Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Dream of ....Bottles?

Yes, I've always had that dream of finding an old bottle as I walked along the beach....the kind that "washed ashore" and had a sentimental love letter stashed inside of it...
And I even dreamed of the bottle that could have possibly held that "Genie" that I was sure would one day appear!
Those dreams are coming true for my Layton as she frolics through Disney World right now!!! And I'm so glad!

But in the real world...some of us simply like old, colorful, pretty, vintage bottles! 

They can be containers for a stem of rosemary, lavender or thyme....

Or they can simply be enjoyed for their glorious colors like these purple ones that I've been acquiring!

There is really no rhyme or reason to it....

It's just that collector in me coming out in different ways!

It's also the fact that I'm ready for Spring Time!!! And flowers....

And beauty!

And fun!

And the thrill of the hunt!

It's just my nature!

And it's what Mulberry Heights does best...collections!

How do you see your collections?

Are they treasures to store away for some distant dream?

Or are they for display so that everyone can share in their beauty?

Either way....a Collection is a collection...and something to be proud of! I can't wait to add to mine!

Enjoy your collections!


  1. They're so pretty!!! I want to collect now!

  2. So pretty and happy! I love these images. I LOVE bottles!
    Happy Thursday.