Monday, November 7, 2011

Young, Sweet, & Beautiful

....And I'm not just talking about the pottery!

Ever since I saw Caroline Reehl's Pottery, I've wanted a piece of my own! The soft beautiful colors mixed with the delicate flowers make it hard not to stop and stare. And whats even more incredible is, she's my age! I mean true story, two or three years ago she was tailgatin' with the best of them over in Oxford.

Raised in Fairhope and now living in the Brook, Caroline is no stranger to the deep southern charms that her pottery embraces.  Each piece has been named to reflect the graces of a sweet southern woman, which makes them even more fun enjoyable!

Mulberry is so blessed to be her exclusive Birmingham home, and if you don't already have a piece of CRP, well then shame on you, missy! We've got one here waiting just waitin' on you!

If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times, "How does she do it!"  Well recently, I was blessed to get to watch sweet Caroline (bum bum bum - sorry Neil's one of my favs.) at her wheel.  It was incredible to see the clay become a work of art in almost minutes!

After a few magical moments on the wheel, each piece gets fired, glazed, and fired again.  And then like magic a star is born! But listen, if you think it is easy,  you are seriously out of your mind!

Caroline is so talented, and we are so blessed to get to be apart of her career!