Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Almost That Time of Year!

I can't believe it's really almost time for Mother's Day and Graduation! What great gift ideas a piece of Sennod jewelry would make!

When we first started carrying Michelle's wonderful pieces we had not done them justice by getting the word out that we have them exclusively in Mountain Brook Village. Now the word is out and people often stop at the counter, eyes opened wide and say, "I just have to buy myself a treat today!"
It' been fun to watch the reactions of our long time customers and see how much they appreciate the fine quality and craftsmanship that Michelle puts into each of her inter-changeable pieces!
Yes, each piece can go on any chain…decide if you want a long or short chain and then the type of chain that you want and then you can pick out your favorite vignette to wear on it. That way, with other occasions you can simply add a vignette to switch out as needed!
We've sold a few of the pieces shown here already but we are getting one of kind pieces in as we speak!
So don't miss out if you want to give an extra special Mother's Day gift or a very unique graduation gift this year! They won't be here for long I can assure you!

These are definitely a few of my favorites pictured above! In fact…I may have snuck out the beautiful blue pendant with the one simple stone on a recent trip to New Orleans! I had to!! It went perfectly with what I was wearing that day!

All of them are so wonderful…it's really difficult to choose which one you would prefer on any given day!

The coins always make for a good conversation piece! I wear my own almost every day!

What a great gift a vintage locket would make for Mother's Day!

And really, any of these vignettes would make fabulous graduation gifts! One that would never be forgotten like all of the usual gifts given to graduates!

Don't let any of these one of a kind pieces get away if you see something you like! You can always call us ( or have your husband or friend call us!) to see if something is still available! 

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. SO beautiful! I love the coin too, and the crosses are amazing. I really do have to get by there soon, Carolyn.
    Have a great Monday.

  2. Hi Carolyn - Many thanks for your visit and comment on my new blog. Delighted to find you, especially since we're all in the antiques world. Looking forward to your posts! Cheers from DC, Loi