Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday's What If Posts…"What If I Told You A Secret?"

What if I told you that I don't like winter? That it makes me sad? Would you understand? Do you know that I am a person that truly needs sunshine and and warm weather raindrops? That I need cheery environments to thrive in and beautiful sunsets to make my life complete? Well then you might ask, "How do you cope with winter"? I've often asked myself that same question! One of the greatest gifts God gave me is my three children! All three of them were born in the winter time! Two in January and one just two weeks later in February! God definitely has a sense of humor and knew I needed to be given a gift that would lift my spirits in the winter! But if it hadn't been for that, how would I have coped with winter time?

I don't cope with it in smooth, milky cocktails that might taste good...

Or bask in the beauty that surrounds the Aspen trees that I grew up with in Denver...

And I don't day dream of wintry outfits and accessories…

 Now, I do adorn my home with glorious lights in the holiday season and even though I dream of snow…I still do not want the cold….

 And I can truthfully tell you I love a good fire in the fireplace…nothing makes me happier!

And a warm cup of hot chocolate with lots of cream….who could ask for more?

I can often find myself dreaming of being on a snowy river…and then I realize I am truly dreaming….for this would never happen with me unless I get out of my comfort zone! Which I am happy to do!

Circa 1997

I found my comfort zone ages ago when I set my sights on this bedroom in a very old issue of Victoria magazine….

I knew the minute I saw it that Winter White was my new favorite color! I also posted on my love for Winter White just last January…you can see that post HERE!

My love for old, antique white ironstone had already taken off in flight…but after this issue of Victoria it began to soar….

to new heights… fact, it led me to open Mulberry Heights Antiques...

And the rest as they say, is history!

Literally, I saw this issue and my heart took off….and my bedroom became a reality along with my shop! We still have this lovely fabric in our bedroom today…it is discontinued and I will never part with it!

I've added to it over the years…but I will not ever part with it!
So glad they showed it in this past issue of The Cottage Journal!

And I've always wished this was me…sitting in my bedroom enjoying life…loving this picture and relaxing!

Instead, I'm running around as usual trying to finish the last minute things we all try to finish this time of year! And still trying to enjoy the real meaning of this wonderful Christmas and Holiday season! And just yesterday, I finally finished reading this issue of The Cottage Journal and didn't even realize that they had used our kitchen for this great section on creamware and brown and white transferware! You really do need to check out this new publication! I am quite impressed with it! Here are the last few pics I saw in it that show wonderful recipes along with a few pieces from my shop. 

I had no idea they had gotten out pieces from my silver collection to use along with my favorite stemware or the creamware oyster plates I had just brought back from our home at the beach. We never use them and I decided it was time to bring them back…they have not made it to the shop yet…but they should! They are quite lovely!

Love this little antique brown and white transferware sugar dish they used as a vase!

And please, do yourself a favor and check out these yummy recipes! You won't be sorry!

(I truly loved looking back at all of the reasons I love Winter White even though I'm not a huge fan of winter…and then I remembered another blessing that winter has given me…just last January…Jim gave me Zoie…sort of as an "appeasement" to Miller leaving for college! She has been a true joy and just turned a year old! She is still about this size but oh, so much more feisty!)
But more than anything….more than enjoying a fire or a snowy evening or even enjoying just reminiscing with me over old fabrics and old publications and seeing cute pics of Zoie….I hope and pray that you have yourself a Very Merry Christmas And A Very, Very Happy New Year!
I love and appreciate each of you very much…I am so glad to have gotten to know you this past year or so! May God richly bless you and yours!


  1. Hi Carolyn, I am going to look for the magazine in the bookstore here - the photos are gorgeous and the recipes do look fabulous. Have you ever tried using a UV light box? My mother-in-law struggled with the lack of sun in the winter and she said sitting in front of it for a few minuted every day made a big difference. Even though I love the short days and grey winter skies (weird, I know!) I take a vitamin D supplement recommended by my doctor. You might try that as well.

  2. Lovely post...I feel the same way about winter..give me sunlight and plenty of it! But winter whites? YES!

  3. Hi Carolyn, Running out to work but wanted to make a quick comment on this lovely post! So much eye candy.. and I'm with you .. a warm fire:) I need to pick up these magazines. Also I have a UV light box.. and I take 2,000 iu Vit. D daily. xxleslie

  4. You know what this post makes me want to do? Hibernate all winter long in a perfect winter white house with a roaring fire, delicious smells permeating the air from everything cooking and baking in the kitchen and let winter pass us by and then one day I look out and the flowers are blooming- spring has arrived! Oh how I wish. I love that first snowfall but after that I am perfectly happy to zoom full speed ahead into spring....winter can be too looooong. I love Victoria magazine too, kind of makes you want to slow life down and just relax right? Anyway...thanks or sharing, you can vent here anytime, I think you have a lot of company!

