Friday, June 22, 2012

Still Life!

That's what I need right now!
After cleaning out several closets yesterday, moving all of my winter clothes upstairs AND color co-ordinating my own closet…I'm exhausted!( my mother would be so proud!) My youngest child is leaving this fall for college and he decided to clean out his closet as well! Needless to say we will make a trip to our church's Thrift Store first thing this morning!
 So now you will find me staring at wonderful images of still life as they are so calming! Loi, from Tone on Tone referred to still life paintings recently on Teresa's blog from Splendid Sass and I was so glad to find someone that loved them as much as I do!

 I for  one have always found them incredibly beautiful when done correctly!
 I used to feel old before my time because I liked them so much! Silly, I know…but I did! No matter…They have a quality all their own and I guess it just takes the right person ( or persons ) to know what that is!
Just look at these beautiful figs! My love for figs is ridiculous!! I think they are exquisite and I'm anxiously awaiting the day when I can pick mine this season! My trees are practically falling over this summer with figs! Finally! It's only taken about 4 years! Maybe this summer I can make Fig Preserves! I sure hope so!

Also, starting today we are also completely re-doing my shop from top to bottom! I can't wait to see the end results!
So even though life may be topsy-turvy the moment… hopefully I will have a beautifully clean closet and a shop to die for when all is said and done!
And then I can focus….on
 Still Life!

Nothing but calming Still Life!

Even if I sometimes feel like this "wayward" peach!!!

Looking at these beautiful photos of still life will always be something to treasure!

And it sure looks like this picture above is not only a still life of pears…it's a McCarty bowl! My favorite!! My everyday dinner ware! My favorite thing in the world to collect! hmmm…do I feel another post coming on here?…, I will just enjoy it's beauty!

Just as these cherries in this beautiful glass dish make me smile…

So do these incredible eggs and this beautiful white flower…

 And you know it goes without saying that this picture of the starfish, shell and sandollar simply make me who I am…they make me happy and they remind me of my family and my life…Maybe I need a still-life painting of this in my house!

Be it fruit, vegetable or flower…or even a sea shell…still-life is definitely for me! And I'm looking very forward to the first moment I truly feel….


Did it first start when Emily brought us her Still Life paintings?

No, my love for still life paintings started eon's ago!! But I sure do love Emily's and I can't wait for her arrival!

We've only had 2 still life fruit paintings from Emily…I'm hoping for some more…she arrives in two weeks with more paintings before baby # 6 arrives! Oh my!! Can you imagine! She is truly amazing!

Hopefully we can schedule another fabulous Open House like the one we had last summer for Emily either right before or right after this baby joins their family! Check it just might want to make the trip! It's worth it!

For now….I'm going to enjoy a "Still Life" of my own….with my
 own glass, my own flowers and my own incredible husband…

 at our very favorite restaurant…

It truly doesn't get much better than this!

But before I go…I must show you my own still life picture I took of my tomatoes last summer…I'm definitely proud of it and my new batch of tomatoes looks to be as good if not better this summer!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend…and I hope you get a chance to be STILL for a minute or so! I, for one am longing for it!


  1. You are so sweet for mentioning my blog!
    I LOVE every single on of these. I have a still by mary Virginia Fuller that she had me choose from her attic many years ago. There is just something so real and beautiful about still lives.
    I know that you are excited about rearranging the shop. I know that it will be gorgeous. You will be arranging for a while if you are like me. When Angela left for college I cleaned out and rearranged for days, and I have done the same thing for the past week since Lady went to doggie heaven.
    I didn't mean to write a book. I have to pin the Bottega bar. Love the colors. So happy!
    Your heirloom tomatoes are gorgeous!
    Happy Friday, Carolyn.

  2. I love still life photos and paintings. I would have to say that my favorite are watercolors. Something about that medium is so amazing to me.

  3. Carolyn dearest!

    STILL LIFE....yes, we often have to force ourselves to STAY STILL to see and hear and taste what life has to offer us. ME TOO, I am cleaning out closets, moving furniture all while I am trying to create ART! Oooooo it is challenging, but it is worth it. THank you for coming to visit and leaving kind words. I love blogland!


  4. I haven't gotten to my closets - perhaps when my youngest leaves for camp! I adore still lifes - are you familiar with Dutch Touch? They have the most amazing selection of Dutch style northern Renaissance art. And count me in as a fellow fig lover - in any form - I am in fact currently enjoying my fig Dyptique candle!! Happy weekend to you!!

  5. Welcome to pura Vidal. I look so forward to getting to know you. I love your still life images, they were all so pretty. I hope I can visit your shop soon, I have a brother in south lake and a sister in Decatur. Enjoy your clean closet, mine is currently three laundry baskets

  6. Ooopsie...wrong state hahahaha

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! Love yours as well!

  8. Love all the still life photos and my wardrobe/s badly need reorganising - it is on my list of things to do!

    Bon week-end à vous, Leeann

  9. Wow! Every single example is amazing! I am so impressed with both styles, and can't decide which I like better!

  10. Oh My!!! Every images is gorgeous!! Who is that Emily chick?!! I'm in love with her work and would love to get my hands on one!
    Thank you for inspiring my Sunday morning... you have such a wonderful eye!!


    1. Isn't Emily's work fabulous? This is just a mere sampling…you can see what we have in at the moment on my webiste or check out her own…Emily Ozier. She is from Memphis. She is coming next week with all new paintings for the shop so keep your eye out if you really want one! They go quickly!

  11. Love a beautiful still life...your tomatoes are must be pretty proud of that one.

  12. Hi Carolyn ~
    Thank YOU for the mention...kiss, kiss! Will you please come clean out my closet, too? :-)
    You have a beautiful shop. I clicked on your link for the open house from last year. Fabulous items, and I love your bottled water with the shop logo. NICE!
    Would love to see more photos from your shop.