming first at this time!

    Art by Karena

  12. Hi, Carolyn - I love traditional tight-back sofas. And tailored ones with skirts. But I recently saw the most beautiful modern sofa at Room and Board....the Vela. Reminds me a little bit of John Saladino. Have a wonderful weekend ~ Loi

  13. what a great selection....
    for me?
    always a narrow arm if i must use an arm at all.

    xox happy new year

  14. Hi Carolyn!

    Wow! My head is swirling! Lots of gorgeous pieces here.. I'd say my favorite lean to a more traditional feel. I like my furniture to shout "sit on me" and (in the fm room) it has to have plenty of pillows and a throw.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  15. Hi, Carloyn! Love your points on how to choose the perfect sofa. Will definitely keep it in mind the next time I shop for one. By the way, I love the interior design of the 4th photo (excluding the sofas' photos). The room seems to be illuminated. Thanks to the large windows and white curtains, it looks like heaven.

    Roxie Tenner