    PS You may or may not know this but some people get a vitamin D shot in the winter for an extra boost of energy and spunk....the wintry blues can take their toll:)

    1. I am loving all of this advice on Vitamin D and UV light boxes! I truly am! I had so many shots this past weekend just to get through my party…all kinds of vitamins! It was great! I really…just don't like the winter months! Now that I am older I wish I hadn't sought out so much sun time to make me feel better…it's wreaking it's havoc on my skin for sure! I also have just been really sick and it's a hard one to get over…but I promise…sometimes I do like winter…i love any excuse to stay inside these days and rest…I never, ever get to rest and I can't quite figure out why that is! Ya'll are way to kind and sweet to care and to give me such wonderful advice! I truly appreciate it! Just knowing you care makes me feel better already! I just don't want you to feel sorry for me…I promise I don't feel sorry for myself! I know I am blessed beyond measure and I will never take that for granted! The Lord is Good!

  5. I love reading your blog!! I feel the same way about winter. December is wonderful, I love family, friends, and celebrating our Lord and Savior's birthday, but come January and I am wishing for March. The short, dark days are awful. Give me the sunshine!! Keep posting, you are a talented writer.

    1. Ashley, thank you for your sweet comments! Thank you for taking the time to read this silly blog! I am grateful!

  6. Carolyn, such a pretty winter white....and that lemon chicken soup recipe looks delicious! need to visit us in California....we don't have much of a winter and the sun shines most of the can get your sunshine fix! Congrats on winning the Novica gift certificate....let me know what you get!

  7. Caroylyn

    This post was like a warm cup of coffee! Loved every minute of it. That chicken soup looks amazing I am going to make it Christmas eve. Your shop and decor are always so inspirational! Happy Holidays!

  8. Beautiful post, Carolyn! I love every image here, and I will be pinning away! The write-ups are great and well deserved. The braided bread i s on my list of things to make.
    Happy Thursday.

  9. Dear Carolyn ~ Happy Holidays!

    Hope you are well. I've been swamped with unpacking our new container, setting up the shop, pricing, etc.....and getting ready for house guests and Christmas Eve dinner for 25!!! Taking a break to enjoy my favorite blogs. Then back to work, I hope.

    Your home and your collections looked amazing in the Cottage Journal. Many congratulations!! What a great honor! The photos are beautiful and so warm.

    You and I need to get together and play with our creamware, ironstone and transferware a little swapping, haha. I love your oyster plates :)

    Zoie is sooooo adorable. Panda and Mocha send hugs!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  10. Carolyn, what a lovely post. Your home shines in Cottage Journal! Not only that, but your winter white palette is soooo stylish and appropriate. I have a huge creamware collection too. You, Loi, and I should share pics of our plates!

    Zoie is a doll. Is she a bichon??? I have two! Bear and Missy. They are my babies. Although they are not as young and spry as Zoie! Nothing like a puppy to keep you moving!

    I loved this post. Not only was it well written, but it you shared a piece of yourself. Beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas. I know you will be warmed by the love of your family.

  11. Carolyn, I love your post. Golden whites are my favorite and this post sings of them. They are reserved for my next home, my Dream home, my forever home. Now I live with deeper richer colors with a bohemian vibe and am happy for now but my heart sings when I see the creamy whites of my dreams. Thank you for sharing. This is my first visit here via Joni so thanks to her too. Enjoy the holidays and we will talk again soon.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  12. Congratulations on your success this year Carolyn! I love the winter white theme as well, although color wins out most of the time. Your little Zoie is adorable! Merry Christmas to you and your family, I know you'll love having your son home from school!
    It has been wonderful getting to know you.
    xo Nancy

  13. Carolyn, I'm so grateful for your blog and to have found you this year!! Happiest holidays to you!

  14. Wishing you a blessed and Merry Christmas. I have so enjoyed your wonderful blog! Gina

  15. Carolyn such a lovely post. Winter white was the answer and your dreams have come true!

    May your Holidays be filled with Love and Warmth during This Wondrous Season!

    Love and Hugs,
    Art by Karena

  16. Beautiful images, Carolyn. I am not a fan of winter either. I spent 20 years in snowy, gray Pennsylvania and I am enjoying the sunnier skies in Virginia. We want to move further South someday. Hope your winter is as pretty as the images you have here.