Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All I Really Want For Christmas!

Well, hello there! I have been so inspired by so many of my fellow bloggers and fellow pinners that I just couldn't help myself this morning! I know, I know…I should wait for my usual 'What If Wednesday Post' to do this…and yes, that one is still to come! But these images just make up Christmas to me and I couldn't resist sharing them! Here are just a few examples of what makes me think of Christmas...

It's fresh cut greenery that smells up our home like we were our own Christmas Tree farm!

 It's the vivid landscapes that show up like they are on stage when it snows! I love this beautiful red church against the white backdrop!

It's happy memories as a child of getting that forever dreamed of pup and thinking that you'd died and gone to heaven!

It's the wonder of a child…

It's festive decorations and bright colored lights and Christmas balls that dangle from the tree!

It's fabulous wreaths that adorn our doors and windows….

And the thought of being adorned in Christmas splendor makes it all the more magical!

It's bringing home that "just right" 
Christmas tree that you've picked out with care! I loved this picture the moment I saw it on Splendid Sass's blog with my friend  Teresa! 
She's got a great post today if you want to check it out 
HERE! You can see why I'm a little excited about her post today if you check it out!

It's a drive through a wintry wonderland!

And then taking the time to stop and enjoy it with someone special!

It's coming home to a wonderful fire in the fireplace and enjoying all of the beautiful Christmas decorations!

And maybe a Christmas goodie or two!
What are you dreaming of this Christmas? Is it something grand or perhaps just the simplicity of being with ones you love and enjoying all of the wonders of Christmas around us?
I hope you each enjoy a very special Christmas and Holiday Season this year!
I also want to thank my good friend Teresa for featuring my shop today on her wonderful blog Splendid Sass! Please stop by and take a look when you can!


  1. So many beautiful images, Carolyn. What I want now is more snow. I'm looking forward to a simple Christmas, time with the kids and lots of skiing.

  2. Carolyn, this is such a beautiful post! It has me dreaming of a White Christmas...which is highly unlikely in Dallas! This is Christmas at its best!

  3. I wish we got a little snow this time of year .....I only remember once we had a little snow when I was a child. Love this time of year....

  4. Isn't this a special time of year? So beautiful and yummy, too. I love all the Christmas sweets. Enjoyed seeing your shop over at Splendid Sass. Looks fabulous!

  5. wow!! How can you not get right in the spirit after seeing this gorgeous post? I am smiling ear to ear (when I really have a loooooong list of work to do) I am sitting here in fantasy land aka blogland just eating up all the holiday beauty! Love it....

  6. Carolyn-
    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. It was my pleasure.
    If this post doesn't put you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will. Just gorgeous.
    Happy Tuesday.

  7. what a BEAUTIFUL blog to get you inspired! Don't you just love a little frosting? I do!

  8. Carolyn! This is gorgeous! I started to pick some favorites but there were too many :) The little boy looking for Santa is just darling and all those gorgeous outdoor photos.. wow! The wreath selection is SPECTACULAR! Lots of holiday spirit here and we are never too old to find the child within.. wink;)


  9. Most gorgeous post EVER! Love that mantel. Oh, Logan wants a golden so bad. So many reasons why we can't get one right now but I wish I could surprise her. xo