Wednesday, October 24, 2012

'What If Wednesdays!' "What If I Told You That I'm Feeling Blue?

Would that make you think that I am sad? Or a little down, maybe? Well, that could be true but then that would be depressing and you probably wouldn't want to hear all about my woes! Especially since they are certainly not really serious woes! Maybe I miss my kids….maybe I wish I were 10 pounds lighter and 2 dress sizes smaller…but hey, in the scheme of life…that's not really a "woe" in my book!
NO, I'm talking about the color BLUE!

What if I told you that I'm feeling the love for the color blue like never before! And yes, it does make me think of blueberries! My favorite blue thing out there! Besides my new toes!

I know that my friend Tina, of The Enchanted Home blog has always been a big blue fan but I can't say the same about me…until recently! Is blue becoming the new black? hmmm? I wonder?
I remember a post I did a while back entitled "Grey, Is It The New Black?" But blue? I sure am loving it!
As I sat and "endured" my pedicure this afternoon, gazing at the color blue ( a slate blue) I realized that I truly have fallen head over heals ( in this case head over toes!) in love with blue!
And I knew exactly what I wanted this Wednesday's post to be about! Why not? Why not a fun, light hearted post after a very busy week? We all need a break every now and then!

I mean seriously, I love this color for a lot of different reasons…I love it on my youngest son's bathroom cabinets! This isn't a great pic…I promise it's the color on my toes!

I love it in the tapestry I had framed from a small town in the South of France!

I love it for Bridesmaid's dresses!

I love it for making beautiful room even more beautiful in each and every one of our homes!

I love, love, love it in this painting of Lauren Dunn's! I took it home to try because I loved it so much! I could've forced it to work I suppose…but then, really…who does that? Luckily, Ellen bought it and is enjoying it tremendously!

But you have to admit I gave it my best try!
All because I loved the blue in it!!

And if you know me at all then you know that I grew up with parent's that loved Elvis, grew up down the street from Elvis, lived, breathed and slept Elvis so of course I love "Blue Christmas!"

And, just so you know a few of my "blue dreams" Here they are…
 To visit Santorini! And enjoy this blue sky!

To gaze into the eyes of a beautiful Siberian Husky…they have always fascinated me!

To fall asleep with this sky and this ocean right in front of me!

To own a Le Cornue Range…no matter the color!
To spend my next few birthdays and anniversaries back in St. John with my husband!

And yes, to be able to snorkel even though I can't get my ears wet! ( I may just have to have surgery again so I can experience this! It's killing me!)

To be able to "undo" the day that I sent my oldest child to school in ratty old clothes because he told me it was "Blue Day" at school! However, he couldn't quite say his b's and g's correctly so he always called glue…blue!!! Which is why I sent him to school in old clothes thinking they were going to be "glueing" all day! Only later to find the note in a drawer that they were learning their colors and yes indeed it was BLUE DAY at school! You've never seen a mom race to school so fast in all of your life….I ran in the door of the main building and there sat his entire K-5 class! I quickly changed him into his matching Land's End BLUE and white striped shirt and blue shorts! 

He was good to go!!

Well, that's my take on Blue for now! Maybe I am feeling a little sentimental…especially at the thought of sweet little Mitch not being dressed properly for "Blue Day"! But I've survived…and so has he! In fact, his own daughter is now in K-5 at the very same school! Maybe I should warn him about Blue Day in case it's coming up soon! Then again, why take away a memory he might just create for later use?
 You just never know!
Hope you have a fabulous week ahead! I'm fairly certain we are headed to the beach where I will be looking at these two lovely blue things!! 
(No, not Jim's remarkable blue eyes!)

( wonder if that's why I've always loved the blue eyes on a Husky dog? they look like Jim's beautiful blue eyes!)

But these two blue things!
 The blue sky above the condo's and the blue umbrella I plan to sit under all day, every day!

Maybe we will see a blue moon soon!

Take Care!


  1. Carolyn - that would have been me - racing to school with the right clothes. I can't count the number of times I made return trips after drop-off, and we did not live nearby. What we will do for our kids! (But they're worth it.)
    I am loving the slate blue toes, haven't had a pedi since August. Maybe I'll go this week.

  2. I'm glad you are not feeling "blue" in terms of sadness. No wonder you are drawn to the color - it reminds you of so many people and places you love! Your hubby's eyes, St. John, your Son as a child...So many reasons to love it! xo

  3. Aww...such a beautiful post, Carolyn. I love blue too, and have been thinking blue this past year. I used blue as the main color in my home when Angela was a baby, and I truly love those pictures more than most.
    Have a great day.

  4. It's such a happy color and I love it when it's used in a beachy setting!

  5. What an amazing post! I love blue, too. I can't believe you gave up that painting though!! I love it SOOO much. I would be the person to try to make it work and then up having it in storage :)

  6. I am blue with you..and for the record...I love it when people love each other like you love Jim. It's so refreshing!

  7. Now you've got me feeling blue too! x Sharon

  8. Oh yes, I've always been a blue fan! Those House Beautifuls are some of my favorite images!

  9. Lovely post Carolyn! I love dark blue, as you can see from my breakfast room makeover . I have never tired of it and although I love neutral calmness, I have had a passion for navy blue for 10 + years. That story of Glue Day was precious, and how cute that he has a daughter at the same school. There are blessings all around us! And that condo? wow, say hi to the beach for me. Hope it is lovely there, as we hunker down for Frankenstorm here.
    xo Nancy

  10. Hi, Carolyn ~ Sorry I'm a little late. Been busy getting ready for Sandy and a trip abroad. We'll see about the latter....worried how Sandy will affect flights, etc. I hear a lot of the Amtrak trains along the east coast has been canceled.

    I enjoyed this post. Blue is one of my favorite colors. And, you've shown how versatile blue can be. Love Lauren's painting. If I took it home, it would have stayed :)
    Take care!

  11. PS - Huge Elvis fan here!! I'm looking forward to visit Graceland one day :)

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