Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What If Wednesday's…."What If I Told You I Need And Want To Be In NOLA?"

I bet you wouldn't be at all surprised! My children are there!
But so are some really fabulous designers…and for now, I can relate to that and I can dream of meeting them or just looking at their fabulous designs for all of us to see!
What if I told you that this designer I'm falling in love with was born and bred in New Orleans? Her name is Ann Holden and her work is incredible from what I've seen so far!

What If I told you that her interiors meet the highest standard in my book….
Elegant but Understated!!!
I'm smitten!
How about you?

Just look at these fabulous pictures from Ann Holden's work in Architectural Digest…they are truly something to swoon over!
And check out her website for sure!

(I truly loved this article when I read it…it speaks to my soul now that my children live in new orleans…i'm so thankful that i've been blessed to be able to experience this! I really wouldn't trade it for anything!)

"I ’ve been everywhere, but there’s no place like New Orleans,” says designer Ann Holden, a native. “It’s not Europe, but it’s not America. We don’t always have money here, but we do have style,” she adds with a laugh. The city and its rich heritage has put its stamp on the work of Holden & Dupuy Interiors, which Holden founded in 1976 with Ann Dupuy after the two graduated from Tulane University. “Back then, there weren’t that many southern female designers,” Holden recalls. “But we were confident that we could do it.” Today the partners take on separate projects all over the country, from California to New York. And while her interiors are as diverse as her clients, Holden loves incorporating antiques, even in a contemporary design. “Today we use more Italian pieces than French. Art is also important to me. We have a thriving art community in New Orleans. A client who wanted to learn about art and collect would be a dream.”
Ann Holden

She needs to send me her clients that want to learn about and collect art! That's for sure!

Funny how God uses undesirable circumstance in our lives at times to show us all that He has planned…to show us His grace and His glory…to let us enjoy His beauty….I'm very, very thankful that I've become a part of New Orleans along with my children.

For a city that I used to turn my nose up at…I really do look forward to the next time I am back…right back in the thick of it...

I will bid you a Cajun farewell for now….but I must tell you that come this Friday….we have some of the most exciting news to announce ever in the history of Mulberry Heights Antiques! I can't wait to share it with you! I hope you will love it like I think you will! 
Thanks for enduring my New Orleans cravings for now! I will try to keep them to a minimum but it will be difficult! There's too much good stuff going on there!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

on a side note….I think I should mention that I've received several very, very kind and very appreciated personal Thank You notes from several very well respected designers. My intention for these Wednesday What If posts was never for personal gain…i simply and truly love their work. However, it has truly made my day many times over and I am forever grateful that they even thought about taking time out of their busy schedules to not only read these blog posts but to also send a personal thank you… i am humbled and grateful….


  1. Absolutely stunning work. Thanks for the introduction; I was not familiar with her name. Enjoy yourself down there! ;-)
    All best,

  2. I can see why you love Ann's work so much it's fabulous and as someone who doesn't know her work I'm going to find out now. I love New Orleans too and you're right it's in a world of its own.

    Enjoy your day Carolyn!

  3. Beautiful interiors! I'm smitten too! And New Orleans is on mt bucket list. x Sharon

  4. I would say...ME TOO! love love the photos

  5. She has some really great work from what you show. Love the ceiling in the first few photographs. I really like the arched interior door as well. It really gives the space a grand feel. Thanks for sharing her work. -Tonya

  6. Whats not to love about New Orleans..there is not other "grand dame city" like it, anywhere I venture to say in the world!
    Ann is one talented lady...these interiors are scrumptiously beautiful..each and every one of them. Thanks for the intro...loved what she said in the excerpt, and I second that....those New Orleanians have style like noones business...ya'll hear? LOL.

  7. gotta say.....
    i love this post.
    gorgeous & elegant.


  8. Omg my favorite post today. Maybe all week!! This is an amazing portfolio. I'm in awe of her ability to use warm woods and neutrals and make the rooms look so inviting and elegant!

  9. Beautiful post, Carolyn! Doesn't New Orleans have the best design, art, and food?!
    I love this designers work. Thank you for sharing!
    Happy Thursday.

  10. Amazing designer, Carolyne, very talented indeed...I love her interiors atmosphere...the colors, the polish, that feeling of appreciation that surrounds everything...sophistication, without fanfare...

    Big hugs!


  11. this post. Amazing images and design. I have never been to New Orleans and would love to go. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Elegant, sophisticated, inspired! Ann is superb, thank you for the introduction.

    By the way Carolyne, I love your long green and white dress!

    2012 Artist Series

  13. Gorgeous work and how fun that you are enjoying NOLA. There really is nowhere else on earth quite like it!

  14. I stumbled upon your delightful blog when I repined the gray room from Pinterest I share your enthusiasm for New Orleans, it is a true treasure.

    Do you happen to know what gray is used in your picture? If so, would you share that with me? Thank you so much!!

    Elisabeth Scott