Thursday, March 29, 2012

Have You Settled Into Spring?

Spring time in Alabama can be very tricky! For the past few days the weather has been nothing short of glorious!
I never let myself get too comfortable, though! I know the weather can change on a dime!
That's why it's fun to do a post like this and talk about nothing other than true Spring Time and all that comes with it!

Beautiful Lenten Roses already in bloom!

Setting fun tables and getting ready for Easter!

Enjoying cuttings from our yards as the trees begin to blossom!

Or filling these fabulous white vases with hydrangeas!

Decorating our window for Spring and Summer makes us smile here at Mulberry!

Enjoying any and all of Emily's fabulous paintings!

And the great pictures we are seeing on Pintrest only help to encourage our ideas for spring decorating!

 "Many moons ago" I was concerned more with my children's Easter outfits than anything! If only I had been able to reap the benefits of my sister's children's clothing line for my own kids!

It's too bad they were already too grown when she started Hannah Kate! I would've been her best customer!

Instead, I would wait with anticipation to see the creation's my sweet mother in law would sew or smock for them! What a blessing that was!

Now I concentrate on making beautiful arrangements and fun tables for my family and customers to enjoy!

I sure do love the  fabulous ideas we are all seeing on Pintrest for our Easter and Spring tables!

I just wish we had more tables coming in! I can't believe we are down to this one large dining table! But I'm loving our burlap runners we have in! Easy and eye catching!

However...when searching for tables on a recent buying trip I found something else instead! I found some really great prints of sheep...and other agricultural prints! It made me remember the things I started out loving in the beginning...when I first started this business of antiques!

 These antique sheep and agricultural prints were hung just yesterday! I'm having a very hard time parting with this one of the Shepherd feeding his lamb! It's hand tinted and truly gorgeous!

I'm even loving these antique prints paired with our antlers....

There's just something about sheep that have always captivated me!

I guess in a way I feel like I'm going "Old School" again! 
Concentrating on what I love and why I love it!

Like this antique has so many possibilities! I'm loving all of the ideas that are popping into my head and so glad we found it!

Look at these fabulous vintage linens!

They would work well with our birds, nests and eggs!

You just can't go wrong there! 

I'm not sure when exactly I started loving all things old....but I don't ever remember a time that I didn't! And that includes nostalgic memories as well! Like decorating with eggs of all kinds! Especially this time of year!

I love these eggs in our Creamware pedestal dish!

And the memories they stir up from childhood!!

 If you're enjoying all of these spring moments....I know you're going to love what else we have in store for you!

Just hang on to your Easter bonnet and keep checking back....I promise you won't be disappointed!

Mother's Day promises to hold a lot of goodies as well for Mulberry Heights Antiques! 
Until then, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring weather in your neck of the woods! We certainly are here in Alabama!


  1. Beautiful post, Carolyn!
    Can't wait to see your tables.

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