Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wednesday's What If's Post…"What If Mother Really Knows Best…What If Mother Finally Puts Her Foot Down?"

Laura Langworthy loves to spend Christmas with her children! 

And what mother wouldn't in this beautiful home in Connecticut?

Have you seen this past issue of Traditional Home? My all time favorite magazine! It features this beautiful home of Kimberly and Marc Blair and Kimberly's wonderfully, talented mother! Just look at this Christmas inspired home!

"Over the hills and through the woods, to "Nonnies" house we go! If only my kids could sing this song…we might all be a glow!" Oh, wait..that's not how the song goes, now is it?

However, if my mom was a well known designer like Laura Langworthy then I would probably be BEGGING her to not only  spend Christmas with us but to also spend those normal, every day..'DAYS' with us! There is nothing more fun than helping your children decorate and dream about their own homes! 
We had such a great time with Holly and Brad and their precious home in New Orleans…you can see it HERE!
It brings back wonderful memories of how exciting it used to be when I was young and trying to create a home for my family!
You can see Laura's website HERE! Take a look see..I promise you won't be disappointed!

The rooms that Traditional Home featured in this article of Laura's creations are spectacular…I know in my heart that Kimberly and Marc are thrilled with the results!

Just look at the details in the sunroom, and on the pillows…and just in the planter itself with the beautiful Holly in this arrangement!

And in the beautiful wrapping of Christmas gifts...

This vignette may be my most favorite in the whole house! I am so drawn to it…the Bobbin chair which appears to be an antique…I wish I knew..the fabric on it…the tiny Christmas tree on the beautiful antique table!! I love it all! It's a PERFECT vignette in my opinion! It has that American Antique feel to it and that is my all time first love…bet you didn't know that!

and then there's this…the perfect addition of mercury and greenery…just the right amount of detail at Christmas time! I love it!! It truly is these perfect little gems that make up the whole picture!

Have you ever? This engraved sterling silver matchbox engraved "Christmas 1888" and used by Laura as a locket is phenomenal! I wish I would think of putting out these sort of family heirlooms that make up our lives! We have so many things like this that just sit in drawers that we don't take seriously…in fact, in our family I feel like we take them for granted! This article in Traditional Home has inspired me greatly!

Not to just get my act together at Christmas Time…but to remember exactly where I came from!

This mother may love beauty at Christmas…and love "Putting On The Ritz" when it comes to Holiday Entertaining….but this mother also knows exactly when to put her foot down!

"What If" I just did it?

I hope you are enjoying every minute of this upcoming Holiday Season! What a joy it truly is! Let's all vow to not get side tracked by too many unrealistic expectations and also vow to remember exactly why we celebrate this wonderful holiday called Christmas!
The real "What If" would be just that…."What If We Really Enjoyed Christmas?"
I enjoy each and every one of your blogs so very much and they give me something to look forward to each time I get on here to see what you've been up to! Thank you for all that you share!
Much love….


  1. Laura is so talented! I really enjoyed this post :)

  2. What a pretty house and perfectly suited to a cozy Christmas. I have a gold cross pendant my that was a gift to my great-great grandmother, it is engraved with her name and 'from her mother, Christmas 1886.' Five years ago I had it copied for my daughters and changed the names and the date. You have inspired me to get them all out this year.

  3. Beautiful, Carolyn. You have a way of bringing things to life!
    Happy Wednesday.

  4. WOW! Mother does know best. I loved so many of these images...I keep loving the bulbs and can't wait to finally get mine...tomorrow I hope!

  5. What a cozy home....love the country Christmas feel. Love when blog land inspires me.....just what I needed this morning.

  6. So many wonderful images, and such an inviting, cozy and elegant home. I love the vibe....like you could go and stay there for days without ever leaving! Thanks for sharing....

  7. Carolyn -
    I have been admiring all the antiques in that beautiful home. I love that vignette, too. The accessories really pop against that dark paint of the built-in.....wonderful touch! And what a charming bobbin chair.

  8. I did see this at Trad Home and thought how lucky they both were! Cozy, inviting--just what you want for the holidays

  9. What a beautiful home! I love the shot of the dining room table, but the whole house is amazing. Very welcoming and a cozy, friendly feel. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Beautiful! I love the detail on the pillow!

  11. I thought this December issue of Traditional Home was one of their best holiday issues ever! I loved the home that you featured here - especially that bedroom with the gingham drapes...just perfect!

  12. Hi Carolyn!

    Gosh, all the way down to the gift wrap .. everything is absolute perfection. All the details.. the kitchen is always one of my favorite rooms :) I did happen to see this issue and picked it up. It's dreamy.. in every way. I like the way the decor welcomes you. So often designers get a look of .. better not touch or sit here..

    Hope your holiday season is off to a great start!


  13. I love every single detail. So warm and wonderful. Just as a home should be. Have a great week. Mona

  14. I just savored every page of this issue, Carolyn. Just loved her home and so beautifully decorated by her mother. The bathroom is absolutely heavenly!