Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Cottage Journal Winter Issue

Many months ago my sweet friend that is a photo stylist asked if they could use our home for a photo shoot…of course, I said yes! Anything for free advertising! At the time I wasn't so sure I should've let them do this…don't get me wrong..I love them and they use our "things" from my shop as props a lot for Victoria, Tea Time, Southern Lady, and now The Cottage Journal. But when they are in your HOME…that is a totally different story!

I was thrilled that they began with my small but loved Creamware collection!

And of course, I love seeing both of my boy's in print! Somehow, Holly's portrait didn't make it in here…wonder how she will feel about that!

I am more than happy to share our home with you! It is well loved and well lived in! And hopefully, that shows!

I felt like their article was right on target! In fact, truth be told, I felt like I learned more about Transferware and Creamware than I've ever known before!
When people ask me the history behind these collections I may just point them towards this article!

I must say it was quite humbling to show this to Miller, my youngest child. He actually said, "Where is this?" Meaning, whose house is this? When I told him it was my bedroom his only response was, "It's never looked that clean before." Wow….humbling indeed! From the mouth's of Babe's! Now I understand that saying better than ever!
Pick up a copy The Cottage Journal Winter Issue if you can! It has so many wonderful articles this time as well as recipes!


  1. Your home is gorgeous and I don't think I have ever seen that publication here. I will have to look for it. Maybe Barnes and Noble carries it.

  2. So so pretty! This is wonderful seeing your home, and it does look warm & inviting. They did a splendid job in the magazine. Where can we find this publication? Sending a big hug...

  3. OMG CONGRATS!!!!!!! So exciting, your home is exquisite, but I am not surprised, I already know you have excellent taste but what a wonderful validation. Loved peeking into your beautiful home and all your droolworthy collections....have to get a copy of this mag so I can read all about it:)

  4. Carolyn, your house is beautiful! It looks so inviting and comfortable, and your collections of creamware and transferware are lovely. What a fabulous 'spread,' congratulations!!

  5. Carolyn,
    How much fun!! I love your beautiful home and what a thrill to have it in print!

    Hope things are going well at the shop and not too crazy. I know it's such a busy time for you!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. OMG I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! It's truly amazing! My dream, and I'm sure yours. HUGE congrats!

  7. Yay Congrats! What beautiful photos. Small Creamware collection? Nooo...I saw some on the walls in another room too! Beautiful!

  8. Carolyn Your home is so inviting and I love your collections throughout! The creamware is amazing!

    2012 Artists Series

  9. Congrats! Your home is so all the little nooks and crannies of beautiful things...your right....out of the mouth of babe's! I had to laugh...that is what mine would say too.

  10. Totally and utterly gorgeous... What a beautiful home you have... so warm... so lovely... so inviting...
    Have a very happy Christmas Carolyn.... and thank you for all the wonderful posts this year... Enjoy the holidays... xv

  11. You have a lovely, beautiful home Carolyn! Congratulations to you! Your Creamware collection is displayed so nicely & I love the touches of raw cotton above the cabinet.

  12. Carolyn-
    Your home looks gorgeous! Congratulations on the writeup. I know that you are so excited.

    1. Carolyn, your home is gorgeous and definitely magazine worthy! There are so many beautiful things and I especially love the transferware.

  13. Such a thrill! Your home looks gorgeous and is spread-worthy so I'm thrilled it got the attention!! xo

  14. Carolyn! I'm so sorry I missed this last week!!

    Wow! Congratulations on this and your home is GORGEOUS! The transferware collection is amazing and the display cabinet is perfect for all your treasures. Your home looks very warm and inviting, easy to live in and has such an elegant feel. So many designers have homes that DON'T SIT or touch Lol!

    Such a sweet comment from your son :) and I love the paintings! Thank you for sharing this :)


  15. WOW, Carolyn, how did I miss this - so exciting!!! Your home looks as stunning as I knew it would be - magazine worthy indeed!!

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  21. Hey Carolyn! Just stumbled across your blog. Your story is up on the Cottage Journal website! Go check it out:

  22. Your home is absolutely gorgeous and I loved seeing your collectuons, especially the transferware as I collect it as well. I'd love to find a copy of this issue but i dont recall seeing that magazine here. I'll be checking out some of your other posts as well...I love your style!

  23. Can you tell me the paint brand and color in the room with the fireplace?