Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What If Wednesdays! "What If I Had Never Told You About Leta Austin Foster?

If I had never told you about Leta Austin Foster I would've done you and myself a huge disservice! However…if I had never written this post a few weeks ago,  and then thought twice about posting it... I'd be up a creek without a paddle as they say!
Who Knew? Who knew that my laptop would die a miserable, agonizing death just this past Sunday night? Who knew? I had just sent sweet Sarah pictures from the fun wedding that Miller was in with all of the dangling lights outside in the gazebo, etc…next thing I know…the flashing question mark on top of a file folder is flashing before my very eyes! From what we know now…that is a HORRIBLE sign!
To say that my life flashed before my very eyes is putting it lightly! Not to mention that I'm frantically trying to get ready for the biggest Open House we've ever had!
Please forgive me for not being able to read your very meaningful and worthwhile posts….I'm asking God to forgive me for putting so much importance in my laptop…in my blog…in my pictures of Holly and Brad's wedding…my pictures of Layton as she grows up right before my very eyes….my pictures of Miller and Sarah and their sweet relationship and his freshman year at Auburn! Oh, wait! I've come to realize that I put my laptop before everything! What kind of human being am I? 
The kind that cares! The kind that knows that God cares too, even about situations like this! I'm also the kind that intends to keep moving on…this will not get me down! ( Ok…don't ask Jim just how "down" I've been! He would either laugh or cry at this statement right now!)
I'm also the kind that is so VERY glad that this post on Leta Austin Foster's daughter was already written! I hope you enjoy it! I hope you will stick with me and I for one cannot WAIT to be back to my old self! Maybe my "new", old self will become a better version of my old self? You just never know!! For now, enjoy this lovely beach retreat that was designed by and is lived in by Sallie Giordano!

I mean seriously, I can't believe I even studied up on this family of fabulous designers and now, after my post on her mother, Leta Austin Foster from several months ago…I actually ran across this fabulous house in Traditional Home last month which featured her daughter's house!

This would be Leta's daughter/designer Sallie Giordano's summer home! I thought it was also fitting to see this and post it just before we all settle into Fall and all of it's glory!

Enjoy these lovely pictures and read the entire article if you can! I for one am longing for one last trip to our beach house…we are thinking of selling it…of course, we are quite torn...

I love this picture of Sallie enjoying her home!!!
Truth be told…
It only rivals this one…as she enjoys time together with her children when they were younger as well as time with her sisters!

Every summer home needs a Swedish accent piece! Just ask my friend, Loi of Tone on Tone! He has the most incredible blog as well as a beautiful shop! Please check it out! You will not be sorry!

My most favorite thing about this article is the above picture and what the caption says…."What this place is really all about is creating sweet memories for our children."
I'm quite sure I couldn't have said it better myself!

There are so many wonderful qualities about this home…just look at the gorgeous hand hewn beams above as well at the fabulous antique runner in the hallway!

Little did I know at the time of writing this post that I would look back on it and wish like crazy I was sitting right there…enjoying this house…enjoying being with family…as opposed to being fretful over a laptop…as opposed to worrying about the turn out for our biggest event ever in the history of 
Mulberry Heights Antiques! 
Can you all come? Wouldn't that be fun? 
It would truly be my dream event! I would love to meet each and every one of you! Thank you so very much for your patience, your friendship above all else and as always…thank you for caring and giving a rip about a silly blog that means the world to this silly girl!
Can't wait to talk soon!


  1. What a beautiful home. The grounds are beautiful and I love her dinning room. So sorry about your computer. I know how you feel!

  2. Beautiful home, it feels so homey and cozy. I love that its not huge but looks like plenty of room. Bummer about the computer.

  3. Gorgeous home! Love everything about it!
    hang in there, friend! All will soon be well.
    Happy Wednesday.

  4. It is a beautiful house in a gorgeous spot. Good luck with the laptop issue, I know how dependent we are on them. I know the open house will be a huge success! Wish I could be there - I'd love to see your shop in person.
    All best,

  5. What a great place. At first I didnt think it was that big until you showed the entire house! Love the room with the telescope and what a view of the water while sitting at the table. Thanks for sharing. Sorry about the computer problems, thats never fun. - Tonya

  6. Wow just stunning, and I see the Leta touch all around it:) Love and am a big fan of Leta's work and her super talented daughters...they definitely have the good taste gene and its alive and well!

    So sorry to hear about your laptop, I can imagine how devastated you must have been! Admittedly, I would have been freaking no worries you have lots of company:) Hope it is remedied soon and most importantly hope you get all your info/pics back soon! Good luck with your open I wish I lived closer, would be such fun!!

  7. Dear Carolyn ~ Today is your open house, I believe. I was thinking about you, and hope all is going well. Look forward to you posting about the event.

    Love this post.....beautiful painted Swedish pieces throughout.
    Talk soon,

  8. Wow, Its both modern and classical in design.