Friday, March 2, 2012

Come Go With Us...To St. Tropez...

Sounds a little dramatic I admit! But then again, who says we can't dream! 
Come on, go with us ....

To St. Tropez! Sounds like fun doesn't it?

In fact, I used to dream of being the St. Tropez girl! Oh, wait! That was the Bain de Soleil girl! LOL!!! ( and many trips to the dermatologist later...)

At least now there are good self-tanners out there!

But lets pretend that none of that matters or exists!!

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go!

A day lounging in the sun....

And then a night out on the town!

We are in St. Tropez and loving every minute of it!

The colors...

The smells...

The sights!

The Sounds...

Waves crashing!

Just enjoy taking it all in!

Think it looks like a picture perfect postcard dream?

It does!! And it's found right here in our very own little world, Mulberry Heights Antiques!

Just look at the fabulous painting by Emily Ozier! It captures all of those things that we are longing for when we dream about going to a place as beautiful as St. Tropez!

We are all set and ready....we can spread out a towel, enjoy our picnic on the beach.... and dream! Are you in? We hope so! 


  1. You have done a beautiful job of convincing ME to go to St. Tropez!! How fun..and oh so glamorous. I also though was the Bain de Soleil girl...she was so pretty and exotic and that smell still makes me weak..yum! The gelee in the tube was the bomb!
    Have a great weekend.....

  2. My bags are packed. When do we leave? Such gorgeous images. Leahx

  3. I am in! What a beautiful place. Love the painting.

  4. If only I could be there right now! and yes, the painting is fabulous! Emily's work is beyond any I've seen! Hope you are doing well!