Friday, November 4, 2011

Who's Ready for Christmas?

Although we are usually dreading the day when it is time to put out all of our Christmas decorations..(because we have to get it all out and ready by November 1st at the latest!) Once it's sure is pretty and we begin to get in the "holiday spirit"

 This year we are thrilled about our incredible Nativity! I can't even begin to tell you how many hours or how many floors of showrooms or how many tacky things we have to look at while we are at Market in July.....and then, all of a sudden...if we are lucky....something wonderful will show itself! That's when the fun begins because we know that we will have something special to share with our customers!

Take these beautiful lit crosses for example!

Last year I used them in my own home and they were simply stunning if I do say so myself! Of course Lindsey's gorgeous flowers didn't hurt either!! This year we are carrying them as well but they are even   better! Guess you will have to stop by the shop and see them for yourself!!

And look at these fabulous ideas to do in the different containers we carry! You better hurry, though! I'm not sure we have very many left!!

This is such an easy and yet elegant way to decorate!!

Wow! What a stunning little something to stick in a powder bath or on a secretary! We have fabulous mercury votives in right now! So simple...."Elegant but understated" as my mother in law always says!
Then you can get a little crazy! Try using some of our fabulous cakes stands for a tiered effect! With flowers or can't go wrong either way!
                     Drop Dead Gorgeous!!

And please, never forget all the ways you can use our fabulous ornaments!!! You know the  saying, "A little goes a long way" could not be more true in this case! Simple ornamental balls.... you can even put them in a bowl somewhere and stick a little greenery in with them!! Just use your own imagination!

I hope this has been an inspiration to get in the Holiday Spirit! I know it has for us at Mulberry!! Come see us and we might even share a few more secrets with you!!


  1. What a beautiful much pretty, I love the holiday inspiration.

  2. Can't wait to get by there, Carolyn! Looks wonderful!
    Have great weekend!